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Choosing software development provider by toriola1


									                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                        Choosing software development provider
                                                            By Dhiraj Patel

  Software development outsourcing can offer significant advantages compared to in-house
development in many situations.

To satisfy customers, most providers are busy with developing new programs to provide add-ons to
existing software programs and new versions. In today’s technological globalization, many
businesses and companies are looking for the software development outsourcing provider. According
to recent survey, businesses are saving 40-50% on total project cost who are outsourcing their
software development needs to outsourcing company. Prior to outsourcing software development, one
should look cautiously towards the range of offerings of many service providers. Log on to, where you can compare the prices and offerings of
services provider.

Cost cutting is the most significant factor and most obvious advantage that strengthen the demand of
custom software development. Choosing the least expensive offshore software development company
many times boomerangs and ends up costing much more than projected. Choosing the least
expensive provider means you have selected a company with very little scope in its profit margins.
And, this will affect the whole thing unfavorably, in terms of hiring the right people, keeping the people
and providing the right resources for people to do your software development work. But, successful
provider may be better bets even if they are slightly expensive, given the reality in outsourcing and off

Why one should outsource software development? Here are some of the reasons:

•It will help you to reduce your over all costs. This will make your business more profitable.
•You can avail professional expertise without stretching your budget. Also the service provided by
such outsourcing provider will be fast and efficient. Thus, helps you to increase productivity.
•You can focus on your core business activities. Thus, you can grab more market share in your
•It also offers you a chance to pay only when you hire services. When you do not have the services
you can spend that money for your core business activities and can make your business more
•You have the state-of-the-art infrastructure and environment for your business to get your work

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done effectively and efficiently.

Today, many companies are turning to outsource their software development projects and jobs to
freelance software developers as this saves expenses of hiring in-house software developer. To find
software developer for your next project, log to, where
you can have the ease of comparing hundreds of providers to select the best one.

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                                         Choosing a software development provider
                                                      By Dhiraj Patel

Choosing a reputed software development company is truly a hard job. One should need to check a
variety of aspects before hiring the software development service provider.

Before you approach a freelance software developer or company to handover your project, you need to
workout on some fundamental things such as identifying exact requirements, requirement analysis
from the end user point of view, designing of a basic workflow architecture etc. Once you are done with
these basic things you can approach some reputed software development companies or you can post
your requirement to freelance portal such as In fact, such portal
is very helpful to find out reputed software development companies or freelance software developers.

What things you should check with every software services provider?

Find following factors that will help you to choose a right software development services provider:

Technological expertise:
Technology is the most important, challenging and changing factor in software industry. Thus,
choosing the appropriate technology for the software application is too significant. So, one should
check out that in which technologies the company has expertise.

Delivery in time:
The timing is very significant in the software industry because you must have to launch your software
product or service before your competitors do. Launching your product or service before will help you
to grab big market share. Thus, make sure that your software product will be completed before

Quality service:
Software without any bugs creates the good image in the market. Therefore, test your software from
user point of view to check the quality of software developed before introducing it publically.

Service support is an essential thing before and after software development. This will help in smooth
functioning of the software application. Before hiring software development provider, make sure that
they provides the proper software support system.

Reference and experience:
Before you hire software development provider, you should ask them for samples or reference of past
clients. You should also ask past clients about their experience with the provider you are going to hire.
This will help you to find out the strengths and weaknesses of provider.

Where can I get the quality of software development?
To find reputed software development provider you can post your requirement to outsourcing portal
such as where you can have a chance to receive proposal from
service provider and you can compare proposal in terms of cost and services before choosing a
reputed software services provider.

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