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                                       Choosing the Right Consumables For Your Printer
                                                                    By Derek Rogers

   Whenever you are looking around to buy computer peripherals, there are often times you would look
for the best deal that fits both your budget as wells as your requirements. Printers are different to most
of the other computer peripherals because of the consumables that they rely on. Even if you buy the
most affordable inkjet printer and enjoy massive savings, your expenses can quickly add up if you don’t
know how to choose the right consumables for your printer. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how you
can save money and adequately fulfil any printing needs just by choosing the right consumables.

Read and Understand your Printer User Manual

 One of the worst scenarios that can happen is buying the wrong consumables for your printer. Avoid
this problem by consulting your printer user manual and understand the components and what
consumables are actually required. You don’t necessarily need to read the entire manual, but the most
important part is understanding any accessories and consumables that work with the printer that you
own. Most ink cartridges or toners are distinguished by a certain product number or ID. Other models
may indicate directly what the consumable is for.

Always have a Spare Consumable for Reference

 Some consumables may look alike, either in terms of physical appearance or packaging, making it still
possible to purchase the wrong consumables even if you know what to get. Never take the risk if you
are certain exactly what consumable you need. To make things a lot safer, bring a spare consumable
so you can ask any salespeople if they have the exact model that you are holding so they can match it
with the consumable that is guaranteed to work with your printer.

 When you first buy a printer, it should already come with an ink cartridge or toner. For it to become a
“spare consumable”, it should be drained completely first. Never take out a partially used consumable
for reference because it may be unusable when you place it back.

Buy from Trusted Shops

Refilling ink cartridges is possible to save on costs, but their efficiency is often reduced. Some refilled

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

ink cartridges may be sold in small shops for the original prices. If you don’t want to get fooled by
those, look for computer shops that have ink cartridges in the back counter because most likely those
are sealed using special material indicating that they are original and not tampered with.

Know what you need before Heading Out

 You can save a lot of money and make the most out of the consumables if you know what
consumables you need and how many ahead of time. Don’t spend more on colour ink if you plan on
using blank ink and if you think you need more than a single ink cartridge, buy in bulk to save money.

 Consumables can add up to exceed the price of the printer that uses them and can easily affect
budgets. Buying smart will minimise these instances and allow you to continue with your regular
printing operations.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For a wide range of
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                          Selecting a Heavy Usage Printer For My Business
                                            By Derek Rogers

Printers are one of the most frequently used computer peripherals in just about all businesses. There
are also several printer models that all have different price tags attached to them. When getting a
printer for business use, try not to be too “budget-minded” because the cheapest printers often do not
last long or require you to get consumables for that model more often which also translates to
additional spending.

 Heavy usage printers are the best investment because even when used every day, the performance
hardly degrades, and while the consumables are more expensive, you don’t have to change them very
often. It is also important to make sure that you choose the right heavy usage printer as each model
and brand varies in features. Here are a few tips that should aid you greatly in selecting a heavy usage
printer no matter how many are on display.

Choose a Printer that is Easy to Use

 You have the best advantage here if you are browsing through printers in a computer store. Most
printers are displayed out of the box so you can observe the size, placement of buttons, trays,
compartments, and other components. Good heavy usage printers should be easy to setup things like
the paper and toner. Printers that have their own screens score a couple of points on ease of use as
these do not require as much computer interaction. It should not only be easy for you to use, but other
people in the business that are not so into computers.

Find out what Consumables the Printer Needs

 A little bit of online work helps here because a visit to the manufacturer’s website can give you all the
resources you need regarding model information and consumables that work with that particular item.
Get the average costs of each and make an estimate on how often you’ll use the printer so you can
stock up on consumables in bulk well in advance for lower costs.

Consider the Ones that can do More Tasks

 Heavy usage printers may include really high-end laser printers or multifunctional printers that can
handle more tasks. Try to compare which type of printer can help your business more overall.
Normally, multifunctional printers are worth the purchase since you do not have to purchase individual
peripherals afterwards.

Do Extensive Research on Product Reviews of Shortlisted Models

 By now, you should have a few models on your shortlist and in order to figure out which one is really
the best, you should search each model for any customer reviews and see what they think about the
heavy usage printer. What is most important is that the printer lasts beyond its warranty period and that
it performs generally well in all areas. If it is required for a busy working environment, ensure the printer
has the PPM (pages per minute) capacity to deal with your requirements. Laser printers tend to have
more expensive consumables; however, where there is a need for greater printing quantities, their
speed and accuracy can prove invaluable.

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                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

 With your new heavy usage printer, you should be able to carry out more operations much easier than
using a cheaper model that is geared more towards home use. After using it for awhile, you will enjoy
the savings that your business makes because of the low maintenance costs.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For a wide range of
printers and products by brand, he recommends Printware Ltd, a leading provider of Inkjet and Laser

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