A Basic Introduction To Cloud Computing

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                                            A Basic Introduction To Cloud Computing
                                                             By Kimberlie Hutson

     Cloud computing in its simplest form is a way to store data. The cloud is basically the internet, so
it's internet computing, the exact definition will vary slightly depending on whether you're a consumer or
a business

If you're a business, several of the big names on the internet like Amazon, IBM, Google etc all have
cloud computing services. Instead of having to rent hardware and software and manage infrastructure
to host a website, cloud computing lets you can deploy it on another existing infrastructure (i.e. Google
or Amazon etc). The other advantage is because you're not hiring physical hardware you can scale up
and down as you need so if your load suddenly goes up you're only paying for what you're using right
now, if the load suddenly goes down again you haven't got a whole host of machines sitting idle.

From a consumer point of view, it's really the idea that you can keep your information in a cloud or on
the Internet so you don't have to keep it on your computer. The beauty of this is if your computer
breaks it's all stored elsewhere so all you need to do is get a new computer, plug it into the internet and
everything you had there is still there. For example, some applications (like Google Docs), allows you
to create documents online, you can type up a report or maybe use a spread sheet, and if your
computer explodes it doesn't matter, because the next time you get on the internet that document will
still be there it was stored on that applications servers. Another great advantage of cloud computing is
that you can share these documents with other people, and you can invite them to collaborate on it and
you can actually both edit it in real time then once that's done, you can easily publish it as a web page
and make it available to the rest of your organisation or the wider world.

So why is cloud computing so important? For small businesses especially, one of the biggest
challenges can be backing up your data and making sure everything is secure, and making sure your
not going to loose everything when replicating. One of the big advantages to cloud computing is that
you're putting that onus on someone else, by deploying your data on an online storage engine, you're
actually relying on those guys to look after your information and given that the bigger infrastructures
are world class and your small business may not be able to normally afford that level of hardware and
network infrastructure so you're actually getting a really good deal. If you think about having a web
server, you wouldn't have your website hosted on your computer on your desk at work so why should
you have your documents there? It's good for people to be able to access this information at any time.
Another more important thing is that it allows collaboration, in a way that running information on your
computer doesn't, by pushing stuff into the cloud you can have multiple people collaborating in real

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time and this is already happening with things like Google Docs and spread sheets, you can have tens
of users logged in at the same time editing the same document.

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                                                A Closer Look at Cloud Hosting
                                                           By Michael Hanks

An Overview
You may have already heard of cloud computing; but the question is, do you really know what it
means? Google Docs and Apple’s MobileMe are just some of the popular examples of this
concept. Another innovation has entered the picture – cloud hosting.
Basically a website hosted on clustered servers where online operations are not concentrated to a
single server. Security, load balance and hardware resource are handled in a virtual environment.
Your website has access to the processing power not only of one server but a cluster of servers that
are distributed in real time.
Cloud Computing Defined
To fully understand the concept of cloud hosting, we need to define and understand cloud computing.
Cloud computing simply refers to applications and processes held on, and delivered from the internet.
All the data that you create and use within these applications and processes are stored online. You
can also access these data from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Its services vary from full
virtual machines running in the cloud to the calendar application that you can access from a web
browser. The distinctive characteristic of cloud computing is that the applications and the stored data
are held on the Internet, and not on one computer. It is actually a cluster of computers that act as one
whole. You get to use the application and the data from anywhere as long as you have access to the
Cloud Hosting Defined
The next question would be - How does that relate to cloud hosting?
In cloud hosting, we go on a different but somewhat related plane. This type of hosting service allows
you to upload your web applications and associated data to the hosting service. The web application is
‘distributed’ across a cluster of servers. Since your web applications and associated data are
hosted by the cluster, any failure or downtime on any one of the servers should not affect your
applications. You should also benefit from the levels of bandwidth and processing power designed for
applications which field more traffic than your own. This simply translates to unlimited bandwidth,
processing power or storage as a result of a hosting system with vast amounts of space capacity.

Shared Hosting vs Cloud Hosting
Cloud hosting may sound like shared hosting as you are looking at hosting service shared among
several websites. However, there are a lot of differences defining the superiority of cloud hosting.
Shared hosting handles your web application and associated data on one big server along with tens
and possibly hundreds of other websites owned by other people or companies. You are exposed to
security risk and share among other websites the bandwidth available to that one server.
In cloud hosting, all websites and web applications are uploaded and shared across the entire
infrastructure. The service provider decides which sites need processing power and bandwidth by
detecting in real time how much traffic they are receiving. This setup provides lots of space capacity in
the system. If your website suddenly requires processing power and bandwidth, the service provider
then responds in real time by adding the resources required.

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