Critical Review of Quantitative Research - Worksheet by n0pnf7


									              Critical Review of Quantitative Research - Worksheet
 Study identification (Include author, title, year of publication, journal title, pages)

 Question/Topic of Interest:

 Checklist completed by:

 In a well conducted study, the following items are considered…


 1.1    Is the purpose of the study            Outline the purpose of the study. How does the study apply to your
        clearly stated?                        question/topic of interest?
            Yes        No

 1.2    Is relevant background literature      Describe the justification (need) for the study.
            Yes        No

        Is the literature review up to         What is the range of publication years of the literature cited?
            Yes        No

 1.3    If hypotheses are stated, are          What are the hypotheses?
        they clearly defined, capable of
        being tested, and unambiguous?
            Yes        No        N/A

 2.1    The research approach used:            Is the approach appropriate for answering the research problem (ie. it
                                               can address the question of interest)?
            Randomized (RCT)
            Case Report/Series

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 2.2   Are the following clearly           List all interventions or factors outlined within the study. Provide
       described in the study?             information about the focus, who delivered it, how often, the setting,
          Intervention (treatment,
          Factor (environmental,
       prognostic, exposure)

       Are biases identified?              Outline any sources of contamination, cointervention, and/or conflicts
                                           of interest.
          Yes        No

 2.3   Are group comparisons outlined      Describe any comparisons that are made in this study.
       clearly in the study?
          Yes        No

       For RCT: Are comparisons
       made between treatments, or
       between treatment and
       placebo/no treatment?
          Yes        No
       For Cohort/Case Control
       Studies: Are comparisons made
       between presence or absence of
       the factor or different levels of
       the factor?
          Yes        No
 2.4   Are the outcome measures            What is measured in this study? Specify the frequency of
       clearly defined?                    measurement (ie. pre, post, follow-up, etc).
          Yes        No

       Is the method of outcome            What tools are used? Do the researchers use the best tool possible?
       assessment valid?
          Yes        No

                                           Have other researchers used these measures before? List at least
       Are the outcome measures            one study for support.
          Yes        No

 2.5   Did the study receive approval      Outline ethical details. Was informed consent obtained?
       from a Research Ethics
          Yes        No

       Are the following items fully       How is confidentiality assured?
       outlined in the study methods?
                                           How is anonymity assured?

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 3.1   Is the sample (participants)         Outline the main characteristics (e.g. age, sex, ethnic origin,
       clearly described in the study?      comorbidity, disease status, community/hospital based) of the sample.
                                            What is the sample number for the study?
          Yes        No

       If subjects were excluded from
       the study, were exclusion criteria   Who was excluded? Why? Was the same exclusion criteria used for
       clearly defined?                     all subjects?

          Yes        No

 3.2   Was the sampling from the            If 2 or more groups are being compared, are the groups comparable
       population random?                   in all respects at the start of the trial?
          Yes        No

 3.3   Was the assignment of subjects       Outline how randomization and/or blinding was performed.
       to groups randomized?
          Yes        No
       Were the subjects and
       investigators are kept ‘blind’
       about group allocation?
          Yes        No
 3.4   Was the length of participant        How long was the follow-up (ie. length of the intervention) for this
       follow-up explained?                 study?
          Yes        No
       RCTs: Length of time patients
       are followed from beginning
       participation in the study. Note     Was the follow-up period is shorter than originally planned? If YES,
       specified end points used to
       decide end of follow-up (e.g.
       death, complete cure).
       Case Control: Length of time
       participant histories are tracked
       in the study.

 3.5   Did any subjects drop out of the     What percentage of subjects dropped out from this study? What was
       study before it was completed?       the explanation for this drop out?
          Yes        No

 3.6   Are there any confounding            What counfounders were described in the study? In your opinion,
       variables that were identified       what else could confound this study?
       and/or taken into account by the
          Yes        No

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 4.1   Were the results reported in        What were the results?
          Yes        No

 4.2   Was statistical information (ie.    Where the results statistically significant (ie. p<0.05)? If NO, was the
       confidence intervals, p values,     study big enough to show an important difference if it should occur?
       probabilities, etc) provided?
          Yes        No

       Were the analysis method(s)
          Yes        No
 4.3   Was the only difference between     In your opinion, what else could impact the results?
       groups the intervention or factor
       under investigation?
          Yes        No

 4.4   Was the clinical importance         Outline the clinical importance of the results. Were the differences (if
       reported?                           any) found between groups clinically meaningful?
          Yes        No

 4.5   Are the results of this study       If they are not applicable, explain the relevance to your research
       applicable to the patient group     question.
       targeted by your research study
       and/or guideline?
          Yes        No

 5.1   Are the researcher’s conclusions    What did the study conclude?
       supported by the results
       obtained in the study?
          Yes        No

 5.2   Are the implications of the study   What are the implications of these results for your purposes?
          Yes        No

 5.3   Is the funding source for the       List all sources of funding quoted, whether Government, voluntary
       study identified?                   sector, or industry (often cited in Acknowledgement section at end of
          Yes        No

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 5.4   Does this study help to answer   Indicate how the conclusions drawn from the study relate to your key
       your key question?               question.
          Yes        No

       Will this study influence your
       next research question,           Outline how you will use the information gained from this study in
       guideline and/or policy          your own work.
          Yes        No


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