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					Mission: Family Readiness Day                                                                                           Date Worksheet Prepared: 01 May 2007
                      Step 1.                           Step 2.                          Step 3.                                   Step 4.                    Step 5.
                 Identify Hazards                       Assess                     Make Risk Decisions                        Implement Controls             Supervise

Operation         Hazards                Causes             Initial           Develop Controls               Residual         How to Implement              How to Supervise
  Phases                                                    RAC                                                RAC
0930-1630   Children injuring       To many             3             Adult supervision at all times,        4           Provide working party of no     Ensure all working
            themselves while        children in the                   ensuring that the ride is not filled               less than one Marine per ride   party Marines are
            playing in the          ride beyond                       beyond capacity, that larger                       to supervise children at all    briefed on proper use of
            bouncing rides          allowed capacity,                 children are not mixed in with                     times. Ensure that those        ride, and are
                                    older larger                      smaller children, and that no child                Marines tasked are briefed on   supervising children at
                                    children in the                   is allowed to play rough while in                  the proper use of the rides.    all times.
                                    ride with smaller                 the ride.
                                    children. Rough
0930-1630   Drowning                Swimming            2             Use of professional life guards        4           Ensure life guards are on       Make liaison with life
                                    beyond                                                                               duty                            guards before and
                                    capability                                                                                                           during evolution.
0700-1700   Sunburn                 Overexposure to     3             Ensure medical has plenty of           4           Set up medical tent and         Have corpsman monitor
                                    sun, no sun                       sunscreen.                                         ensure continued application    all participants.
                                    protection.                                                                          of sunscreen.
0700-1700   dehydration             Not drinking        3             Ensure proper hydration before         4           Hydrate before and during       Ensure that water is
                                    enough water                      and during event, and ensure that                  event, and supply water for     being supplied with
                                                                      enough water is available                          participants                    emphasize to the
                                                                      throughout the day.                                                                children

                                                                      Accept Risks: Yes                                  Lessons Learned:
                                                                      Comm with higher: Yes

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