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As a part of the strategies to improve community outcomes, County departments will be establishing key departmental outcome/performance targets and then measuring performance against these targets. 2007 is the first year for countywide implementation. Once fully implemented, this system can assist County government in improving outcomes, making better decisions and increasing governmental accountability. The performance targets below reach across the spectrum of County services and are grouped into the following areas: Public Safety, Public Health, Glendale Nursing Facility, Human Services, Public Works, Community Services, Intermunicipal Services, and Governmental Operations.

2007 PERFORMANCE TARGETS Public Safety The County protects residents and visitors through a variety of public safety agencies whose spectrums of responsibility run from dealing with everyday realities to preparing for worst-case, once-in-a-lifetime scenarios. Among these County departments are Emergency Management, Communications, Probation, Public Defender and Assigned Counsel. Emergency Management • Increase the number of volunteer firefighters. • Upgrade the County public safety radio system physical infrastructure. • Train all County personnel identified as needing National Incident Management System (NIMS) training. • Update emergency evacuation plans including: o Finalize arrangements for transportation services in emergency evacuation situations. o Complete facility needs assessments and implementation protocols for identified shelter/reception sites. o Finalize and maintain a database of self-identified special needs residents to assist first responders in locating these residents during an emergency evacuation. • Establish and implement a technical support team to support emergency management during emergency events. Communications-911 • Meet or exceed the present 9-1-1 accuracy rate of 99.8%. • Fully implement the wireless 9-1-1 system, thus allowing 9-1-1 calls from wireless phones to be routed directly to local dispatchers instead of going through the State Police. Probation • Maintain 24/7 GPS monitoring of 10 sex offenders on Probation caseload. • Increase utilization of RUS (released under supervision) to 450 cases from 367 in 2005.

Performance Measurement 1

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Increase the number of adult probationers participating in the Family Connections group by 20%, from 30 to 36. Implement the recommendations made by the Juvenile Crime Enforcement Coalition. Reduce the average length of time to produce pre-sentence investigation reports for stateready drug cases from 18.13 days to 15.00 days. Reduce recidivism rates of County probationers.

Indigent Defense • Zero founded complaints against the Public Defender’s Office. • Realize cost savings by increasing the use of Public Defender services and decreasing Assigned Counsel cases. • 20 Public Defender clients will be accepted into Felony Drug Court and 20 accepted into Misdemeanor Drug Court. • 5 clients will be accepted into the Road to Recovery program. • Conflict Defender and Public Defender will meet or exceed indigent defense caseload standards.

Public Health The County not only protects and serves via the public safety agencies listed above, we also protect and serve residents of all ages through our myriad public health programs. These services encompass Public Health Services, its internal units (Children with Special Needs, Healthy Schenectady Families, and Environmental Health), and Mental Health Services. Public Health Services • Increase contingency planning for a possible pandemic flu outbreak. • Build on the stockpile of supplies for direct-contact staff, such as masks and hand sanitizers. • Develop a plan ensuring appropriate surge capacity responses exist at local health facilities in the event of a pandemic flu outbreak. • Coordinate pandemic flu community planning with health providers, schools, and businesses. • Conduct a public awareness campaign helping residents understand and prepare for a pandemic flu event. • Create a comprehensive continuity of government plan with significant input from other County departments. Children with Special Needs • Conduct 10 Early Intervention Evaluations each month. • Improve access to services for children by raising the 45-day timeline from referral to Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) in the Early Intervention Program from 60% to 80% compliance. • Serve a monthly average of 425 children in the Preschool Special Education Program, up from 392 in 2005.

