Wrist Watches, History and Scope by toriola1


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    Watches are more than a device for showing time. They represent the prestige of a person wearing it. Watches
    have become common these days. There are so many expensive and non expensive models are being donned
                                           by people all over the world.
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                                                    Wrist Watches, History and Scope
                                                                     By Ed Terran

    By technical definition, not that you needed it, is “a watch is a timepiece that is made to be worn by
a person”. What amazes me is that for all the people that wear watches on a daily basis, I bet very few
of you take the time to wonder about the history of them or look at your watch and wonder how it does
all the things that is does for you on a daily basis.

 I would wager that the only time you really give a thought to your watch is when you forget to put it on,
when the band breaks or when the battery dies. I mean let’s get real, as long as it is working like it’s
supposed to, you really have no need to think about it.

A good portion of the reason they as so reliable is because so much has happened throughout time to
make them as trouble free as they are.

 The watch actually dates back to early time, pardon the pun, and the first portable watch was worn on
a FOB and was known as a pocket watch and these made their appearance in the 1600s. Bet you
didn’t know that watches were that old.

 Today’s watches for the most part are either powered by light, battery or the kinetic energy of your
movement or a combination there of. But back when they were in their infancy stage, watches had to
be wound. You pulled a little pin out and manually twisted it many times back and forth until the internal
spring was wound tight and it would slowly unwind and cause the gears to move which then made the
hands move.

 At first the watch merely told the user the hour, then the second and as technology evolved, the date
and day of the month was added. As the Swiss watchmakers got better at making things small and
more accurate the functions that were available on the watch began to grow. There were models that
did not just a few things, but 33 things or more. One model could account for when leap year would
actually happen and automatically make that adjustment and add or skip the day as needed. What is
truly amazing is that all of this happened before and without the use of computers. Yes someone
actually had to use a brain to figure it all out by hand and then they had to make it work in the real

As you should be able to tell by now, by the time we got to the complicated features available on the

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

modern watches with the multiple time zone displays, split second hands and quartz technology and
multiple functions. There was a lot of hard earned history behind the thought process and the early
pioneers are the ones that really laid the ground work with all the development of the technology that
makes today’s watches what they are.

So, the next time you strap on your trusty watch, say a silent thank you to the people that started it all
way back when.

Ed Terran is the pen name for the editor of a wrist watch directory http://www.wristwatchlist.com

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                                         Black Onyx Necklaces : The Black Beauty
                                                     By Mark Arthur

Black Onyx Necklaces: necklaces watches and watches with expandable bands

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or complementary things that you might come into get in meet with. It will not be incensing nor will it
conclude you to lose your wristband by snapping. Our black onyx necklaces are influenced to last and
give years of time telling splendour without break.

 What modes do you carry?
 In our black onyx necklaces aggregation, we hold everything from bag watches to pendants that have
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pocket watches are measured just like other watches with the same greatest class that you have
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 Do you have watches with flexible bands?
 Obviously yes, we do cart watches with elasticised bands in our black onyx necklaces compiled works.
Most wristwatches that we cart can have elasticised stripes put on them and we have a large pick of
stretch band wristwatches on site. These watches with rubberlike wrist bands will not only facilitate
keep your watch in target, they will not sneer or check, and will stay put on your hand, where they are
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 How about pendant watches. Do you cart those?
 We have that as well! We have a large set of pendant watches as part of our black onyx necklaces list.
Many women love to sport the pendant watches as an offbeat of a wristwatch. This gives them a much
multiplied view and the pendant is pitched to someone being able to tell the time just by open at their
pendant innocent of having to read it upper side down. That way, if you ask them query ”What time is
it?” they will be efficient of tell them without having to route to using a wrist watch. This keeps time, and
also aggravation when you use a pendant watch from our black onyx necklaces listing.

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