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					A Monthly Feature of Yates County Public Health
What’s Your Decision on Tobacco Use?
It has been a few decades since we have learned that tobacco use can cause various kinds of cancers. Remember when Big Tobacco had to place the warning on the side of the pack? And still we know some tobacco users are holding on to their habit regardless of the consequences. They have been moved out of worksites, restaurants, bars, stores, and some even out of their homes when smoking. Some smokers are in a tough situation with their health now, and still hold on to the habit. So what could cause such behavior? An addiction? Yes, to the nicotine in tobacco. So what can be done for that? Nicotine Replacement Therapy helps smokers/tobacco users to quit. Is it that simple? No, because the need to address the underlying habit and psychological addiction is necessary too. The New York

August 2005

State Smokers’ Quitline is available for helping New Yorkers who wish to quit smoking. When one calls the toll-free number to ask about the services available, the counselor will determine if he/she is eligible for free nicotine replacement therapy. It may be the patch for some smokers that will help them overcome the addiction. Some may want to use the gum or lozenge; while others will use the nasal inhaler or oral inhaler. Whatever form of nicotine replacement therapy is used, the smoker will get the assistance needed to begin his/her plan of becoming tobacco-free. With a physician’s prescription, Zyban, an antidepressant, may be taken to help reduce withdrawal and ease those feelings of depression. Call the NYS Smokers Quitline @ 866-697-8487 If you would like to join a cessation class – call Yates County Public Health @ 315-5365160 or toll free @ 866-212-5160. It is all well worth the effort !

Did You Know –
* Studies indicate that smokers are at increased risk for developing gum disease. The smoking habit has a detrimental effect on the body’s immune system. Bacteria that build up in plaque ( sticky film on teeth), cause the gums to become inflamed, recede from the neck of the tooth, and bleed. Eventually plaque and calculus (hard tartar attached to tooth) cause the gum to recede and irritate the surrounding bone so it erodes away from the tooth, causing the loss of tooth support. This is called periodontal disease. Researchers have seen that people who quit smoking or reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, also reduce the incidence of gum disease or its severity. Quitting smoking and practicing good oral hygiene habits can lead to healthier gums. Now that’s a good reason to smile. * Green tea – a cancer cure? - Well, some researchers think green tea has a natural substance that is able to stop cancer before it starts. The compound in green tea that is a strong anti-oxidant is called epigallocatechin gallate. The leaves in green tea are not fermented leaving the cancer-fighting compounds preserved. These anti-oxidants limit the damage toxins and pollutants can cause to cells by slowing some chemical reactions that can be harmful to cells. The EGCG molecules bind to and inhibit the action of a protein that is found in cancer cells. * Preliminary studies are indicating toxic chemicals that once poisoned your grandparents or great-grandparents may be able to affect your state of health. These studies were done on rats and showed that effects of certain toxic chemicals on the body were passed down through 4 generations of males. The findings suggest that toxins may play a role in inherited diseases that have been thought of as genetic mutations prior to this. The research with the toxic chemicals showed that changes occurred in a process called methylation, where chemical compounds attach to and affect DNA. It is thought that these changes could play a role in diseases such as breast cancer and prostate disease. Page 1

For all Yates County employees and area residents Are You Looking Ahead?
It may not be something you wish to be thinking about yet, but the fall/winter woes are around the corner and we need to plan ahead to be ready for the inevitable. Already Yates County Public Health and Office For the Aging are planning dates and times for upcoming Flu Clinics. Planning and preparation are vital to help protect the health of residents in our Yates community. The schedule is planned to help you avoid catching those nasty viruses causing flu. Think about those members of your household who need to be immunized or need protection from anyone who may become ill and spread disease to others. Prevention is key to avoiding the spread. First of all, remember that routine hand washing is our first line of defense against those germs that try to invade our bodies and set up their destructive colonies. Handwashing is the single best preventive measure we all can do on a daily basis. And we’re talking about using plenty of soap and warm water to make suds that wash away dirt and germs. Give yourself ample time with that sudsing process, at least 20 seconds. Rinse well and dry with clean towels or paper towels. Use the paper towels to turn off the faucet after use. Think smart and ahead of where those germs might be lurking!

Flu Clinic Schedule
Wednesday, October 12th, 2-4 Pm – Penn Yan Moose Club – open to public Thursday, October 13th, 2-3 Pm -Rushville Masonic Building – open to public Monday, October 17th, 2-3:30 Pm – Branchport Fire Hall – open to public Tuesday, October 18th , 11 – 1 Pm – Auditorium in County Building – all Yates County employees Wednesday, October 19th, 10 – 11 Am – for Residents only of St. Marks Terrace – PY Wednesday, October 19th, 2 – 3:30 Pm – at St. Mark’s Terrace in PY – open to public Monday, October 24th, 10 – 11 Am – at St. Mark’s Terrace in Dundee – residents only Monday, October 24th, 2-3:30 Pm – at St. Mark’s Terrace in Dundee – open to public Tuesday, October 25th, 1:30 – 2:30 Pm – at Clinton Crest - for residents and staff only Saturday, October 29th, 10 Am – 12 Noon – at Dundee Fire Hall – enter at Spring Street This is both a BT Drill and Flu Clinic - it is open to the public and offered to County retirees & spouses and employees who choose this day for their vaccination

Wednesday, September 14th – Free Rabies Clinic for dogs, cats, and ferrets at Dundee Village Barn, 7 - 8 Pm Wednesday, September 21st – Free Rabies Clinic for dogs, cats, and ferrets at Potter Fire Hall, 7 – 8 Pm Wednesday, November 9th – Free Rabies Clinic for dogs, cats, and ferrets at Maintenance Garage next to Yates
County Court House off Liberty Street in Penn Yan, 7 – 8 Pm

Upcoming Rabies Clinics

Town of Italy- sponsored Rabies Clinic on September 12th, 7-8:30 Pm -free for Town of Italy residents, $5 charge for others
Ask the Nurse is a feature in our monthly newsletter. Anyone with a question that he/she would like answered can put it in writing and send it to Public Health. Please indicate on the envelope that it is for “Ask the Nurse”. There is a potential that not all your questions can be answered due to space limitations. If it is a question you need to have answered, please call Public Health and ask for a nurse. We may need to direct you to your physician.

It seems we are hearing a lot about a gastrointestinal illness people are getting after going to the Seneca Lake Spray Park. How are people becoming sick? Many people in Yates and surrounding counties have become ill with a gastrointestinal illness that has symptoms of nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, fever, and diarrhea. Some of these people have been tested and diagnosed with an illness called Cryptosporidiosis. Crypto is caused by a parasite that lives in the intestines of humans and animals and passes through the stool to contaminate water, soil, food, and other surfaces it remains on. It is passed from human to human and animal to human through contamination of drinking water and touching contaminated surfaces. It is very important to wash hands well with soap and water after using the toilet, after changing diapers, before preparing food or eating. Also remember to clean surfaces that may have been contaminated with 3% hydrogen peroxide- apply solution and leave on surface for 20 minutes. People who visited the spray park became infected from circulating water by either taking water in their mouths or putting something in their mouth that had come in contact with the contaminated water. There have been reports of individuals becoming ill after caring for or in close contact with an already infected individual. If you become ill, call your health care provider. To ease the discomfort of the symptoms, drink plenty of fluids, and when starting to feel better, try the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce and toast.