Performance Measurement 2

Environmental Health • Investigate 100% of general food service complaints within 5 days of receipt. • Investigate all 184 tobacco facilities for Adolescence and Tobacco Use Prevention and re-inspect all violators at least twice. • Investigate all County food service establishments at least once and investigate high and medium-risk establishments twice. • Inspect all public water supply facilities at least once and monitor quarterly/monthly water samples and facility operational reports. Healthy Schenectady Families • Conduct 383 nursing visits per month to provide support, nurturing, and education for atrisk pregnant women and the parents of infants and toddlers. • 100% of target children will be current on immunizations by their second birthday. • Contact 100% of families with children identified at-risk for developmental problems for enrollment in the Child Find Program. • 90% of HSF families will be employed or enrolled in an education program, job training, or job placement program by the child’s first birthday, up from 81%. Mental Health Services • Link 80% of County Jail inmates identified as seriously and persistently mentally ill and who receive services from mental health personnel to a treatment provider upon release. • Hold a spring 2007 public forum on the topic of improving mental health services for children with special needs. • Reduce the waiting list to less than one month for clinical intakes at the Child Guidance Center (Northeast Parent and Child) by providing technical assistance and consultation to ensure implementation of the Child and Family Clinic-Plus program. • Implement a community education campaign that provides information on available OMH regulated community-based and residential services, eligibility criteria and access protocol. • Reduce the waiting list for adult services by working with Mental Health and Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities administrators to improve services for individuals with multiple diagnoses.

Glendale Home Glendale Home is a key component for long-term care services in the County, especially among our Medicaid population. The home took positive steps in 2006 that included opening a subacute rehabilitation unit, enhancing mental health services for residents, and revitalizing its Activities Department. Glendale hopes to build on these successes in 2007. • • Increase the case mix from 1.08 (projected 2006 figure) to 1.10. Raise the facility census figure from a monthly average of 279 up to 292, maximizing efficiency and increasing revenues.

Performance Measurement 3

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Establish an affiliation with the St. Clare’s Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program. Experience no high-level deficiencies will occur in 2007. Finalize transfer agreements with 7 health care facilities for emergency resident transfers.

Human Services It is important that all Schenectady County residents be given an opportunity to participate in our continued success. County Human Services agencies help make this a reality by keeping our children safe, providing assistance to those in need, improving the lives of our senior and disabled populations, developing our young people’s potential, and aiding our veterans. These actions, performed by agencies such as Child Protective Services, the Department of Social Services, Senior and Long Term Care, Youth Bureau, and Veteran’s Services, have a beneficial effect for all County residents. Child Protective Services • Reduce the percentage of children re-entering foster care from 16% to 12%. • Reduce the use of non-secure detention facilities 15%, from an average of 228 bed days per month to 194. • Lower the incidence of recurrence of maltreatment among children identified as abused or neglected from 15.7% to 13.0%. • 100% of all CPS reports for abuse will be responded to immediately. • 100% of all CPS reports for neglect will be responded to within 24 hours. Public Assistance • Meet Federal requirement to engage at least 50% of all employable recipients of Temporary Assistance a minimum 20 hours per week in core work activity directed toward self-sufficiency. • 100 employable TANF and/or Safety Net participants will obtain unsubsidized employment. • Increase the number of Non-Public Assistance Food Stamp households by 2.0%, from 5,338 to 5,445. • Raise the number of households applying for Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) benefits from 3,740 to 3,990. • Increase total child support collections to 80.00%, up 1.39% from the current 78.61%. Increase paternity establishment to 90.00% from 88.68%. • Increase the number of recipients enrolled in Managed Care Coverage from 38% to 56% by implementing a mandatory enrollment program. This will help control Medicaid spending and provide a more focused health care model for individuals. Job Training Agency • Increase participation in the Summer Youth Employment Program from 450 to 500. • Raise a minimum of $15,000 via private contributions for the Summer Youth Program. • A minimum of 270 Public Assistance applicants will obtain jobs, up from 255 in 2005. • A minimum of 420 Public Assistance recipients will obtain jobs, up from 396 in 2005.

