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5 Things to Remember in Making a Powerpoint Presentation


									                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                            5 Things to Remember in Making a Powerpoint Presentation
                                                         By Daniel McMillan

  Are you excited with your Powerpoint presentation? Before you get yourself ready and show off it to
your friends, colleagues, and even your clients, you have to go back to your checklist. There are
actually 5 things that you need to keep in mind in order to have an effective Powerpoint presentation.

What You Should Remember

 1. Check the fonts. You may think that you can do anything with the fonts in your Powerpoint
presentation. You’re wrong. There are certain things that you have to consider, one of which is the font
size. You have to ensure that the texts will remain visible even from at the farthest corner of the room.
Hence, for your title, the ideal font size is between 36 and 40. For the body of your Powerpoint
presentation, you can go for anything not less than 24. You also have to avoid using ultra-stylish font,
especially those with too much curves, as they are harder to read. Arial, Times New Roman, and
Verdana are the most suggested.

 2. Check the Powerpoint templates. You also have to think about the Powerpoint templates that you’re
going to utilize. It’s highly ideal to select one that you can use all throughout the Powerpoint
presentation. Moreover, you are advised to stick with Powerpoint templates that are
professional-looking and not too flashy. However, if you have a general theme in mind, perhaps in line
with the product you’re trying to launch or the purpose of the meeting, then you can go for themed
templates. For instance, if you’re going to talk about the city during the 1960s, you can make use of
vintage-inspired Powerpoint templates. There are a lot that you can choose from these days. All you
have to do is to surf the Internet.

 3. Minimize the use of too much animation. Flying texts and complicated slide transitions should be
used sparingly during a Powerpoint presentation. Not only are they unnecessary, but they can also
drive the attention of your audience away from the meat of the discussion. They may sometimes be too
annoying. They can also add more file size, which makes the Powerpoint presentation a lot harder to
share to others or send through an e-mail. The images, videos, and even sounds should only be used
if you want to emphasize something.

 4. Choose your images well. Just like texts, you should make sure that the images can be seen even
by the last person sitting at the back. Or else, they will appear to be pixilated once you increase the

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

screen size. If the images are really small in nature, you can make use of a size converter, so you can
magnify them. You may also have to avoid utilizing copyright-protected pictures unless they are yours
or that you’ve asked permission.

 5. Practice. Look for some time where you can practice your spiel together with your Powerpoint
presentation. There are times when you have to jump from one slide to another, which you should get
accustomed to. You don’t want to break the momentum or invite monotony during your discussion.

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                            The Hottest Common Mistakes in Powerpoint Presentations
                                                            By Daniel McMillan

When you heard that you will be in charged in next week’s corporate meeting, you immediately jumped
right into your PC and opened up Microsoft’s Powerpoint. For you, that’s the most logical thing to do,
since the program has been dependable in coming up with excellent reports and presentations.
Unfortunately, you heard the bad news right after the meeting. Not a lot of people liked it—and you
don’t why.

 Perhaps it’s high time that you assess the Powerpoint presentation that you have been making. There
are actually too many people—perhaps including you—who are not aware of the common mistakes in
Powerpoint presentations. You could be doing the following, which, in turn, means that your work is not
as impressive or worse a downright failure.

Top Mistakes in Powerpoint Presentations

 1. You have chosen the wrong Powerpoint templates. You may think that content is still king when it
comes to Powerpoint presentations. Though you’re right, you also need to pay attention to the
nitty-gritty details, including the Powerpoint templates that you’re going to use. After all, you can make
use of them to emphasize the message that you want to convey. Thus, if you’re asked to present in a
construction convention, you may want to stay away from Powerpoint templates with religious or
fantasy themes. On the other hand, if your Powerpoint presentation will be for general use such as a
corporate meeting, stick with plain-colored ones.

 2. They can’t read anything. Just because the audience are not saying anything, it doesn’t mean that
there’s nothing wrong with your Powerpoint presentation. Who knows, a lot of them may just be
figuring out what you’ve written, simply because they can’t read a single thing. There are a lot of
reasons for this. First, your font size may just be too small or the font may be too complicated that they
can’t figure out what you’ve written. It could also be that the font that you have utilized is not actually
found in their own PCs, and thus, they turned out to be unintelligible characters. Lastly, the Powerpoint
templates may be of the same color as your text.

 3. You have too many paragraphs. Your Powerpoint presentation is supposed to highlight important or
key points of your entire discussion. It should not contain everything that you’re going to say;
otherwise, you ought to just give them to your listeners and let them read what you have in your
Powerpoint templates. Follow the 6-line rule, where there should only be 6 lines or even less per slide,
to avoid overcrowding it. Essential points are advised to be presented in a bullet or list form, so they
are a lot easier to read and remember. All other information may just be written in your handouts,
which, by the way, should be distributed right after your discussion so that they won’t be ahead.

 4. Skip being too artsy. You can be artistic with your Powerpoint presentation, but there should be a
limit. The rule is to not go overboard in everything. Thus, avoid using too much pictures, sounds, or
even videos. As long as you can get your message across and you can hit the spot with what you
have, your Powerpoint presentation is already good to go.

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