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									Web Site Promotion: An Overview Web site promotion is essential if you want people to notice you in cyberspace. Simply having a web site will not ensure traffic or increase your income. How will your site be noticed on the Internet, which literally contains millions of web sites, if you do not make an effort to make it stand out? In fact, even multibillion dollar companies spend a lot of money just to ensure that they make their presence felt on the Internet. If you deal your cards right in terms of web marketing, you will surely see a huge jump in your sales as you attract more and more local and international web visitors to your site. There are quite a number of web site promotion strategies. But one of the most important is submitting articles in different online article directories. Since a substantial number of people use the Internet to gather news and information, providing people with fresh content and different perspectives on the subject that interests them would surely bolster your web traffic. However, you should not forget that Net users are hard to please and they have short attention span. Thus, you have to ensure that the articles you submit to various online article directories are well researched and of high quality content. Another web site promotion technique that is quite popular is called directory linking. In essence, you are just submitting your web site links to various directories so that your site will be indexed properly. This will surely help increase traffic to your web site. However, not all online directories are reliable and search engine optimized. As always, it is more advantageous for you and your business if you submit links to directories that are reputable and recognized by the top search engines, which include Yahoo, Bing, MSN and Google. Lastly, mall linking is one more strategy that can give your site a boost in terms of traffic. Remember that Net users go to online marketplaces primarily because they are looking for something that they need or want. These people usually have a great desire to buy online. If you are linked to these bigger web-based marketplaces, such as CrazyCool Shopping, Majon’s Marketplace, and WorldMall.net, you will be able to attract more potential customers to your web site. However, it is not really that easy to get mall links. To know more about getting mall links and other web site promotion strategies, just go to http://www.majon.com/WebsitePromotion.

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