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Welfare Management System (WMS)
WMS is a statewide computerized data system that receives, maintains, and processes information for the management and control of social service programs. It is an eligibility file of all persons who have applied for or are receiving Temporary Assistance, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and/or supportive services. The WMS Unit coordinates local implementation and provides technical and analytical support to DSS program staff for all of the components of the WMS system. WMS also oversees data entry operations. WMS staff works with the local data processing office to provide DSS with current statistical information such as caseload trends, program expenses, and worker productivity to support daily supervisory functions as well as planning and policy formulation. During 2004, the WMS Unit oversaw the following continuing initiatives:

Medicaid Management Information (MMIS)
MMIS is a statewide centralized computer system designed to improve administrative controls over rising Medicaid costs and improve availability of health care services through more efficient claims processing. The WMS/MMIS staff monitors the flow of Medicaid eligibility information from WMS to MMIS. As CSC, a private company that pays Medicaid invoices on behalf of New York State, derives its eligibility file from MMIS, the WMS Unit acts as liaison with local medical providers and state MMIS staff to assure that CSC's files reflect accurate payment data. WMS also monitors the paid claims to assure maximum reimbursement and as a check against fraud and abuse. The unit works closely with the Office of the Deputy Attorney General for Medicaid Fraud, identifying situations for potential investigation and providing statistical support. The WMS/MMIS staff has evolved from system implementers to system support analysts. Minimizing the local share of the program and administrative costs has become the prime objective of this unit. WMS has developed procedures to assure that various state and federally mandated programs incur minimal local cost. The staff also conducts internal reviews to detect erroneous payments as well as payments that should be increased from State or Federal funding sources.

Local Area Network
The local area network (LAN) of microcomputers using client server technology was installed in the department in 1998. This network allows such activities as file sharing and e-mail and provides redundancy, software standardization, and security unavailable in a stand-alone PC environment.

Document Imaging
This system will allow the storage of millions of documents on a device no larger than a large PC. It allows almost instant retrieval of a document and eliminates the possibility of loss or misfiling. Such systems will increasingly replace file rooms containing paper documents.

WMS staff continues to coordinate the implementation of New York State's Connections project. Connections is a single integrated system for the collection of all Federally required data regarding child abuse and neglect, preventive services, and foster care and adoption services, and, at the same time, provides for more efficient, economical and effective administration of these programs.
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