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					2008 SUMMARY REPORT – SHERIFF’S OFFICE 2008 was Sheriff Tompkins second year of his first term. It was also the first complete year that the ACSO housed in out of county inmates and Federal Detainees. The ACSO billed approximately 24,192 bed days generating $2,229,680.00 in housing in revenue and an additional $174,200.00 in transportation fees. During the past year 1122 inmates were booked in, an increase of 162 over 2007. Of the 1122 there where 364 federal detainees, 395 Inmates were housed for other counties, for the Federal Marshall’s, or Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and 21 inmates were sentenced and transported to state prison. The highest single day population was 143 inmates, 114 males and 29 females. The average daily population was 123 inmates, up from the 2006 average of 64. The total number of meals served was 129,457, a 46% increase from 2007. The average cost per meal of $1.36, a four-cent increase from 2007. Jail Medical Staff performed 847 history and physicals, a 23% increase from 2007. Medical Staff also performed 3072 urgent and non urgent sick calls. The Allegany County Jail responded to a critical jail hanging resulting in an inmate, who was by our estimation nearly dead, being mercy flighted to the University of Rochester medical center where he was treated and released several days later. Civil Deputies served 1583 civil processes in 2008. These include 111 orders of protections, 779 Summonses, Complaint, Family Court processes, 523 Property or Income Executions, 67 Eviction Proceedings, 41 Subpoenas. Additionally, Civil Deputies executed 31 criminal arrests, and did 85 sex offenders address verifications. The Sheriff’s Office collected Undertakings, Fines, Bail, fees and monies for judgment creditors in the amount of $837,538.29. Selective enforcement activity, community policing and assists to other agencies resulted in 90 arrests, 73 traffic tickets and 5 accident investigations. The new grant funded License Plate Reader resulted in 100 hits on suspended registrations stolen vehicle etc. and the issuance of 66 UTT’s, and Public Safety Dispatchers processes 23377 incidents. Court Security Officers screened 42,889 visitors to county court in 2008. On average, 173 visitors passed through the Magnetometer each day, resulting in the confiscation of 265 prohibited items during the year. The Allegany County Sheriff’s Office expanded the inmate garden program and started a pheasant program. The Garden produced more than 10,000 pounds of produce and the ACSO released 250 adult pheasants locally to try to help stimulate the local economy by providing game that has until recently been unavailable in Allegany County. The Allegany County Sheriff’s Office staff should be commended for how they handled such rapid growth. They met every challenge head on and offered good solutions so that the ACSO could deliver good service to the citizens of the county. Respectfully Submitted

______________________________ William R. Tompkins, Sheriff