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Sample letter requesting to recapture earlier priority date


									<sponsor’s name> <sponsor’s address> <sponsor’s phone number> <today’s date> U.S. Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services <I-130 filing location> Re: I-130 Visa Petition with Priority Date Recapture Request Dear Sir/Madam: I, <sponsor’s name>, am enclosing an I-130 petition for my son <son’s name> with supporting documents, including:     Copy of my son's birth certificate Copy of his mother's and my marriage certificate Copy of my naturalization certificate Filing fee of $190 by check

My son was formerly a derivative beneficiary on an approved visa petition that I filed for his mother in 2003, with priority date <original priority date>. I recently became a US citizen, and therefore my son lost his derivative status. Therefore, I am requesting a recapture of an earlier priority date for this application. Please grant my son the earlier, <original priority date> priority date on the approval of this I-130 petition. In support of this request, I am enclosing the following:   Copy of original I-130, showing my son's name Copy of USCIS notice approving this I-130, <original priority date>, priority date.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Very Truly Yours, <Signature and name of sponsor>

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