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					PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEE MARCH 2, 2009 Present: Donna Alexander, Steve Webster, Connie Hayes, Bob Multer, Tim Dennis, Taylor Fitch, Dan Banach, Glen Miller, Susan Lindenmuth, Kris LaRock, Bill Holgate, Nancy Taylor, Ron Spike, Bob Nielsen, Sarah Purdy, Jack Gleason, Deb Flood, Don House, Jim Multer. Minutes of the February meeting were approved as presented. Steve and Donna will do the audit. District Attorney – Susan reviewed her 2009 goals. Susan requested permission to amend and extend the Aid to Prosecution Grants. The date was changed on the 2008 grant to expire in September 2009. Susan would like to extend that to December 31, 2009 so the County gets the full reimbursement. Susan would also like to amend the grant that expires on 3/31/09 for the purchase of a laptop to use for grand jury presentations and the balance of the funds are to be used to off set the 1st quarter 2009 salaries. This will not increase anyone’s salary but will assure that the county gets the same reimbursement for the District Attorney and the District Attorney Secretary without any reductions. The Committee approved. Susan reported Melissa Nesbit has been hired for the Director of Victims Witness Services. She will start on March 9th. Probation – Kris reviewed a resolution that she would need. The Committee approved. • Authorizing the Chairman of the Legislature to sign Alternatives to Incarceration Annual Plan and subsequent contract with NYS Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives Kris’s statistical report was reviewed. Emergency Management – Glen reviewed the meetings that he attended. Glen reported the Federal National Weather Service has given their final approval on our Storm Ready program certification. They would like to give a presentation to the County Legislature at some point. The consensus of the Committee was to have Glen set up the presentation for the April 13th legislative meeting. Glen reported he sent a memo to all the fire departments regarding federal workshops that are going to be held through out the state. The closest one to Yates County is being held in North Greece. Glen has tried to get one held closer but has had no success. Glen reported an Ice Rescue class was held in Rushville with 33 students completing that course. Another one was held in Middlesex with 17 students completing that course.

Glen reported the Fire Fighter One class is going well with 24 students in attendance. Glen reported he is still working on the training schedule for this fiscal year. Glen reported he has completed four of the four hour “Courage to be Safe-Everyone Goes Home” programs. There is one scheduled tonight in Middlesex and tomorrow night in Dundee and Wednesday night in Benton. Glen would like to have one held in every fire station in the county. Fifty Four members of local fire departments and EMS agencies attended. Glen reported a tour of the new AES Greenidge biomass project was held. This will supplement the coal fired plant with wood chips. Glen reported he will have resolutions to enter into contracts with several instructors. The Committee approved. Glen reported on the Fire Act grants. Penn Yan received 10 questions from the Federal Government and was asked to take a $6,000 reduction. Glen expects that Penn Yan will hear something pertaining to their request next week. Bellona has been put on a standby list and Rushville was turned down. Glen is trying to set up a grant writing seminar in Yates County. Glen reported he attended the New York State Fire Chief’s Association program on Leadership which turned out to the Steven Covey “Seven Habits for Highly Effective People”. Glen felt the program was impressive and is certified to teach the course. Glen is working with individuals to adapt the program to fire departments. Glen reported an issue has risen regarding CDL licenses. The State has discovered that in 2005 legislation was passed that said fire department personnel can drive fire trucks to an emergency without a CDL license but they can’t drive the equipment back without a CDL license. Glen explained that no one knew this legislation existed until a couple of weeks ago and new legislation has been introduced to correct this. Glen stated that the majority of the vehicles are owned by municipalities and are not registered. You cannot take a CDL test in an unregistered/unlicensed vehicle. Most of the fire departments have titles and the vehicles are inspected for liability reasons. Glen will report more as information is obtained. Glen reported Chris Warriner, EMS Coordinator has been working with a group out of Benton on a farm safety course. The first night of the program 190 adults and children attended. On another night 115 people attended. Most of the attendees were of the Mennonite Community. Glen explained that the group also went to 4 Mennonite schools on the 25th of February and gave farm safety presentation. Family members were invited to the schools and the presentation was given to a total of 142 people.

Donna reported the Glen is going to setup a time table to explain the Hazardous Mitigation a little bit better and a chronology of events so that we all have a better idea of what has taken place. Glen expects to have this done by the April meeting. Sheriff – Ron reported on the jail population. There are 24 Yates County, 11 Federal, 1 individual is at Geneva General Hospital. The individual has been under 24hr guard with two officers since this weekend. Ron expects this individual to be there until Wednesday. Ron reviewed the revenue report. Ron explained the overtime hours are down because the population is down so one post has been shut down. Ron reported there are 5 individuals in the SWEAP program. One day had 4 individuals. Ron reported an issue arose pertaining to the JMS software. The State had said they would pay $50,000 toward the purchase of new software. They have now taken that statement back and now say they will only contribute $37,000. Ron reviewed a resolution that he would need. The Committee approved. • Authorize Sheriff to Renew Boarding Contract with Schuyler County Jail Ron reported a civil service test will be given on 4/4/09 for correction officers. As of the end of last week there were 44 applicants. Ron reported the State Commission of Corrections (SCOC) has notified him of a cycle evaluation that will be done 3/23 thru 3/27. Ron reported the SWEAP detail transferred records from the basement of the Public Safety Building to the third floor of the courthouse. A total of 200 boxes of records were moved. There are only 7 file cabinets left in the basement and the fire department will be coming back to inspect the area. Ron was questioned on not allowing the use of SWEAP for the Habitat for Humanity house on Liberty St. Ron reported that upon ownership transfer there was no longer a government connection as Habitat is a non-for-profit and inmates should not be used for this purpose. He will check with the SCOC on this decision. Ron explained that the Deputy Sheriff’s Associations has been asked to remove the weights out of the back locker room because Ron needs the space. Bruce did an estimate to install a wall and a fan so the room can be used for cleaning firearms and he hopes to have it done within the month. Ron reviewed the need to transfer funds from the W911 reserve and the E911 reserve. Ron explained Bio-Key Corp is used for the licensing of Mobile Cop software at a cost of approximately $10,000 annually. Think Map is used for licensing of the Pictometry maps for the Automatic Vehicle Locator System (AVL) from the mobile units at a cost of approximately $5,000 annually. Currently EM Systems handles the Jail Management Software (JMS), Records Management System (RMS), and Computer Aided Dispatch

