What Exactly is ERP SAP? - An In-Depth Definition and Overview of SAP ERP System by toriola1


									                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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         What Exactly is ERP SAP? - An In-Depth Definition and Overview of SAP ERP System
                                                                 By Eli Griffin

   Finished are the days when a average office surroundings comprised of separated computer
systems in all division. When the efficiency and convenience of associating these systems together
was discovered, the construct of interfacing was born. It is rather difficult to imagine how jobs now can
lead without an interconnected computer system.

 Nowadays, 1 of the most operating paths of producing the connection between the hardware and
software systems inside a business corporation is through SAP ERP systems. Did you recognize that
in one hundred twenty countries, there are already more than ten million users of SAP ERP systems?

 Before digging lower into the causes why businesses are opting SAP ERP over other types or brands
of system, here is a prompt meaning of the term.

ERP SAP implies Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, Applications and Products in Data
Processing. Back in 1970, five IBM engineers set the SAP AG Organisation which stands for Systeme,
Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitu.

The SAP AG of today serves the United States, Australia, Asia Pacific Japan, and also European,
Middle Eastern and African countries.

The Intention of SAP ERP Systems

 The intention of SAP ERP systems is to mix and organize all information and procedures within a
business company. This can be done by routing all the data and processes to perform in 1 organised
function, by seeking to inject integration into the system. A average denominator of most ERP systems
is the use of a unified database for info storage and another system modules.

 One good example of the application of the SAP ERP system is the integration of the accounting and
payroll support functions within an organization. If these two departments are performing separately,
there may be complications to the business procedures and conflicts when it gets to the rules that they

With the help of SAP ERP systems, these problems can easy be determined. What it does is to

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

provide a smooth flow 'tween the financial functionalities implemented inside the accounting
department, onto the payroll department.

In some other words, the elementary aim of SAP ERP systems is to unify the business processes
within 1 enterprise, leaving for a elementary transition from 1 phase to the next.

A Tremendous Array of Gains from SAP ERP Systems

 To have a deeper interpreting of how fundamental SAP ERP systems are to a business organization,
here are its gains :

- It provides real-time information about the business operations inside a enterprise.

 - Administrators and staffs can easily keep track of the latest business operations updates, as well as
any changes accomplished.

 - SAP ERP systems cater a progress monitoring system where the performance on each operational
field can be seen. This way, the progress or decline thereof in a particular project can be supervised.

- It provides efficiency and unification within a business enterprise.

- It paves the way for long-term planning for the incoming development of the business.

Examples of SAP ERP Systems Applications

Here is a quick run through of the multitude of applications of SAP ERP systems:

1. Financials
- General Ledger
- Cash Management
- Account Payable
- Accounts Receivable
- Fixed Assets

2. Projects
- Billing
- Costing
- Time and Expense
- Activity Management

3. Customer Relationship Management
- Sales & Marketing
- Commissions & Service
- Call Center Support
- Client Contact

4. Human Resources
- Payroll
- Training

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- Gains

On The whole, SAP ERP systems are a sincerely tremendous foundation in the business universe.

 No matter which application you use SAP ERP systems for, you can remain assured that a more
unified, competent, technical and cost-effective business work will be fulfilled.

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             SAP ERP - An Overview of SAP ERP and How to Implement it in Your Business
                                                                   By Eli Griffin

SAP or Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing is a German based company which was
founded in 1972. Since the company is Germany based so its full and official name is SAP AG which
stands for Systeme, Andwendungen, Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung. The unique thing about SAP
is that the five founders of the company previously worked for IBM.

 The company is the third largest software making company in the world and has got subsidiaries in
more than 50 countries and is continuously expanding. At the moment it has got more than 17,500
customers and 27,000 people working for it with revenues of $7.34 billion. SAP has got 44,500
installations to its name in more than 120 countries used by more than 10 million users.

 The success story of the company started in 1979 when it released SAP R/2 in the German market.
This product was the first integrated package that could be used throughout the enterprise. This led to
immediate success of the software and the company. In 1992, the company further ensured its
success by releasing SAP R/3 which was based on client-server architecture.

SAP offers solutions in the following modules:

Supplier Relationship Management
Product Lifecycle Management
Human Resources
Supply Chain Management
Business Intelligence
Customer Relationship Management

What Is ERP SAP, Exactly?

 ERP stands for enterprise resource planning which involves planning of acquiring and transferring
business resources from one state to another. SAP ERP is integrated software developed by SAP for
medium and large enterprises. After the success of SAP R/3 the company launched this software for
the betterment of its customers. It includes four individual solutions including:

SAP ERP Financials
SAP ERP Corporate Services
SAP ERP Operations
SAP ERP Human Capital Management
SAP ERP Enhancement Packages

 SAP ERP Financials:
 SAP ERP Financials provides financial solutions to its customers irrespective of its customers. the
solutions provided help you in dealing various competitive situations, market conditions etc. It
combines accounting, reporting, treasury, financial supply chain and other aspects related to finance.

SAP ERP Corporate Services:

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 If your company deals in managing real estate, project portfolios, environment, corporate travels,
health, enterprise assets or any other such sectors then SAP offers you SAP ERP Corporate Services
solutions. This solution allows you to control business related costs and risks in a much better way.

 SAP ERP Operations:
 The operations department of any company is the most important department as it controls the entire
process chain. SAP ERP Operations help the companies in handling their operations with high quality
and delivering much more then is expected of them.

SAP ERP Human Capital Management:

SAP ERP Human Capital Management provides:
End-user service delivery
Workforce analytics
Talent management
Workforce process management
Workforce deployment

SAP ERP Enhancement Packages:

 SAP ERP Enhancement Packages are mainly designed for providing enhancements to various
business scenarios using the latest technologies and practices. There are various advantages for
choosing this solution offered by SAP ERP and these are given below:

User friendly interface
Improved core functionality
Better integration

I hope this brief article will give you a better insight to SAP ERP and its implementation.

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