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									The Global Fund Proposal Process
       Upcoming Round 8
           New Delhi, December 13-14, 2007

      Malavika Bakshi Rao, Fund Portfolio Manager
Proposals management

                                                                        TRP Clarification
                                                                           (as required)
                                                                                            TRP Chair/Vice
   Call for               Secretariat      TRP Review                                       Chair Sign-off
                          Screening                         Board                            (Final Board
  Proposals                                                Approval                           Approval)

                                                                             Grant Negotiation

              Proposals              Eligible        TRP           Board               Grant Signing &
              Submitted             Proposals   Recommendations   Approval            First Disbursement

Key Actors & Roles

       Key Actor                        Primary Role
                          • Approval of policy documents
         GF Board         • Launch new rounds
                          • Approval of proposals
                          • Prepare policy documents
      GF Secretariat      • Call new rounds
                          • Manage screening services
                          • Input into policy documents
     Technical Partners   • Provide technical assistance to countries in
                            proposal development

     Country Applicants   • Develop eligible (CCM) proposals

     Technical Review     • Review and evaluate proposals
       Panel (TRP)        • Make funding recommendation to the Board
Call for Proposals - Key Processes

      Board launch of a new Round: 'Call for Proposals'
      Released minimum once per year on the GF

      Submission deadline: 4 months after Call

                GF Screening for eligibility

      Independent TRP review: 11 days, 35 members
                    Board Approval
Call for Proposals –
      Focusing on the 'Call'

        Each CALL is supported by:
              Guidelines
              FAQ – Round 7, over 50 pages
              Proposal Form & attachments

        Together, this informs Applicants about:
              What is being funded – 3 diseases only
              Who is eligible
              How to apply

Proposal Development - Overview

  1. Applicants (CCM, Sub-CCM, RCM, RO or Non-CCM)
      4 months to develop & submit proposals

  2. Proposal development = country-led process
      We do not advise countries on the precise contents of proposals
      Technical Assistance is provided by partners (WHO, UNAIDS…)

  3. What we can do  explain processes + confirm basic
     eligibility requirements
      Through e-mail:
      Through “information sessions” organized by technical partners
Proposal Development –
    Minimum requirements for applicants

    In developing proposals, our policy highlights that all
    'Coordinating Mechanisms' must:

        Ensure the input of a broad range of stakeholders
        Have documented/transparent processes to
           - solicit and review submissions of proposals for possible
               integration into a consolidated national proposal;
           - nominate the Principal Recipient(s)

    Why?...Coordinating Mechanisms are a central pillar
    in the Global Fund's architecture to ensure country-driven,
    coordinated & multi-sector processes.
Proposal Development –
    Requires approval of whole CCM

      The CCM is the custodian of the proposal during
      its development, and continues to have an
      ongoing important role in overseeing
      implementation and harmonization with other
      programs during the program term.

      1. CCMS must have transparent processes to
         develop proposals
      2. All CCM members should sign the proposal to
         certify that they have reviewed the final proposal
         and support it.

Proposal Development –
     Key Issues for the CCM (and TRP!)

    Is the Work Plan and Budget aligned with the
       strategy of the proposal and with each other?
    Is the proposal consistent with existing grants
       and/or does it link to previous submissions?
    Does the proposal anticipate future program
    Who will implement program? Is the PR known?
    Are there any needs for technical and
       management assistance & are these clear?
Round 7 outcome

                   Total approved US$ 1.1 billion
                   - 73 new programs in 66 countries -
                    (Global Fund November 2007 Board meeting)

                                         By Region
  East Africa - US$ 385 million (9 programs in 8 countries)
  North Africa & the Middle East - US$ 164 million (10 programs in 7 countries)
  Southern Africa - US$ 154 million for 8 programs (6 countries)
  West & Central Africa - US$ 134 million (11 programs in 8 countries)
  South Asia - US $97 million (9 programs 6 countries)
  East Asia & the Pacific - US$ 92 million (11 programs in 19 countries)
  Latin America & the Caribbean - US$ 54 million (10 programs in 11 countries)
  Eastern Europe & Central Asia - US$ 38 million (5 programs 5 countries)
Round 7 outcome

                      By Disease
  US$ 537 million for 26 programs in 39 countries

  US$ 471 million for 28 programs in 27 countries

  US$ 111 million for 19 programs in 30 countries

Looking forward – Round 8

  •Round 8 call launched: 1 March 2008
  •Applicants have 4 months from then to submit
  •Round 8 will incorporate some important changes,
       – Health Systems Strengthening – changes from
         Round 7
       – Grant consolidation
       – Dual-track financing
  •Emphasis on gender appropriate responses will
  also be key           12
Looking forward – Round 8

  Health Systems • Enhancements following Board decision
  Strengthening  • Encouraged to integrate HSS within
                   • “Cross-cutting HSS” may be requested
                   through distinct, complementary section
                   within disease component
                   • TRP may recommend component,
                   complementary section request, or both

Looking forward – Round 8

  Dual Track   • Objective: strengthen civil society and
  Financing    private sector involvement, and leadership
               of activities
               • Board recommends the submission of
               proposals with both government and non-
               government PRs
               • If a proposal does not include both, it
               should contain an explanation of the reason
               for this

Looking forward – Round 8

  Grant           • Objective: streamlining, alignment
  Consolidation   • Consolidation of same PR, same
                  • Offered on voluntary basis for Round 8

  Gender Focus • Submission of proposals that address
                  gender issues encouraged, with a
                  particular reference to vulnerability of
                  women, girls, and sexual minorities

Looking forward – Round 8

  Other expected refinements under consideration:

  •   Budget template to guide applicants
        •   Included with future proposals (with flexibility to provide
            supplementary information in other formats)

  •   Sector Wide Approaches
        •   Seek to facilitate a more focused approach on SWAp mechanisms

  •   Operations/Implementation Research
        •   Additional guidance on including operations research

  •   Other refinements during drafting process

Looking forward – Round 8

  1 March:         Round 8 call for proposals
  1 July 2008:    Proposal submission deadline

  Jul - Aug:      Proposal screening and all eligibility
  Late Aug:       TRP review of Round 8 proposals

  October:        TRP recommendations sent to Board
  Mid November:   Board decision on funding

Information about Round 8 can be
      found on our website
       from 1 March 2008


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