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Mustang University:
where Mustangs learn to run
By samantha Carpenter
          Students	entering	J.W.	Mitchell	     Eliminate	Academic	Tardiness),	which	           dedicated	to	eating,	the	other	half	to	clubs,	
next	year	during	the	2009-10	school	year	      will	be	utilized	by	all	teachers,	counselors	   HEAT,	and	various	study	halls.
will	be	facing	a	far	different	freshman	       and	administrators	in	an	attempt	to	            	         The	research	proves	that	
experience	than	that	of	the	upperclassmen	     assist	students	in	achieving	academic	          high-performing	schools	have	“an	
before	them.	Next	year	Mitchell	will	          success.		HEAT	is	a	10-step	process	            extraordinary	commitment	of	resources	
be	implementing	its	newest	program,	           which	includes	mandatory	homework	and	          and	attention	to	the	ninth	grade,”	and	
Mustang	University.	The	academy	is	            classwork	detention	to	complete	missed	         students	who	feel	a	sense	of	belonging	
exclusive	to	ninth	graders,	beginning	with	    or	incomplete	assignments,	mandatory	           are	less	likely	to	drop	out	of	school.	
the	graduating	class	of	2013.                  tutoring	sessions,	and	individual	teacher	      This	is	the	goal	of	Mitchell’s	Mustang	
	         According	to	administration,	the	    conferencing,	whenever	a	student	has	           University.	Though	some	are	skeptical	
reason	for	the	introduction	of	Mustang	        a	falling	grade,	accumulates	zeros	and	         of	the	program,	the	administrators	
U	is	based	on	research	that	has	shown	         excessive	absences.	                            working	on	the	project	insist	that	the	
that	the	transition	between	middle	school	     	         In	addition	to	this	plan	is	the	      driving	forces	behind	creating	Mustang	
and	high	school	is	eased	when	students	        behavioral	intervention	plan.	This	is	          U	are	the	infusion	of	“rigor,	relevance,	
are	scheduled	in	teams	and	housed	in	          another	10-step	process	which	includes	         and	relationships	in	every	aspect	of	[the	
common	areas	on	campus.                        conferences	with	the	student’s	team	            student’s]	transition	to,	and	successful	
	         The	most	important	foundation	       teachers	to	discuss	their	choices,	lunch	       completion	of,	ninth	grade.”
of	the	new	academy	is	“building	               detentions,	advisory	detentions,	parent/                  The	first	annual	Mustang	
relationships	between	the	students,	their	     teacher	conferences,	Saturday	detentions	       University	summer	orientation	will	be	
teachers	school	and	their	staff.”	A	team	of	   and	referrals.	Both	of	these	intervention	      held	on	August	12-13	from	9	a.m.	to	3	
teachers,	counselors	and	administrators	       plans	are	intended	to	promote	a	zero	           p.m.	on	the	Mitchell	campus.	During	
will	be	running	the	program	and	the	           tolerance	policy	towards	failure	as	well	as	    the	orientation,	representatives	from	
Mustang	University	committee	also	             increase	attendance,	the	graduation	rate	       vital	areas	of	JWMHS	will	explain	                    The logo for the new Mustang University.
recently	selected	50	senior-level	students	    and	the	average	freshman	GPA.	It	instills	      their	individual	departments,	programs	
to	serve	as	mentors,	tutorers,	and	peer	       a	clear	common	purpose	between	the	             and	clubs,	and	the	student	“wranglers”	
mediators	in	the	core	classes	of	the	ninth	    students	and	their	teachers.                    will	also	be	available	to	lead	student	               school.	All	orientation	activities	are	free	
grade	academy,	referred	to	as	“wranglers.”     	         Even	lunch	will	be	a	whole	new	       groups	through	team	building	initiatives	             to	incoming	freshmen,	including	breakfast	
	         What	sets	the	Mustang	               experience	for	next	year’s	freshmen.	           and	important	freshmen	activities.	                   and	lunch	for	both	days.
University	experience	apart	from	the	          Every	Wednesday,	rather	than	being	             Administrators	involved	in	Mustang	                            Mitchell’s	Mustang	University	
average	school	year	is	its	dedication	to	      shoved	into	three	different	lunches	with	       U	will	be	in	attendance	to	discuss	high	              is	based	on	the	principle	that	what	
several	set	standards	of	performance.	         upperclassmen,	members	of	the	ninth	            school	requirements	and	expectations.	                happens	in	ninth	grade	is	key	to	success	
Freshmen	will	be	required	to	comply	           grade	academy	will	have	their	own	              Only	students	who	attend	both	days	of	                in	high	school.	For	more	information	on	
with	the	academic	intervention	plan,	          lunch	called	ONE	lunch	(Opportunities	          the	summer	orientation	will	receive	their	            the	academy,	contact	Carin	Nettles,	the	
based	on	a	policy	called	HEAT	(Help	           Never	End).	Half	of	ONE	lunch	will	be	          class	schedule	prior	to	the	first	day	of	             Assistant	Principal	for	the	program.

Relay for                                    a	lap	around	the	track.	Also,	continuing	
                                             with	tradition,	at	the	beginning	of	the	
                                             relay	doves	will	be	released,	and	at	9	p.m.	

life brings
                                             the	luminaries	will	be	lighted	with	the	
                                             names	of	the	cancer	survivors	on	them.	
                                             As	a	newly-established	custom	this	year,	
                                             there	will	also	be	musical	entertainment.

                                             “Around	the	
                                             world	in	18	
                                             hours”	is	
                                             this	year’s	
 By Cheyanne ChamBers                        theme.	
                                             Each	team,	
	         	Our	favorite	celebration	of	      including	
survival	is	almost	here;	the	annual	Relay	   some	of	
for	Life	occurs	on	May	8	and	9.              the	clubs	
	         Mrs.	Davis,	who	is	currently	      at	Mitchell	
on	the	Relay	for	Life	committee,	has	        like	Interact,	National	Honor	Society,	
recently	said	that	their	goal	for	this	year	 Band	and	JROTC,	will	pick	a	different	
is	$175,000.	She	feels	doubtful	that	they	   country	and	decorate	their	booth	with	garb	
will	achieve	this	goal,	however;	“with	the	 commonly	found	in	that	place.	They	will	
economy	the	way	it	is	it	just	doesn’t	seem	 also	sell	foods	and	products	themed	from	
likely.”                                     their	country.
	         	They	remain	optimistic	however,	 	           Carrying	on	the	festivities	until	
as	Mitchell’s	Relay	for	Life	just	received	  the	following	Saturday	there	will	be	a	kids	
some	unexpected	exposure	when	Trinity	       walk,	“so	the	[kids]	can	feel	like	they	are	
Elementary	was	honored	with	the	“cool	       doing	something	too.”	says	Mrs.	Davis.
school”	award.	Trinity	holds	their	relay	at	 	          For	more	information	you	can	          After weeks of sales, the luminaries will be lit in honor of those cancer survivors that Mitchell
Mitchell’s	track	annually.                   visit	the	website:          student’s have chosen to honor.
	         The	ceremony	will	begin	after	     trinityFl.
cancer	survivors	and	their	caretakers	take	

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