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The Benefits Of Windows Mobile Freeware For Your Pocket PC by toriola1


									                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                          The Benefits Of Windows Mobile Freeware For Your Pocket PC
                                                           By Jason Creation

   If you have a Windows mobile pocket PC then you can download all sorts of freeware. You can get
new wallpaper or download free games onto your pocket PC and it's not often that you get freebies like
this. Just a quick search on Google or Yahoo will net you all kinds of goodies for your PDA. Free
upgrades means that you can have almost unlimited storage on just a pocket PC.

 There are so many free applications for a Windows mobile device, including mobile TV channels, you
can take off for the day and never miss your favorite program ever again once you have downloaded
the free mobile IPTV viewer.

You will need high speed data connection to get these downloads, which is available via 3G, WiFi or
WiMax networks. Windows mobile freeware is also offering a downloadable English Dictionary so you
will never be stuck for a word again. You will need 22 megabytes of space to download the free
English Dictionary, but that is easily achievable with an extra card.

 Pocket PCs' and PDAs' are just as susceptible to attacks as laptops and desktop computers, so once
you have your PC, make sure that you download the free spyware detector. You should make sure that
anything you download is from a trusted source as some freeware has spyware written into its
program. With your internet access you should be able to keep up with each lot of new freeware as it is
released. Why spend a fortune on applications when Windows is giving them away for free?

 When you're surfing the internet make sure that any link you click on is safe as it's all too easy for an
artful hacker to install spyware on your computer the moment you click on a link.

 If your pocket PC starts running slowly then it maybe because you have unknowingly picked up some
spyware or malware - if this happens to you then you need to get rid of it as quickly as possible with a
spyware remover if you don't want the hacker accessing your personal data. You can also go into your
add/remove programs and delete the ones that you don't recognize.

 Sometimes you can get rid of spyware just by emptying your temporary internet folder and clearing
cookies from your browser; if you need some of the cookies to trusted sites you can always get them
reinstalled later.

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Look for the Windows mobile freeware virus detection program and download that to your pocket PC
or download the free version of AVG, which will give you warning of an unsafe site before you actually
open the link.

 If you like reading when you are on the move then you should download some of the many free
e-books that you get on the internet. You can even download books in a language other than your own
once you have downloaded Windows mobile free Google translator. If you travel around a lot then it is
worth downloading one of the free GPS navigation systems and weather applications that Windows
mobile has to offer.

 With Windows mobile freeware you can have all the applications on your pocket PC that you would
expect on your laptop or desktop computer. All the extra applications means you no longer have to
miss your favorite radio and TV programs, Windows mobile freeware has made it possible for you to
have it all while you are on the move.

Jason Creation - We have the Windows Mobile Freeware you have been looking for at Make sure you come and check us out.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

                            What is Windows Mobile Freeware and What Are It's Uses
                                                             By Daniel Millions

Windows Mobile is meant for mobile devices that are based on the Microsoft Win32 API and
feature-wise, it is designed to be somewhat similar to the desktop version of the Windows. Windows
Mobile is basically a compact operating system that is combined with a number of basic and essential
applications so as to allow an end-user to perform different functions. A number of popular devices
such as Smartphones, Pocket PCs and Portable Media Centers use Windows Mobile. A freeware is
computer software that is available to users for free as an individual doesn't need to pay anything in
order to use the software.

 A Windows Mobile Freeware is an application which is available for free and that can be installed and
run on a device running Windows Mobile. Each device running Windows Mobile comes with a set of
default applications that can only be used to do certain tasks. The freeware applications are used to
increase the functionality of the device as different freeware applications are used to carry out different

 There are a number of freeware available on Internet that can be easily used on devices running
Windows Mobile and these freeware can be categorized under games, fun, multimedia, utilities,
graphics, clock, calendar, educational, calculator and more. Finding a freeware is easy but finding the
one which you really want can take some time as there are so many applications available for one
topic and installing, testing, un-installing a freeware takes time.

Below I will cover some of the most popular Windows Mobile Freeware.

 Total Commander: Windows Mobile devices come with a file explorer and for most of the users, it's
sufficient as it lets you copy, delete, paste and locate files. However, it's not sufficient for advanced
users. Total Commander is a freeware that offers a number of features along with the features
provided by the default file explorer. Total Commander lets an individual choose between the 2-window
mode and the single window mode. It's loaded with a number of other features like registry editor, FTP
client and many more. It can also be used to view and save the .zip files.

 TenGo Free: Windows Mobile Devices have sufficient tools for entering a quick text note but if you
want to enter a large amount of text then these tools are not sufficient. For such situations, TenGo is
probably the best solution as it speeds up the process of entering text by using the predictive text
technology which is also used in cell phones. With TenGo, all you need to do is to tap on the area of
the screen where your letter lies and it'll then guess the word. This is a much simple process when
compared to the process of clicking 26 separate letter keys and the symbol keys.

 MortPlayer: The media player available in the devices running Windows Mobile has limited features
and you can't do much with it other than playing the supported files. Now-a-days, a number of formats
are available and the most of them are not supported by the default media player available in Windows
Mobile. MortPlayer is a freeware that supports a number of popular formats like MP3, OGG. It also
supports playlists and in addition to this, it lets you play media files from folders, favorites. It also has a
bookmarking function which makes it a must to have freeware.

TCMP: TCMP stands for The Core Media Player and it is an audio/video player that supports a

The RussianEditor
A Russian Windows Notepad like editor for western Windows.
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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

number of file formats and so, an end-user can use just one application for playing different files.
TCMP is a much better media player when compared to the default media player available in Windows
Mobile. Windows Mobile Freewares
Frequently Used Jargon on Windows Mobile

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

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