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        The Best 3D Animation Software - Review of Popular 3D Computer Animation Programs
                                                                By Cody Landon

   You may be one of those animators that are determined that everything is going to be done by hand
when it comes to your animation career. You may be shocked to learn that many of the big animation
studios rely so much on software nowadays that they have their own specifically designed packages.
This does not mean that you should shelve the basics of fundamentals or your drawing skills. What it
means is you should enhance your career opportunities with every avenue that is open to you.

 Now being convinced that you have to delve into the animation software world where do you begin?
You need to do some research and determine the major animation software that is current yet well
established. This is what makes them reputable.

 To start with, you are going to learn the name of Adobe Flash. They fast became the leaders for
setting the standards for web animation. It has got to the point where entire applications such as
e-commerce are being able to function with extensive applications which incidentally are interactive as
well. Every computer just has to be able to accept applications for flash movies. It is the trend, and with
their quick down load feature, it just makes them all the more desirable. It has now gotten to the point
where downloads are not longer required by way of a plug in. This is thanks to the most up to date
browsers integrating flash players.

 If you feel that, your skills go beyond Adobe flash then take a close look at Maya or Autodesk is its
common name. This is software is so powerful that even seasoned animators are still learning about it.
A full 3D graphics program will take you into the world of paint affects, rendering and various
animations. Although this is a very enticing software package, it is so complex it is more applicable for
use in the production houses. It has been used in the inception of Spider-Man, Lord of the Rings and a
whole host of other top name animations.

 3D Studio Max is software that you are most likely going to come across on your research for
animation software. This software has made its claim to fame by being used extensively in the video
game development and was used in the production of games such as Grand Theft Auto and
GameCube just to name a few. This software is however beginning to make its mark it film production.
It has powerful controls over dynamics and shading as well as realistic lighting.

To introduce yourself to animation software you may want to start with simple but reputable programs,
move up slowly to more advanced programs as your perfect your skills, and gain your confidence. You

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most likely will end up enjoying working with this type of software and in the end be glad that you
pushed yourself into new technology. Remember those these are an enhancement to your basic and
fundamental skills. It is important that you do not neglect these aspects of your capabilities.

Now you can create 3D animations and graphics easily with 3DMagix: -
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               3D Computer Animation - The Ultimate Guide to 3D Animation and Graphics
                                                              By Cody Landon

Anyone that enjoys art and loves cartoons will most likely be intrigued with animation and find
computer animation fascinating. Animation came alive with 2D animation then moved on into 3D, which
has now become the way of the animation world. It would never have evolved to this point without the
success of the 2D. In fact, it is still dependant on the skills required for 2D to be applied to 3D
animation. Therefore, where you hear someone say the 2D animation is mundane then do not give it a
second thought.

 In modern technology where almost everyone is on computers at some point of time it is unlikely they
will not be exposed to some type of animation . It must not be forgotten that animation is not just
restricted to cartoon characters.

 To put it simply any moving image that has been made to do so by the computer is computer
animation. The technique used is a way to create the illusion of movement one image on the screen
quickly is replaced by another one that is almost identical to the first one but not exact. It happens this
same way with other media such as television and movies. Most often, this is accomplished with 3D
computer graphics and the results are directed to the computer, but it could be for movies as well. You
may hear this referred to as CGI meaning computer generated imagery.

 Computer animation is just another method of creating animation by way of automation or computer
technology. The principals are the same as when they are done by hand, it is just the computer is able
to do much of the preparation work and rendering of the finished version. It duplicates the stop motion
techniques of 3D and framing by 2D.

 Using the computer for animation is a systematic process. To begin with, the object is built on the
computer monitor. These are the models. Then the 3D figures have to have a virtual skeleton. To get
the major movements such as for the eyes, mouth or clothing for example then the computer will
create an action called tweening or morphing.

 When dealing with 3D animations it is important to remember that all of the same fundamentals and
basics of animation are utilized. In this case, though modeling must be complete prior to rendering. The
rendering in tweened frame is done as needed.

 As you can see with 3D animation, the majority of the work is done through the computer. Although
the computer does the work it has to receive the instructions to do so, and that is where the 3D
animator’s job comes in. This means besides the fundamentals keen computer skills and a thorough
knowledge of the capabilities of the software are a necessity.

 It is important for anyone interested in a career in 3D animation to research all of the different areas of
expertise that are required. Without doing so it is most difficult to make an informed decision as to
whether this would be an appropriate career for you.

Now you can create 3D animations and graphics easily with 3DMagix: -
3DMagix is an all-in-one powerful 3D animation software and video training package Visit the official
site now and start producing animations like Pixar...easily and quickly.

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