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                                             Camcorder - A Portable Video Camera
                                                          By Roberto Sedycias

   Camcorders are portable devices for electronically recording video and audio through an in- built
recorder unit. They differ from the previous units in which the recording and audio devices were
separate. Today, a camcorder is a combination of video camera and a video recorder.

 Previously, companies such as Sony, JVC and Kodak, etc. used analog video tapes. Since 1990 the
digital tape came into use and three years hence, the storage tapes were being replaced by optical
disks, hard disk drives and solid state memory. Camcorders, which do not use magnetic tapes, are
called `tape-less` while those using two different media, like HDD and Memory card, are called `Hybrid

 Technological advancement has miniaturized the large cameras on specially mounted trolleys to
portable video cameras and recorders for broadcasting images. This transition started in 1982 when
JVC and Sony released the first professional camcorders. The Betacam, designed by Sony, slowly
gained popularity and became the standard device for both news gathering and video editing. This was
followed by Betamax in 1983 - the first consumer camcorder. At this stage, they were bulky and
generally rested on the user`s shoulder during recording. Even today most camcorders are designed
for right-hand users with very few possessing ambidextrous ergonomics.

 Both JVC and Sony started improving the quality of camcorders which led to the development of
digital devices in 1990. These had cassettes even smaller than the 8mm media allowing further
reduction of size of tape transport assembly. The digital variety further improved the audio and video
quality over the best analog camcorders. With the advent of digital models, the market has grown
substantially being facilitated further by its price and size reduction. Today a device fits in the palm and
is sold at a retail price of less than $150.

 Camcorders comprise of three basic components : lens, imager and recorder. The lens solely focuses
and gathers light on the imager. The imager is the eye of the camcorder which converts captured
images into electrical video signals. The recorder encodes the video signals into storable form. The
lens offers professional control of all major optical functions such as aperture, shutter speed and focus,
etc. The recorder function is responsible for writing the video signal onto a recording medium
(magnetic video tape).

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 Camcorders are normally classified by their storage device. The highest quality digital format such as
Betacam and Mini DV, etc., suffer from little generation loss during recording, dubbing and editing. In
analog recordings, noise and bandwidth issues relating to cables, amplifiers and mixers are a problem
while in digital connections such problems are minimized.

 However archival problems continue to affect both analog and the digital varieties. They are both
prone to tape format deterioration over time. This is more acute in the digital recordings where large
data base is permanently erased owing to deterioration and restoration is very expensive. One of the
advantages in analog devices is that the recording may be usable even after the media, in which the
data is stored, suffers deterioration.

 Consumer camcorders emphasize the basic qualities such as easy usage, price and portability rather
than technical performances. Such units offer a wide range of I/O operation but lack various menu
settings, video exposures, gain controls and sound level management. For beginners, basic recording
and playback facilities are emphasized. Today a personal computer, with a modest configuration, can
perform digital video editing with software available in the market.

 Camcorders have a plethora of usage in electronic media ranging from electronic news organizations
to TV / current affair production. They are invaluable for initial video footage in locations away from the
distribution infrastructure. Events which have scheduled set timings, such as official press conferences,
use camcorders extensively. They are also used for covering personal events such as weddings,
birthdays and other special family gatherings.

 Even in the political arena, camcorder is used to film events which have a bearing on the subject.
Protesters from various fields, such as animal rights, tax, anti-globalization, war and police, use
camcorders to record and film such events which have wide social and historical ramifications. Even
some judicial decisions are based on video footages exposed by such devices. They are also used in
low budget films, ad shoots, tv shows and for academic film making, etc.

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                           Buy HD Camcorder – Where To Find Cheap HD Camcorders
                                                                By Rick Lee

Are you looking for an HD camcorder? How much is your budget? What exactly are you going to use it
for? Answer these two questions because these will help you determine what kind of HD camcorder to

You can´t just go out there and buy HD camcorder that you fancy. You have to think twice, sometimes
thrice, before making a purchase. HD camcorders are investments.

What makes selecting the HD camcorder for you difficult is that there are so many camcorders to
choose from. It´s like choosing a bunny amidst the bunch. You also have to ask yourself whether this is
the good time for you to buy HD camcorder.

Is your old one not working anymore? If you are looking for another HD camcorder to replace your old
one, get a model with better specs and features.

If you buy HD camcorder without knowing what to get and how much your budget is, you will be
overwhelmed. To date, the variety of HD camcorders have evolved. Most of them have easy access to
HDTV monitors or can easily record the video in mini DVs.

Those who want to record on DVDs or Blu-ray discs buy HD camcorders for this very reason. Why
would they transfer these to flash memory cards when the camcorder they have can already do the
work for them?

Before you buy HD camcorders, you have to remind yourself that all models looks great. This is a way
for the producers of the camcorders to lure you into buying their products. Most HD camcorders also
have the same features.

What you can do is narrow down the specs and features that you have in mind and stick to your
budget. You can get the best model that you can afford. After all, if you buy HD camcorders, you are
making an investment as well.

If you don´t know exactly what kind of specs you´re looking for, you have to again ask yourself what
you want to do with the camcorder in the first place. If you want to upload videos to YouTube, then the
most convenient way for you to do it is just use the video capabilities of an ordinary camera.

But if you are thinking of making home videos that you want to show to other people or just have a
camera for personal use just in case something worth documenting happens, then go out there and
buy HD camcorders.

Read the manual of the HD camcorder you get and understand each section.

Know how to operate your HD camcorder so you know how to customize this if it allows you to do so.
Make the most out of your investment.

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