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									                                                           PRI (Patient Review Instrument) /Screen
                                                    If you feel it is time to consider or pursue another level of care such as a
                                                    Nursing Home, your first step is an assessment to determine what care you
                                                    may need. Contact Ontario County Home Health Agency or Finger Lakes

                                                    Visiting Nurse Service to request an assessment known as a PRI/Screen. A
                                                    nurse will come to your home and evaluate your situation. It is recommended
                                                    that a caregiver who knows you be present at the time of the evaluation. The
                                                    nurse will also discuss alternative options such as Adult Homes, Adult Day Care
                                                    or in-home services if they are appropriate for you.

                                                    What will the nurse look at?                        How is the PRI/Screen paid for?
                                                    Medical conditions                                  Medicaid
                                                    Treatments                                          Medicare (under certain
                                                    Medications                                         circumstances)
                                                    Special Diets                                       Sliding scale fee based on monthly
                                                    Therapies                                           income.
                                                    Home caregiving arrangements                             If you need Medicaid to pay for
                                                                                                              your care, call Ontario County
                                                    What happens next?                                       Department of Social Services
                                                    The nurse will complete the PRI/Screen                                   at
                                                    paperwork and the results will then be                  (585) 396-4060 (315) 789-2841
                                                    mailed to you.                                                (877) 814-690 toll free

                                                    What must I do?                                     Lists of Nursing Homes, Adult
                                                    -make an appointment to visit Nursing               Homes and Adult Day Care in
                                                     Homes or programs you are considering.             Ontario County may be obtained by
                                                    -submit applications with the PRI/Screen            contacting the Office for the Aging.
                                                     attached.                                          You may also request information
                                                    -continue to contact the facilities where you       regarding Paying for Nursing Home
                                                     have applied to check on your status.              Care.
                                                     Keep in mind that PRI/Screen is valid for
                                                     three months then needs to be updated.

                                                                 To schedule a PRI/Screen or for more information call:
                                                       Ontario County Home Health Agency or Visiting Nurse Service
                                                       (585) 396-4353 or (800) 299-9996          (315) 789-9821 or (800) 253-4439

                                                                      This Fact Sheet provides general information only.
                                                     Contact the appropriate agency mentioned for information on your individual circumstances.

                                                     (585) 396-4040          Ontario County Office for the Aging            (315) 781-1321

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