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					February 2006 Dear Vendor: The Allegany County Bicentennial Committee invites you to participate in the "Taste of Allegany County". The Bicentennial Committee will host this event on May 20, 2006 on the Midway of the Allegany County Fairgrounds located in Angelica, New York. This is a one-day event. The Taste of Allegany County is the first event of this magnitude and will be an open invitation to the area communities to sample your signature and specialty foods. Food vendors, there will be no cash to collect, tickets will be sold at the Taste of Allegany County's Hospitality Pavilion. Tickets will be 50¢ each. Vendors will have a cap of $3.50 for each sample. You will need to submit your tickets at the end of your day to the event coordinator located at the hospitality pavilion and a check will be sent to the address indicated on your application within 3-4 business days. Water, electrical outlets and garbage pickup will be available to all vendors. Participants will be listed on the Allegany County Bicentennial website and on various advertisements and press releases. Please send your applications and/or questions to the Taste of Allegany County:

Janice Volk, Chair 4765 Route 305 South Cuba, New York 14727 Phone: 585.968.2841 E-mail: