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Wanna Learn To Fly An by n0pnf7


									                                Wanna Learn To Fly An
                             Remote Control Airplane?
Interested in learning to fly radio control airplanes? The Thurston County Miniature Aircraft Association
(TCMAA) may be able to help! Our field is located at the Evergreen Sportsman Gun Club in Littlerock, WA. If
you don't have an airplane and would like to see if this is a hobby/sport you want to pursue, we can make a
trainer airplane available to you connected to a Buddy Box (dual controls w/ experienced flyer) at no charge.
We will be doing scheduled training once a month on the second Sunday of the month. One of our instructors
must be contacted prior to this to ensure that the airplane and instructor are available. If no one has made
arrangements for this experience, no trainer airplane will be at the field on that day, BUT you are free to visit
and watch. Our club meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of each month and the schedule training day is the
Sunday following our meeting. NOTE: These airplanes are not toys and learning to control them is serious
business, so please be able to take on the personal and financial demands before taking on this hobby. This is
why we want to make this available to see if you are interested at taking on the demands.

If you already have an airplane and the equipment necessary to fly, then our instructors can help you get in the
air with the best chance of going home with an intact airplane. All of our members are more than willing to help
share their knowledge with anyone interested in our hobby/sport. Our goal is to help you become a safe and
proficient RC Pilot.

How long it will take to be able to fly on your own varies from person to person, but like any other sport, the
more you practice, the better you get. There is flight simulator software, which is a great way to practice
between training sessions, but don’t let it give you false confidence. Make sure that your instructor gives you
the go ahead to solo your airplane to make sure your skills are at a safe level before you take it on yourself to
do it on your own. In most cases you will be glad you did! Also remember, safety come first!

Becoming a member of the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) is a necessary part of flying at the TCMAA
field as well as other AMA sponsored club fields. AMA provides you liability insurance in case of person or
property damage occurring while flying. This insurance is beyond what your home owner personal liability
covers, but necessary to be involved in an AMA sponsored club. TCMAA will allow (3) guest outings at our
field before membership is required. RC Hobbies store in Lacey, WA has information and forms for joining
both AMA and TCMAA, or you can visit our website at ( or AMAA at (
AMA also offers trial memberships for $19.99 and if you later you want the full membership after the trial ends,
AMA will apply the $19.99 towards the full year membership. This is a great way to get started!

If you would like to come to one of our club meetings and meet some of our members and introduce yourself,
please come over to IZZY's Pizza the 2nd Wednesday of each month. The meeting starts at 7:00pm, but most
come early to eat dinner before the meeting and trade stories.

Your best chance to find members flying at our field is on Saturday and Sunday. Most of our flyers arrive early
in the morning (NO FLYING BEFORE 9am) and leave in the early afternoon, and we fly year round. Come out
and introduce yourself, watch some flying and see if this hobby/sport interests you. Check out our website
before you come, because occasionally there is a field closure because of an event at the Evergreen
Sportsman Gun Club. Also on our website is driving directions, membership information, and more...

360-878-9952 - Jack Stryker
360-459-2883 - Mark Anderson
360-459-8025 - Rick Gadd
360-456-1831 - Tom 'Doc' Gallagher

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