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									                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                           The Benefits Of Using Google Adsense
                                                           By Mark Styranka

     An advertiser pays Google Adsense to search sites for related content allowing specific site visitors
to be lead to their advertised site. Google AdSense is an advertising tool that allows you to host an
affiliate site link advertisement for money that is earned per advertisement click. The benefits of hosting
an AdSense advertisement far out weigh passing this opportunity by, as it is helpful to both the
advertiser as well as site visitors and the site host themselves. Think seriously about using this service
for your business.

Site Advertisement Host benefits

1Income is earned per advertisement click. 2Offering a helpful site link for customers/site viewers.
3Increasing personal knowledge of online advertising. 4Affiliation with a desirable advertising team.

Advertiser Benefits

1Increase in specific content traffic/customer flow to site. 2Inexpensive advertisement method.
3Increase in personal knowledge of online advertising.

Site Visitor Benefits

1Related links for further assistance in information or related products. 2Efficient searching
assistance, time not wasted.

Google AdSense Reputation

This advertising tool, Google AdSense, is proven to be beneficial to three online parties. This is proof
as to why so many online merchants and web publishers turn to AdSense for advertising assistance.
The reputation that Google AdSense carries is another benefit of this advertising choice. The strict site
content guidelines of Google remove customers' chances of running into profanity, violence, racism or
pornography. This is refreshing as well as reassuring for customers. The Google team performs
extensive editorial reviews to ensure that only appropriate advertisements appear on a site.
Competitive ad filters also remove the chances of a competitor's advertisement from appearing on your
site. This allows visitors from your site to see your products or services for what they are and not be
drawn to a site offering the same service or product.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

Beneficial Payment Method

For those who host an AdSense advertisement, receiving payments is beneficial as well. Money is
earned any time a site visitor clicks on a sponsored AdSense ad. The payments are sent directly to
your bank account through an ETF or electronic fund transfer. No checks or money orders, no hassle
period. The entire process of AdSense ads is beneficial as it is easy to set up online and easy to use
for as long as you choose on as many sites with acceptable content as you choose. You need only to
have a launched site with and acceptable content and valid URL. A valid payee name and mailing
address is also required in order to receive payments. Once you have been approved by Google
AdSense you will be off and running.

Benefits In Full Circle

The benefits are far greater than most advertising methods as there is often a catch or hidden details
within a contract or commitment. Google AdSense prides on their reputation to provide an honest
advertising method that is helpful in a full circle from the advertiser to the ad host to the site visitor and
back to Google themselves as with successful results for their clients, they themselves benefit.

Mark Styranka is the owner of Exciting and Bargain Deals He writes
on a variety of topics but primarily relating to money making secrets for the stay at home business. To
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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                          The Death Of Adsense For Web Publishers
                                                             By Brian Casey

 For three years tens of thousands of webmasters have been making incomes ranging from a few
dollars a month to five figure sums per month – with Google’s contextual advertising program

Indeed many Internet Gurus have made substantial profits by telling people how to monetise their
website traffic by putting Adsense on it.

Adsense revenues are shared between Google and the Adsense Publisher … the website owner – up
to now a nice cosy and profitable arrangement.

Google has always been cautious about revealing the ratio of payout to the publishers for Adsense
clicks compared to the amount that the advertiser pays for the Adwords … but the feeling among
Adsense Publishers is that the percentage has been dropping steadily over the past three years – if
you are a number cruncher, you may try to interpret the financial data from Google itself here:

In the past there was one price for Adword keywords, whether they appeared in Google Search results
or as Adsense Ads on individual Adsense Publishers websites – that was fine as an Adsense Publisher
might get, say $4 from a click for a $6 Adword – remember nobody knows exactly because Google will
not tell!

Individual websites that publish Adsense are known as Google’s content network.

On 22 November 2005 Google made a change to their Adwords advertising program - they allowed
advertisers to bid different amounts for the Ads that would appear in Google Search results and for the
Ads that would appear on individual Adsense Publishers websites.

So an advertiser might bid $5 for a click from Google and 5 cent for a click from an Adsense Publisher
in the content network … Ouch if you happen to be that Adsense Publisher!

Is it the end of the road for Adsense Publishers?

Is there life after Adsense?

What can Adsense Publishers do to make up for the drop in revenues?

Is it possible to make much more from your website than you were making with Adsense – maybe this
was a blessing in disguise!

Brian Casey is a freelance writer who contributes to various websites and publications.

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