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The Handoff
The handoff... A simple play that takes place (and plays a big part) in every Football game. Instead of running with the ball towards the end zone , or instead of hurling the ball into the arms of a waiting receiver, the Quarterback simply hands the ball off to the Running Back. From that moment...when the ball leaves the Quarterback's hand - the outcome of the play is out of his control. Delegation... A simple play that takes place (and plays a big part) in every Business. Instead of finishing the job and taking all the credit, or instead of waiting until someone else does it on their own, the Businessman simply entrusts the task to another individual. In both cases - in Business and in Football, a Man has to be willing to put himself aside, trust the play or strategy that was agreed upon, and see what happens. That is Faith, and that is difficult! Being “hands off” is not easy for most people, and I would contend that it is even more difficult for Men. We tend to be fixers, finishers, and like to see things get done. This is especially difficult to do when you have to let go of the ball or the task. I have learned throughout the years, and even more so recently, that I sometimes struggle with handing my trials, confusions, and issues over to Christ. On a daily basis I hold onto them tightly, for fear of letting go. I figure that if I can hold them tightly, I can fix them. I assume that if I shoulder the burden, my strength will hold. In all of this, I have learned that I cannot do it, and I need to begin trusting God with the ball. In the Huddle of Life, God is like the Running Back that wants the ball on every play. He says "Give me the ball, and I will take it from there." Are you willing to give God the Ball?

Key Verses
Matt 11:28 Come to me, all who are
weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. (NASB)

Matt 11:29 Take my yoke upon you,

and learn from me...You will find rest for your souls (NASB)

Putting It Into Action
What are you still holding onto that you have not yet trusted to God? Why not consider handing those things off to Him today. Besides, it’s less weight to carry around!

Dear God, Help me to be more willing to hand things off to you, especially when I am struggling. Please change my heart so that I learn to have more trust in you.
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