Performance Measurement 4

Senior and Long Term Care Services • Provide 1,800 seniors and disabled persons nutritional meals, wellness guidance, and other pertinent health information. • Elevate the community perception of Senior and Long Term Care Services as the central office to access senior services in the County. • Implement the new Single Point of Entry system to assure access to long-term care for elderly and disabled persons and their caregivers. In 2007, this initiative will focus on implementing standards for providing information, referral, and assistance for those seeking access to long-term care. • Increase participation in the Expanded In-home Services for the Elderly Program, which performs assessments, provides case management, and assists elderly people with activities of daily living and incidental activities of daily living, from 251 to 289. • Increase senior participation in exercise classes, osteoporosis classes, bridge, and other recreational programs at the Senior Resource Center and satellite locations by 20%, from 376 to 450. Veteran’s Services • Maintain the number of veterans and/or dependents receiving services at the current level of 1,345, despite declining levels of veterans in the County. • Maintain the current level of federal service funds generated on behalf of veterans and/or dependents at $17.6 million. Youth Services • Serve a minimum of 900 youth with programs addressing leadership development, mentoring, civic involvement, and skill development. • Positively impact two risk/protective factors identified by the Communities That Care Survey. This survey is administered in all seven Schenectady County School Districts and helps identify the prevalence of factors known to predict drug use, delinquency, and gang involvement among youth. Low Neighborhood Attachment and Family History of Antisocial Behavior are examples of risk factors measured in the survey while Family Attachment and Community Opportunities are examples of protective factors measured. • Ensure all County youth have access to affordable quality youth development programs.

Public Works Maintenance of the public infrastructure is a critical function performed by the County. We are fortunate to have a very capable Department of Public Works that ensures our roads are safe, that snow is quickly plowed, and that the County building facilities are kept in proper working order. Highway • 40 miles of County roads will receive preventive maintenance in 2007. This represents 20% of the County road total and will meet the minimum needed to maintain a five-year rolling preventive road maintenance schedule. • 20 miles of County road will receive surface treatment (e.g. paving) in 2007. • Fewer than 10 claims against the County for defective road conditions will be founded.

Performance Measurement 5

• • • •

Unit cost of operations will average 5% below New York State Department of Transportation unit bids. Ratings for the County road system will continue to be 3.0 or higher (on a scale of 1.0 to 5.0). Ratings for the County Bridge system will remain above 5.0 (on a scale of 1.0 to 7.0). Work with Information Services to integrate the computer software systems needed to implement a cost accounting system throughout all Public Works units.

Facilities • Complete rehabilitation of the former TrustCo building at 192 Erie Blvd in anticipation of its becoming the new County Office Building. • Continue renovations on the County Courthouse as mandated by the State Office of Court Administration. • Review and modify department work order procedures to provide more accurate cost accounting and material inventory measurements. • Implement phase II of the department re-organization. • Develop a performance measurement system that will provide data to reveal the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided by the Office of Facilities, including but not limited to preventive maintenance, general maintenance, safety/security, emergency repairs, administrative and engineering functions. Aviation • Increase the number of landings/takeoffs from 63,500 (projected 2006) to 70,000.

Community Services While some County services are available only to segments of the population, other services are more broadly-based. The benefits of these services enhance the quality-of-life for the entire Schenectady County community. Included under Community Services are the Public Library, Ice Rink, Economic Development & Planning, and Consumer Affairs/Weights & Measures. Public Library • Increase participation in youth programs by 10%, from 28,957 (2005 actual) to 31,900. • Increase participation in adult programs by 5%, from 16,000 (2006 projected) to 16,800. • Raise total materials circulation to 1,318,000, a 5% increase from the 2005 baseline of 1,255,191. • Maintain operating expenditures per capita under $35.00, well below the statewide average of $45.68. Environmental Services • Improve participation in the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program from 742 to 855, a 15% increase. • Perform Phase I environmental assessments on 20 brownfield sites. • Implement the enforcement component of the EPA Phase II Stormwater Regulations prohibiting the discharge of pollutants into municipal storm sewer systems.

