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                             Windows Server 2008 Set To Deliver Web-based Experiences
                                                                 By Nick Pegley

   Known as 'Longhorn' until its official release by Bill Gates at the WinHEC conference in May 2007,
Windows 2008 is almost here, with full release scheduled in February 2008. For increased control of
your servers, efficient management, and configured Web tasks, there's Windows PowerShell, Windows
Server Manager and IIS7. eNetwork Access Protection and Read-Only Domain Controller protect and
fortify the server environment, putting your business on a strong foundation. So, what exactly does this
mean for your business in terms of new features? Some highlights include:

This Server is Built for the Web

 Internet Info Services 7 simplifies management of Web services. As a modular platform with an
interface based on tasks, better control, improved security, and Web service health management, the
user connects to their information and to others using Info Server (IIS) 7.0 and .NET 3.0. Visualization,
sharing and acting upon the information are all possible with this inclusive apps platform.

Efficient Licensing with Virtualization

 One is able to virtualize multiple operating systems to one server to max out the value, and virtual
capabilities are bundled with the operating system for more flexible licensing. Sever 2008 facilitates
creating dynamic data centers to meet business needs. Optimized for remote access and integrated
apps, Terminal Services' Gateway and RemoteApp apply secure app deployment and do not require a
VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Enhanced Security and Control

 Sever 2008 does a great job creating a hard operating system with great security features including
network access protection, rights management, and read-only domain control. Levels of security which
were previously not possible are now available for your business network data, including data failure,
network intrusion, and secure user accounts.

 Machines that disobey the company's security policies are isolated by Network Access Protection,
which completes ongoing maintenance including checks of compliance and remediation. Sensitive
information is persistently protected by Federated Rights Management Services to lower the risk and

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

make compliance possible in a total info protection system. Read-Only Domain Controller deploys
Active Directory Domain Services while disallowing copying of the entire data base for better defense
against data compromise or info theft.

Creating A Solid Base for Your Business Workloads

 Windows Server 2008, the most robust and flexible OS available, comes with Server Core, Windows
Deployment Services, PowerShell, and better clustering technology, providing the best reliability and
flexibility for your needs. Faster setup and configuration is possible, as well as easy ongoing
management with a unified management console.

 WSRM resource manager is integrated into Windows Server 2008. This provides is able to be used to
determine the amount of server resources that an individual process or user are able to utilize
depending on the priorities of the company. Resource limits are enforced with matched process
criteria, including time on the central processing unit, the maximum amount of bandwitdh able to be
employed, and the amount of processors it can run on. These specified restrictions can be
date-sensitive, changing at different times in the schedule.

 PowerShell, a command-line shell with over one hundred tools, uses a script language that lets
sysadmins make routine tasks fully automated across servers. The new installation option Server Core
has only the required components to provide good server availability with less service updates -
without using a graphical user interface. You may want to consider implementing the Windows 2008
Server with your business existing business goals.

Nick Pegley is a marketing expert with All Covered: Technology Services Partner for Small Business,
providing information technology consulting and IT services in 20 major U.S. metro areas. For more
info, visit:

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                                              Windows Fully Dedicated Server
                                                          By Greath Owen

Windows dedicated server offers great benefits to the Windows operating system based websites. If
you want to launch a website, you can use the Windows system, which is hosted by software like
Windows NT or Windows Server 2008. A dedicated server has some advantages over the shared
server. A dedicated server is a single machine leased to a single individual for exclusive use and
customizable with applications that suit the user's needs. The Windows server products also offer the
same benefits to the dedicated server users. Here follows the great benefits of the Windows dedicated

Why Windows dedicated server?

At first, Windows Dedicated Server has a visual, familiar interface with easy server management.
Windows dedicated servers are superb for running Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, hosting web sites
or hosting large ASP or ColdFusion applications.

Moreover, if you plan to build a website; which is expected to draw high traffic, you should go for
dedicated server. There are some activities that only a fully dedicated server can adequately handle,
such as very large, high traffic databases, large media hosting, processor intensive web applications
etc. If you have to tackle mail servers, complicated scripts, and large number of databases,
web-oriented projects and fresh testing systems, you need a dedicated server. Thus, if you use the
Windows operating system for your website and your website has a huge number of visitors, you
should opt for the Windows dedicated server.

The recent 2008 Windows Server is the most substantial upgrade to the Windows Server product line
since Windows 2000. It includes many upgrades and additions to Windows Server including new web,
security and virtualization technologies. The product is available in multiple editions to support the
varying server needs of businesses of all sizes.

A dedicated server for Windows operating system is fully managed and comes with full console
administration or root access to give you complete control, as well as the ability to customize for
individual needs. So, a Windows dedicated server is completely at the disposal of a single user, to
administer as they see fit.

Generally, the Windows Dedicated Servers are placed at redundant, high quality data centers. With
Windows Dedicated Servers, you can install any software that you might deem important, you can also
allocate web server space and customize the server for greater control.

With Windows dedicated server, you will be able to manage from small business network, small
offices, to a robust and stable Web or Data Base Server. You should also use Windows dedicated
Server 2008 Server, if you want to take the full benefits of :

* Microsoft Small Business Server
* PHP and MySQL
* SharePoint Server
* FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions

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* Streaming Media Server
* MS SQL Sever
* IIS 7
* SQL Server 2008 Web

Thus, the Windows dedicated server will make your web pages work on a Windows platform.
Dedicated Windows Servers are a trifle more expensive, but possess great features that can let you
create a dynamic but easy to manage website. Moreover, it will support various Microsoft applications
to further enhance the ability of your website.

Greath Owen writes about Windows dedicated servers, server colocation. To know more about
Windows dedicated servers and server colocation, please visit

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