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                                  The Range of Konica Minolta Printers
                                              By Derek Rogers

  The battle of the top printers for both personal and business use rages on, as the top competitors
continue to find economical ways to meet the growing demand of print technology. Speed, affordability
and stability are some of the most important qualities that consumers are looking for and the range of
Konica Minolta is looking strong. Konica Minolta printers aim to impress in both style and flexibility by
keeping a small profile with superior quality and good support for different media.

Home Colour Printers

 The magicolor range of colour printers are all laser printers designed for home convenience. Even the
lowest-end model, the magicolor 1600W offers exceptional features like support for stationery, CD
labels, envelopes and other presentations. It has a nice box-like compact design which is ideal for
carrying around in the home office and it is an excellent choice for low-cost printing overall.

 The higher-end models include the award winning magicolor 7450II which is excellent for printing
banners of up to 1200 mm wide or posters composed of 16 A3 sheets brought together in 4 by 4 style.
It is also one of the several models that have the Emperon technology which allows better integration
and performance with a wide range of systems. It also comes with free PageScope Web Connection
software which helps track printing costs and keeps records of print jobs across the network.

Business Colour Printers

 The business line-up of Konica Minolta printers have also been revamped to suit modern needs.
These models are identified as the bizhub models and they range from the simple C10P models that
resemble home printers to the jam packed C253 models which have copying functions along with
various finishing options like sorting, stapling, punching and other group methods for mass printing.
These workgroup models are excellent for any office that requires constant communication and
prolonged productivity amongst connected computers in the network.

 Konica Minolta also reaches out to bigger departments that demand for multifunction printers that can
do more simultaneous operations in less time with the C353 series and onward. Not only can they print
both monochrome and coloured pages 3 to 4 times faster than the lower models, the quality is

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

preserved in full professional colour while exercising high efficiency for big savings. Their innovative
design makes them very intuitive to use and their security ensures a worry free operation.

All-in-one Printers

 All-in-one printers were always visualised as big bulky machines that would stay permanently in one
location in the office. With Konica Minoltas innovative design, these all-in-one printers have been
significantly reduced to suit home owners while still managing to provide quality printing, copying,
faxing and scanning functions for the user's convenience. All of the magicolor and PagePro models in
the All-in-one category are fairly easy to use and are all pretty fast in carrying out copying and printing
operations. Their scanning features are also good and capable of scanning 1200 DPI in full colour.

 Konica Minolta printers are pretty active in the competition and hope to continue their innovative
designs to take over the printer market.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For a wide range
printers, he recommends Printware Ltd, a leading supplier of Konica Minolta Printers:

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                           Product Review on Maxxum D70 Digital Camera
                                            By Carla Ballatan

Product Review on Maxxum D70 Digital Camera by Carla Ballatan

Are you a professional photographer or digital technology enthusiasts into photography and is crazy
about the ever-increasing line of digital cameras? If you are then, here’s something new for you from
the Konica Minolta. The Maxxum 7D’s (Dynax 7D in Europe) detailed specification came out on
September 15, 2004 in a press release, just before the Photokina tradeshow. Maxxum 7D is Konica
Minoltas first digital SLR for five years since RD-3000.

Maxxum 7D digital camera is based on the Maxxum 7 (Dynax 7) film SLR with similar body design and
control layout. However, the 7D’s main difference is that it has a digital ‘heart’ – a large LCD monitor
and control system. It doesn’t have the 7’s grip sensor, though.

This new product by Konica Minolta has an Anti-Shake stabilization system which is unique among
digital SLR’s… Not yet awed or want to know how the Anti-Shake Stabilization System work? Minolta
first introduced this feature with the DiMAGE A1. With an Anti-Shake Stabilization System in your
digital cam, instead of stabilizing a lens element (as in a traditional image stabilization system) the
sensor is stabilized. Inside the 7D its six megapixel CCD is mounted on a movable platform controlled
by two actuators (x and y axis). This platform moves in the opposite way as the movement of the
camera and determined by motion detectors, giving you an additional 3 stops. For example, with
anti-shake enabled, instead of requiring a shutter speed of 1/1000s to shoot a particular scene, you will
be able to shoot at only 1/125s (8 times slower).

This system can be very useful in shooting moving subjects at low light conditions by panning and/or
when using long focal lengths. It can detect a panning movement and only compensate for movement
on the opposite axis. It can be disabled by switching on the rear of the camera.

What’s exciting and new about this anti-shake system is that it instantly adds stabilization to the entire
range of Minolta lenses. There is an ‘Anti-Shake’ indicator visible through the viewfinder and provides
the photographer with feedbacks as to how much the system will have to compensate for shake.
Though, if you’re used to seeing the effect of optical image stabilization through the viewfinder of your
SLR you have to get used to the fact that you don’t get that on the 7D.

Two new lenses were also launched, designed for use with the 7D. The Konica Minolta claims that
these lenses produce high quality digital images especially when used in combination with Maxxum
7D’s Anti-Shake Technology.

Another thing to be excited about -- Maxxum 7D is cheaper than it’s counterparts such as Canon EOS
20D, Fujifilm S3 Pro, Olympus E-1 and Nikon D70, but hopefully, equally as capable. Its main body’s
price range is at $1379 – 1599. With all these impressive details, it won’t be surprising if you feel the
urge to start hitting the stores now and start snapping away. It is after all an extraordinary piece of
digital technology.

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                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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