software (CAD). Ron would like to have one vendor handle all the software and has negotiated a price with EM Systems for the software for the Global Dispatch System called MDS and the AVL of $35,000 to be paid at $20,000 in March, $5,000 in August and $10,000 final payment in the spring of 2010. The annual maintenance would be $5,000 which would save the county $50,000 over a 5 year period. The Committee approved. Ron explained there is an issue with the analog/digital 32 channel recorder and it cannot be repaired. Ron has obtained quotes for new equipment which is approximately $30,000. Ron would like to transfer $30,000 from the E911 reserve to cover this cost. The Committee approved. Ron expects to have all the software implemented sometime this month with EM Systems. Ron reported the State is coming out with guidelines on the use of conductive energy devices (CED’s) which are actually tasers. Ron’s staff is certified and will be grandfathered in. Ron reported a Boater’s Safety Course will be held on March 21st. Ron reported there will be a meeting with the Keuka Lake Association regarding marine patrol on April 1st. Ron reported a couple of individuals are being trained as firearms instructors. He has a lieutenant going to the Property Evidence Room Management Course tomorrow at the Branchport Fire Department. There were 120 individuals that wanted to take this course which was originally open for 50 and was expanded to 70. Ron reported interviews are underway for Peace Officers. Ron stated he will be putting on the 35 hour basic Peace Officer Course. Ron reported another officer will be trained as a Field Training Officer. Ron explained he is looking at a software package to better organize the firearms unit, training records, firearms scores, firearms inventory and other issues. Ron is preparing for a new form that is coming out of Homeland Security called a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR). Every law enforcement agency in the United States is going to have to fill this form out whenever they receive information on a suspicious incident. Ron reported Security Integrations was here last week to update software for court security. Ron is trying to work with them to see if they can update the Normet System that is currently being used.

Ron reported the Department of State did an audit on invoices, claims, project reports, state vouchers, expedited wireless funding and a clean audit was given. The local county auditors preformed an audit on cash and CID funds and found that everything was in order. Ron reported the training for the part-time typist is almost completed. Ron reported the Deputy Sheriff’s Association wants to use the logo for some items. Ron has allowed them to use the star without the county seal in it. Ron reviewed a resolution that he would need. The Committee approved. • Resolution authorizing the Chairman to sign an Appendix X for the State Office of Homeland Security contract T839372 previously approved per Resolutions 211-08 and 339-08 Ron reported there have been a lot of problems in communications. There have been problems with the T1 line in dispatch, issues with alarms and issues with the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) equipment. There are three PSAP position in dispatch. The equipment has been leased through Verizon for years because no one could afford to purchase it. Ron has been put on notice that the company that built this, Plant equipment, is not going to support it anymore. If the equipment goes down they will not be repaired. Ron is looking into the cost from other companies. Ron has a meeting next week with Motorola who are now the vendor for Plant equipment. Ron will report more as information is obtained. Ron reported there have been failures in the low band. Ron met with Midstate and they did a sweep on the sites and it showed that some sites have bad cabling and connections due to age and deterioration. Ron is holding off on having Comprod look at installing antennas until the current issues are fixed. Ron explained there are issues with the cycle timers on the generators at each of the sites. Apparently, they were never hooked up originally. It has also been found at the sites that there are different alarms that have not been hooked up. Ron explained that because of all the issues with tower sites, the communications mechanic has not had time to fit out 2 sheriff’s cars that were purchased last year. Ron reported he is looking into what the cost would be to get some help working on some of the communications problems. Ron reported the contracts with the towns for dog control have been rewritten and submitted to the County Attorney on February 19th for approval. Ron has not received the contract back yet. Ron reported the animal control operations did not experience any problems with wind damage at the Humane Society.

Ron reported the next Victims Impact Panel for DWI will be held March 25th, the task force will meet March 16th, and the second Victims Impact Panel for DWI will be September 25th. Ron reported he received notification of award from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee for field test devices, two for the Sheriff’s department and two for the Penn Yan Police Department. Ron reported one annual report has been received from Dr. Cooley. None of the other coroners have submitted reports as requested. Ron reported he is holding labor management meetings every other month, and administrative staff meetings every two weeks. Ron’s goals were reviewed. Bill moved to enter executive session to discuss legal matters, seconded by Steve. Meeting adjourned at 4:25p.m.