Performance Measurement 6

Consumer Affairs/Weights & Measures • Conduct large scale public awareness campaigns on pricing accuracy and petroleum. • Perform 500 store inspections. • Inspect a minimum of 10,000 packages. • Hold at least 75 educational/informational meetings with merchants on the topic of pricing accuracy. Ice Rink • Increase total rink attendance 16.5% from 19,650 (2006 projected) to 22,900. This 2007 target represents a 62% increase in rink usage over the 2005 attendance figure of 14,100.

Intermunicipal Services Sharing intermunicipal services represents an excellent example of multiple localities working together to provide better services at lower costs for all County residents. This is most evident in our Department of Public Works which has taken a leadership role in increasing the use of shared municipal services with other County municipalities. Other County departments are following suit, including Emergency Management, Communications-911, Public Health, and Mental Health. Highway • Acquire a sewer camera/related equipment and provide it for use by all municipalities. • Work with the City to make the County and City dedicated tree-cutting programs available to all municipalities. • Create a surplus equipment consortium with other municipalities in which all participants will make declared surplus equipment available to other localities before putting the equipment up for auction. The municipalities will hold a joint auction for equipment not wanted by any municipality. • Coordinate the consolidated management and storage of de-icing/salt facilities with other municipalities to provide savings through economies of scale and less time spent traveling between salt sheds. • Continue improvements in the County-City vehicle fleet maintenance program. Communications • Complete an intergovernmental study to determine feasibility and development components of a countywide central dispatch system. Emergency Management • Participate in two functional training exercises with local police, fire, and emergency medical providers.

Governmental Operations While our Public Works agencies help make certain the more external functions of the County are carried out successfully, a number of other departments are needed to make sure the internal

Performance Measurement 7

functions run smoothly. Among these departments are Information Services, Civil Service, Purchasing, and Real Property, here grouped under the banner of Governmental Operations. Information Services • Place 20 downloadable forms on the County website for public use. • Define a baseline of content necessary for inclusion on the County website and a regular maintenance schedule to ensure timely website updates. • Complete network upgrades at various County facilities. • Introduce biometric time clocks at Public Works, Glendale Home, and the County Jail. • Complete implementation of the MUNIS Civil Service tracking module. • Finalize integration of the MUNIS, IFM, and Dossier software systems in preparation of shared highway services in 2008. Civil Service • Update 10% of the classification plan, meeting state standards. • Achieve 100% compliance with Civil Service regulations such as completing payroll certifications in a timely fashion and submitting local changes to the State at least quarterly. Human Resources • Expand the employee assistance program with offerings such as smoking cessation and healthy lifestyles clinics. • Complete sexual harassment training for all employees. • Inspect all County facilities for ADA compliance. • Implement community outreach strategies to increase the number of protected class job applicants. Purchasing • Explore group purchasing projects with other municipalities and regional government organizations for utilities and other goods/services. • Complete 95% of purchase requisitions against a valid contract within 10 days. Real Property • Achieve 100% compliance maintaining tax maps on all 57,466 County parcels, meeting state standards. These performance targets, this year included in the Schenectady County budget submission for the first time, will give the general public, elected officials, department heads, and employees a better understanding of the many tasks and objectives undertaken by our County government. As these targets are improved upon and incorporated more wholly into the overall budget process a baseline will be created allowing us to more accurately measure our performance against that of other municipalities from across the state, the region, and the nation. A public service culture based on performance measurement will improve accountability, oversight, and efficiency by enabling us to identify County goals and measure progress toward reaching those goals.

Performance Measurement 8

Implementing performance targets into the 2007 budget submission is the first step toward clearly defining the missions, goals, and objectives of Schenectady County government. As governments are increasingly asked to do more with less, it behooves us to undertake a public discussion on the priorities of our government. The tool of performance measurement will provide the foundation necessary to begin this endeavor.

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