; The Evolution Of Brass
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The Evolution Of Brass


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									                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Musical instruments are divided in the categories of string instruments (e.g. Psaltery, harp, Viola, violin, guitar,
     oud, mandolin, Banjo, fiddle, etc). Some are suitable for all types of players, while some are for beginners.
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                                                            The Evolution Of Brass
                                                                  By Taisha Grant

    Brass instruments are popular specifically in jazz and marching bands work because of the
vibration of air against the inside of a brass tube. Another term for brass instruments is labrosones
which means “lip vibrating instruments. One of the most popular of the brass instruments is the
trumpet. Trumpets, though now crafted out of metal, were originally made out of shell. They were not
constructed in that medium, but rather whole shells were utilized (conch shells in particular) to create a
horn sound. These original trumpets were used as ancient ritual musical in many ancient cultures. Like
the modern trumpet, the sound was coaxed from the shell with the vibration of the player’s lips against
the conical side of the shell or “mouthpiece.” Trumpets created out of can date back to as early as
ancient Egypt and some specimens from this time still exist. It wasn’t until the 1800’s that the trumpet
began to take on the look and sound that his has today. During that time, they began to add valves to
the trumpet to give it the musical range we are familiar with. Earlier horns had no such range and could
only play different pitches through the manipulation of the player’s lips.

The cornet and the trumpet are similar in history and design. In fact, it is impossible to talk about the
history of one without mentioning the other. Both acquired keys during a similar period which allowed
them both to increase their range. Keys and valves allow brass players to change pitch as they are
playing a note. The valve can be opened and closed. When the valves are opened and closed to
different degrees, different amounts of air flow through the instrument creating specific tones and
pitches. Valves can be used alone or in coordination to emit different notes. Thought the trumpet is just
one of many brass instruments, the community of jazz artists is tight knit and embraces all players of
all instruments. For example, this community is universally disappointed in the disappearance of one
manufacturer, as explained below.

Couesnon, once a famous and well admired producer of brass instruments, was in business for over
170 years. They had one particular horn, the flugelhorn that in the 1950’s because popular with
American jazz trumpet artists. To the shock and dismay of brass and jazz enthusiasts, this cornerstone
of brass horn culture stopped importing to the US in the late 1970’s and can now only be purchased
through vintage instrument brokers.

Taisha Grant writes about
and http://www.musicalinstrumentsetc.com/Coupons/Guitar%20Trader.html

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                        Stainless Brass Door and Window Hardware.
                                                                 By Ali Arnold

Stainless Brass Door and Window Hardware. by Ali Arnold

 On a recent visit to Sidmouth in South Devon, an English seaside town with many lovely period
buildings, it was noticeable that despite the houses and hotels being beautifully presented, very few
had appropriate door fittings, which would have given the finishing touch. In some places small rusting
cheap door knockers were used, with door handles that didn't even match.

It is understandably that the sea air effects cheaper brass imports, but it is possible now to get superb
designs and quality stainless brass which stands up well to the salty air.

Stainless Brass (PVD) has 25 year guarantee against tarnishing, corrosion and abrasion. This
specialist process is time-consuming and more expensive than standard brassware, but the long term
advantages well outweigh extra costs and are already appreciated by many private and commercial
users.Stainless Brass (P.V.D.)is a process of the 1990's.

This brass has no laquer covering which may break down due to modern day factors such as acid rain,
carbon monoxide emissions and airborne chemical particles.

An extra bonus is the fact that it doesn't need daily polishing to maintain an attractive finish and lustre.

 Ali Arnold is a tutor and company secretary for Architectural Ironmongery Ltd, who are specialists in
door and window hardware for period properties, this very knowledgable company is always happy to
give advise when required.Their site can be visited at http://www.arciron.com

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                                     Presented by Daniel Toriola

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