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					Essex County Public Health - Rabies Clinics Schedule

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Free Rabies Vaccination Clinics
For All Pet Dogs, Cats and Ferrets

Fall 2009 Essex County Schedule

Monday, October 5 Monday, October 5 Tuesday, October 6 Tuesday, October 13 Tuesday, October 13

Upper Jay Fire Hall Ticonderoga-Armory Essex Town Shed North Hudson Fire Hall Lewis Fire Hall

6-7 PM 6-7 PM 6-7 PM 6-7 PM 6-7 PM

Every pet dog, cat and ferret 3 months of age or older is required to be vaccinated against rabies (even indoor cats). All pets must be controlled by an adult and must be on leash or in a carrier to be admitted to the clinic. Dogs & cats getting a first rabies vaccination must get a rabies vaccination booster within 1 year. The booster will then protect them for 3 years. Ferrets must be vaccinated each year. Bring your pet’s rabies vaccine certificate – it is required for the 3 year booster! (No exceptions). The rabies vaccination only protects against rabies—not against other diseases or conditions. Donations $5.00 per pet accepted. Questions? Call Essex County Public Health (518) 873- 3500