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1. ROLL CALL: Chairman Beardsley called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. PRESENT: Legs. Fred Beardsley, Chair., Barbara Brown, Dan Chalifoux, Shawn Doyle, Paul Natoli, ABSENT: None EXCUSED: Legs. Kevin Gardner and Jack Beckwith GUESTS: Joe Chairvolotti, Mike Treadwell, Rajesh Modi, Charles McChesney STAFF: Dave Turner, Chris Gray, Steve Lyman, Deb Wise Approval of March 22, 2006 Minutes Leg. Chalifoux motioned to accept the March 22, 2006 minutes, seconded by Leg. Doyle. All were in favor.

2. OPERATION OSWEGO COUNTY PILOT RLF – Mahalaxmi Motels, LLC Mr. Treadwell submitted IDA RLF ratification request for Mahalaxmi Motels, LLC. Mr. Treadwell introduced Rajesh Modi, as the owner. Mr. Treadwell explained on the Cost/Benefit Analysis that the Travelodge is actually incorrect, there will actually be two different franchises. Mr. Treadwell went on to say that one will be a Scottish Inn and the other will be a Red Carpet Inn, one will be on one side of the road and the other on the other side of the road. They will both be under one management. Mr. Treadwell stated that the funding is in process with OCNB and the SBA 504. Motion by Leg. Doyle, seconded by Leg. Brown to approve the ratification request. All in favor. 3. SOIL & WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT Presentation by Joe Chairvolotti, Forest Management Plan Joe Chairvolotti spoke regarding the timber sale of 50 acres in the Town of Williamstown, this will go out to bid in May. They will be accepting 4 bids, which usually takes about a month. Mr. Chairvolotti stated that he will oversee the timber harvesting, inspecting and making sure that it is environmentally sound. Mr. Chairvolotti stated that boundaries are in question, and that there are surveyor signs coming up missing, which puts the boundaries in question. Joe asked if there were County surveys with boundaries. Leg. Brown suggested that he contact Highway for surveys. Joe also stated that one of the problem spots with boundaries is the reforestation land near the Hannibal Transfer Station, there has been logging, the stakes showing boundary lines are in question. In court a survey is needed. Leg. Brown asked if the land in question is State land? Leg. Doyle

Economic Development and Planning Committee Minutes Page 2 April 19, 2006

asked if the County reforestation land is being sprayed for tent caterpillars? Joe stated that this is quite an expense, at this point they are not spraying. Mr. Chairvolotti stated that he thought it would be a great idea, after loggers skid out the logs, across the County property, that this could be used as a trail for hiking. There was discussion regarding the use of County property trails by the ATV’s, it was stated that there is an agreement for the Albion area. There are signs that say ATV club members only, all others will be prosecuted. If the trails are open to ATV’s, they should be open to all. Leg. Doyle stated that you can work with the club they are pretty good about it. Leg. Beardsley stated that he will contact Rich Mitchell about this issue and that he would be going to the ATV meeting Saturday, April 22. Leg. Beardsley also stated that all the information should be gathered so we get the whole picture and then go to the ATV Club. 4. COMMUNITY, TOURISM AND PLANNING A. Proposed Resolution of Marketing Materials dispute Christine Gray spoke about the materials from Ed Vayner and Associates that they are close to having these materials returned to the county. Ms.Gray stated that Mr. Vayner’s attorney, Mr. Ludington, will release the 2 CD’s, but he would like Chairman Johnson to sign a release accepting the materials in question. Motion by Leg. Brown second by Leg. Natoli to approve the request for Chairman Johnson to sign for the aforementioned materials. All in favor. B. Tourism Month Resolution Christine Gray stated that May is Tourism month. Ms. Gray has a proclamation stated that May is Tourism month in Oswego County. C. Occupancy Tax Report Christine Gray stated that the Bed Tax is broken down into municipalities. Chair Beardsley asked about the process of how the tax is collected? Dave Turner asked if this is tax filing? Is this what they actually collected? Steve Lyman stated that the Legislature could give permission to do an audit. D. Tourism Updates Chris Gray also stated that there was information included in the packet, from the Assembly Republican Hunting & Fishing Task Force. Ms. Gray also brought up the fact that the NYS Canal Corp. has waved fees for boaters using the canal this year. Leg. Brown stated that canaling issues are being pushed. They want people from the towns to utilize launches in their areas. Chair Beardsley stated that since the NYS Canal Corp. started charging tolls, the number of boaters using the canal had lessened. Ms. Gray stated that the summer issue of Touring New York magazine included a special section on the Erie Canal. They ran an article on the Oswego River Canal, written by our department, along with photos. Leg. Brown stated how the Seniors trip to Fairport was on the canal. Leg Brown also stated how “Gems Along the Mohawk” sells only NYS made items. Chris Gray stated that there are 4 Amish families settling in Williamstown. They will be raising crops, selling produce and making Amish furniture.

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5. Adjourment Motion for adjournment by Leg. Brown seconded by Leg. Natoli. All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m.