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                                                       The History of Text Messaging
                                                               By David H. Urmann

  Text messaging is considered as the fastest and most reliable means of communication. It has
gained worldwide popularity and has attracted billions of subscribers. Let us learn how text messaging
was developed.

 Text messaging or commonly called texting is the process of sending short messages usually 160
characters from a mobile phone. The latest mobile phones are capable of sending as much as 20
pages containing 160 characters of text messages. These messages are commonly called SMS, texts
or text messages.

 Text messaging technology uses an SMS gateway in order to hook up any mobile SMS service to an
existing instant message service, Word Wide Web, PDA devices, personal computers as well as to any
landline phone.

 Some of the devices which have Bluetooth devices can connect to a mobile phone as a modem can
also send SMS through wireless networks. SMS have been widely used with either GSM or non GSM

 Basically, text messaging intends to provide a means of sending message to one person to another no
matter where they are as long as there is signal coverage from the mobile providers. This service is
also used for automated systems primarily for the purpose of purchasing produces as well as services
for mobile phone. Text messaging is also widely used in many contests.

 According to some companies, the first ever text message was sent during 1989 by Edward Lantz, a
former NASA employee. The text message was sent through a Motorola beeper. The message
consists of numbers read upside down to read the message.

 On December 3, 1992 in the United Kingdom, the first SMS messaging was used in a commercial sent
through a Vodafone GSM network. The SMS message was sent by Neil Papworth with the use of a
desktop computer. The SMS contains the word Merry Christmas which was sent to Richard Jarvis from
Vodafone through a handset device model Orbitel 901. For the GSM systems, the first SMS using a
Nokia phone was sent by an engineering student, Riku Pihkonen.

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 At first, text messaging has not been very popular since it was designed primarily to be used by the
hearing impaired. During the 1990s only few messages were being sent through SMS. But during the
year 2000, there have been a gradual increase in the use of text messaging.

 As the text messaging system has been developed, it had gained popularity which has increased the
number of SMS messages as well as a sudden increase of the numbers of subscribers.

 Based on statistics, Finland, Norway and Sweden there are around 72% of the total population are
using text messaging. In Europe and North America, there are over 85% users of SMS.

 Among the Asian countries, the Philippines have the largest population of mobile subscribers who
uses text messaging as a means of communication. An average of 20 text messages is being sent
daily by a subscriber.

 Because of this, the Philippines have been considered as the text capital of the world. On 2007 alone,
there are 42.70 million people who are subscribers of mobile phones.Text messaging has been very
popular in the Philippines because it has been a cheap and reliable alternative means of

 According to the Global Messaging Survey conducted by Nokia, text messaging has been proven to
be an addictive activity. This has been confirmed by a study by the University of Queensland which is
based in Australia. It has been compared to be as addictive as cigarette smoking.

 Since text messaging has become very popular around the world, the text speaks or text lingo has
been adapted as a way to type messages quickly. Text speak are abbreviations of words which tends
to avoid typing the whole word which is time consuming. Another reason is that most mobile phones do
not have QUERTY keyboards just like personal computers.

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                                                      Driving While Texting
                                                        By Brenda Williams

Recently, the state of North Carolina just passed a law that bans all drivers and motorists from sending
text messages on their cell phones while driving. Ironically, I just received a Blackberry phone from my
mother as a gift and had been spending some time trying to figure out all of the features as well as how
it works. Admittedly, I will be the first one to admit that I am guilty of sending a few text messages on it
in the short time that I've had it (only a few weeks). A few times when I was sending text messages, I
noticed almost immediately how dangerous this could be. There I am, trying to find the letter “R” so I
can complete my first sentence to someone, and in the meantime, My car is veering off to the side of
the road. I quickly regained control and put the cell phone down. Luckily for me, this was at a time of
day when there were very few cars out on the road.

 Text messaging is a really neat idea. At first I thought text messaging or “texting” as it is sometimes
referred to, was annoying. I couldn't grasp the idea of how it was better to send someone a text
message versus simply emailing them or speaking to them on the phone. However, I have come to
appreciate text messaging for what it is: an informal, non-commital way of communicating with other
people. When you are sending someone a text message, you don't have to worry about the emotional
factor as much. You can start and stop the conversation whenever you feel like it. You don't have to
deal with awkward 'goodbyes' or think about what the other person's facial expressions look like. It is
very cut and dry.

 Text messaging is one of those things that people either love or hate. For example, most college
professors hate text messaging where their students are involved. I'll never forget the time I was in
college as an undergraduate and I watched as a girl from the women's basketball team sat in class and
received text messages from someone else in the class so that she could get the answers to a
make-up quiz that she was taking! Driving is distracting enough without throwing text messaging into
the mix. Now, don't get me wrong- I have seen some people who are text messaging
professionals...Their fingers move as if they are dancing on the cell phone buttons. It's quite
breathtaking to watch. But the majority of people who text message aren't this skilled. For most of us,
text messaging is laborious. Between the time spent trying to find the right letter or symbol, I could
have made five phone calls to friends or sent out a dozen emails! Still, the text messaging phenomena
continues to spread.

 What I find baffling about the text messaging ban in North Carolina is that they would ban texting while
driving, but they won't ban talking on your cell phone, which I find bizarre. After all, you would think that
one would come before the other, right? Connecticut Car Shipping Auto Transport Connecticut

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