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					                                     Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                           To Spin Or Not To Spin
                                                By Brad Farmer

    Article writing has become an important tool in the internet marketing arena and any online
business owner who desires to be successful, especially with search engine rankings, needs to have
articles as a part of their marketing focus. The path to increased web site traffic originates from several
sources such as forums, blogging, article writing, list building, directory submissions, press releases,
creating backlinks, and RSS feeds. Also, the savvy internet marketer may seek to buy targeted traffic
when appropriate. Article writing is one tool that is often neglected due to time constraints and, quite
frankly, lack of talent or difficulty in locating talent. As a result, some online business owners turn to
shortcuts that are usually ineffective and frowned upon by the search engines. One such shortcut is the
use of software packages known as article spinners. Spinners take an existing article and make subtle
changes to sentences, paragraphs, and selected words. However, is using spinner software in your
best interest?

There are a variety of software spinner packages currently available on the internet and most are very
affordable. The promise of making article writing easier is an intriguing idea and when something like
guaranteed web site traffic is at stake, the temptation to pass on one of these packages is difficult to
resist. Search engines and article directories are becoming quite adept at spotting articles that have
been subjected to the spinning process. Is it advisable to pass on the software or should spinning be a
part of the marketing plan? Most internet professionals would make the choice to write their own
articles or outsource the work. Your choice should be based on professional goals and objectives with
relevance given to financial concerns and time constraints.

Taking shortcuts when necessary is a given for any well managed company, but taking shortcuts and
sacrificing quality should not be tolerated. Article spinners are certainly available and they are
obviously used by a segment of the internet marketing population. A preferable investment would be
one that teaches the art of article writing or how to outsource this critical function. Increased web site
traffic does not grow on trees and there is no software package that does everything in one simple

Brad Farmer is a charter member of Earners Guild. For more information on increased web site traffic,
visit Earners Guild at, where you'll find step-by-step video training
for anyone interested in starting or growing an online business.

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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

 [spin]some|free|useful|helpful[/spin] [spin]info|advise|information|tips[/spin] About [spin]click
                  Per Action|cost Per Action|cost Per Acquisition|cpa[/spin].
                                             By Stephen Hall

[spin]If you've decided|If you've made a decision|In case you want[/spin] to earn some money
[spin]on-line|on the internet[/spin]. You are going in the right direction, cause the Internet is definitely
the right place to earn. Now, you have to [spin]choose the type of activity you want|select the things
you are going to do|decide what[/spin] to do on-line. I advise you to draw your attention to such a thing
as Click Per Action. Click Per Action is a new type of [spin]business|home based business[/spin] in the
Internet, [spin]it can also be called|it can as well be called|you may also find it as[/spin] CPA.

[spin]In order to make money|For you to make money|To earn money[/spin] with CPA you don't need
to sell anything, you simply put an advertisement banner or an affiliate link to your
[spin]site|blog|website[/spin]. Or, [spin]in case|if|if the situation is that[/spin] you don't have your
[spin]site|website|blog[/spin], you can [spin]sand e-mails|use email marketing[/spin] with advertisement
to the people from your mail list or base. [spin]The rest is easy|Everything else is simple|The next
procedure isn't hard[/spin], you'll get your money(from 1 to 25 dollars) for a specific action made by
your clients or people who was interested with the advertisement on your site and clicked on the links.

The way you draw the consumers' attention to the CPA product [spin]is not that important|is not vital|is
not an outstanding thing[/spin]. [spin]It really doesn't matter|It's not that important[/spin] whether they've
found the link on your site or in e-mail send by you. [spin]The thing that matters is|One important thing
is|The the thing that which is important is[/spin] that they are eager to leave some personal info and
you'll get your commissions.

[spin]Usually|As a matter of fact|In most cases[/spin], consumers just have to fill in a simple form with
their name and e-mail address or order a free trial version of some product. [spin]Sometimes|It can
also happened that|It may also occur that[/spin], consumers are required to buy some inexpensive

Such campaigns that require just filling in contact info [spin]are sometimes called|can be also
called[/spin] Cost Per Lead or CPL campaigns. Don't underestimate such campaigns because of their
low commissions. [spin]Believe me|Trust me|Just believe in what I'm saying[/spin], it's much easier to
make 30 people write their name and e-mail and get 1 dollar commission for each person than make
one person buy one product for 30 bucks. [spin]So|And|That is why[/spin], you shouldn't be afraid to
take part in such campaigns that offer you small commissions, because they usually don't require

[spin]To use this opportunity to the fullest|In order to make the most of it|To get the bast outcome[/spin]

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

you should know about such thing as CPA networks. These are the networks where you can find CPA
products and people who will pay you for the CPA.

[spin]Don't be upset in case|Don't regret if|You shouldn't be down if[/spin] you don't have your personal
site to put banners on. There is an easy way out from such a situation. You can hire some freelancer to
create the design for you, in nowadays economic situation [spin]this won't cost you much|it can be
relatively cheap|it's not that expensive[/spin]. Or you can even do it yourself, if you know something in
this sphere. The next step is SEO or Search Engine Optimization - the more people will view your site
with CPA ads on it, the more money you'll [spin]get|earn[/spin]. [spin]Don't hesitate|Be optimistic|Be
proactive[/spin], go for it and the results will pleasantly surprise you!

Some say earning money through a CPA network is all science. Some say it is an art. What do you

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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