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									2006 ANNUAL REPORT OF THE COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR This report attempts to address the major projects of which I was involved in 2006, but is not a format that can adequately describe or report the multitude of activities, responsibilities or obligations which fall to the County Administrator on a daily basis. As was the case in 2005, a substantial amount of my time and effort during the first six months of 2006 were spent on numerous issues pertaining to the final stages of constructing the County Jail and Public Safety Facility. The facility was 99% complete in mid June and a ribbon cutting ceremony took place on July 7, 2006. The final two months leading up to completion were hectic and were marked by minor disputes which required administrative intervention along with the need to expeditiously install and test a telecommunications/information technology system which required a great deal of cooperation and interaction between equipment manufacturers, installers, County Information Technology staff, County Sheriffs Office staff, the building architect and the telephone company. After the ribbon cutting, but before we occupied the building, I continued to deal with issues involving the closing out of contracts with contractors and assuring that contractors had met performance obligations. In May, I initiated the project which calls for the provision of a water and septage treatment infrastructure system to the area surrounding the intersection of I-86 and New York State Route 19 commonly referred to as “The Crossroads.” The County Board of Legislators agreed to retain the firm of LaBella and Associates to prepare the Map, Plan and Report which is essential to this project. The Legislature also declared the County as the Lead Agency for the Environmental Quality Review process. The team formulated to move this effort forward consists of the Town of Friendship Town Supervisor, Friendship Town Board members, the County Director of Development, the County Attorney, the Project Engineer from LaBella, the County’s financial advisor and myself. By the end of the year, the Map, Plan and Report was 80% complete, the County and Town had essentially agreed upon the terms and conditions of an Intermunicipal Agreement controlling the operation and maintenance of both a sewer and water district and a cultural sensitivity study was underway. With the onset of winter, the cultural sensitivity study had to be suspended and will be completed in the Spring of 2007. At this time the Map, Plan and Report will be finalized and, if accepted by the Board of Legislators, will be forwarded to the Office of the New York State Comptroller for approval. Final systems design, contract bidding and construction will hinge on the rapidity with which the State Comptroller approves or disapproves the Map, Plan and Report. 2006 also saw the re-emergence of the need to comply with the Court Facilities Capital Plan Act of 1987. It has been known for several years that the County Courthouse is deficient as to appropriate program space requirements and, as a result, Chairman Curtis Crandall appointed an ad hoc committee whose charge was to research the issue and come forth with a recommended solution. I prepared a Request for Proposal seeking the services of an architectural/engineering firm and the firm LaBella and Associates from Rochester was selected. LaBella studied the feasibility and cost of three options (new construction, constructing an addition to the

rear of the Courthouse and renovating a portion of the County Office Building) and recommended, because of cost, that the County pursue the construction of a new Court Facility adjacent to the Public Safety Facility. In 2007, a Standing Committee was created by Resolution of the Board to continue the work of the ad hoc committee. Other major activities which collectively occupied a substantial amount of my time and effort included: • Writing a Request for Proposal and negotiating new contracts for privately provided home health care, • Overseeing the change in the third party administrator of the County Medical Care Plan, • Overseeing the sole of the former County-owned sand and gravel pit in Almond, • Preparing the 2007 County Tentative Budget, • Overseeing the bidding of new buses for the Allegany Transit System • Negotiating a lease with a new landlord for the Women, Infant and Children program • Overseeing the environmental assessment of County owned property at the corner of County Route 20 and State Route 19 and the eventual sale of the parcel to a private development corporation. In addition, I continued to serve as a mandatory member of the Cattaraugus-Allegany Workforce Investment Board and assumed the Chairmanship of the Southern Tier Extension Rail Authority with the unexpected passing of former Cattaraugus County Legislative Chair Jess Fitzpatrick. As usual, in 2006, I attended a vast majority of Legislative Standing Committee meetings and all regular and special meetings of the Board of Legislators. Respectfully Submitted, John E. Margeson County Administrator

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