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                                                             The Ball In The Hole
                                                                 By Victor Nunn

   A popular mantra to commit to memory is successful golf putting the ball into the hole in the
minimum number of strokes. Developing a beautiful golf swing, hitting a nice, long drive or even having
the latest golf equipment doesn’t mean much if high numbers appear on the scorecard next to your
very own name. It makes perfect sense to start with the very skill that is generally most responsible for
achieving the ball getting in the hole-putting.

You will never become a successful golfer if you are not a good putter. One of the most esteemed golf
teachers in history, Harvy Penick explained that if a beginner attempts to learn the game of golf at the
tee and move on towards the golf green, postponing the short game until the very last, then this
particular beginner will be lucky if he can beat anybody in a game of golf. In short, learning to putt the
ball is the first step to achieving status as a successful golfer.

Although a putt can be achieved with any golf club in your bag, the putter is especially designed for this
golf stroke. Due to the fact that putters come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, it is best to attempt
a variety of putters to determine the one putter that leads to best results. A traditional putter’s works
like a wonder for most golfers and it’s a smart place for novices to begin.

Compared to the other shots in golf, the intention of the putt is for the ball to roll along the green and
avoid becoming airborne. To accommodate the effective putt, the putter has a near-vertical face with
little to no angle. Of all the golf shots known to man, the putt is struck with the most minimal amount of
force. Traditional putters have very short shafts to generate more controllable, slower clubhead speed.

There are several points of golf etiquette for the putting green, but there are two major putting rules.
The fist rule affords you to lift the golf ball once it has come to rest on the green. However, the ball
must be returned to the spot from which the golf ball was lifted. The failure to return the golf ball to its
initial location can result in a two-stroke penalty. To mark the location of this spot, you can place a
small coin behind the golf ball before lifting the ball. It’s advisable to also mark your golf ball if it
intercedes with the putting line of another golf player. Once the golf ball is clean, you may return the
ball to its initial spot on the green and remover this marker before stroking our golf putt.

The second rule of putting declares that when you are playing a golf ball from the putting green, your

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ball must not hit the flag or flagstick, or even another golfer’s ball lying on the putting green. You can
incur a penalty of two strokes if you strike the flagstick, flag or a ball resting on the putting green. It is
the golfer’s responsibility for the opponent’s golf ball or flag to be removed if there’s any chance your
putt may strike the object. Only if your ball has come to rest on the putting green does this particular
rule apply.

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                         How To Putt A Golf Ball – Surely It Not This Easy For Beginners
                                                By Kenh Jones

Picture the scene – You have managed to get onto the par 4 green in 2 and now have a chance for a
Birdie. You coolly walk onto the green and mark your ball and repair that pitch mark with pride. Then
you consider your next shot and you realise you have no idea how to get that ball into the hole in one
shot. You do not know how to putt a golf ball.

 They don’t teach you putting in a driving range. The putting practice areas are never the same surface
as the greens on the course. So you are faced with this great opportunity to win a hole in your golf
match and yet you do not have a strategy for giving it your best shot. Now I am not guaranteeing that
these tips will make you the next Padraig Harrington but for beginners they will help you learn how to
putt a golf ball.

Putting Tip 1. Aim straight at the hole

 For 95% of your shots you should be aiming straight at the hole. As a beginner you will not have all
the skills and experience to read the greens so why all the pretence. I outrage my playing partners on
the golf course by simply looking at my putting shot from a standing position and getting a general view
of it. I am more likely to be thinking about the pace of the ball and whether it is downhill or uphill rather
than any sideways slopes. If it is blindingly obvious that you are putting across a sideways slope then
make an adjustment – this is for the 5% of shots. But for most of them go straight for the hole.

Putting Tip 2. – Imagine the hole is a metre wide.

 To get the pace right you should be trying to get your first putt to within a metre of the hole. By
imagining such a large area as your target you will reduce your 3 putts and make a lot of them 2 putts.
Most golfers would reckon they could get the ball into a 2 metre wide hole. So do that.

Putting Tip 3. – See the ball into the hole

 Before I strike the ball I imagine its route of travel across the putting surface into the hole. I consider
the pace that I will need to strike the golf ball in particular.

Putting Tip 4. – Hold your breath

 So you know where you are aiming and you know how hard you are going to hit the golf ball. When
you are about to hit the golf ball, hold your breath – or at least do not breathe deeply. I address the ball
and do 2 practice shots. Then I line up my real shot aiming for the hole and assess how I can get it into
a 2 metres wide hole. Then I take a conscious breath in and out, wait 2 or 3 seconds and strike the
ball. My focus is completely on striking the ball cleanly and at the correct pace. Because I am not
breathing (so to speak) or moving in any other way my bodies focus is on the putt completely.

 Count up your putting strikes next round and then practice these tips. See if you can reduce your putts
by 9 in the next 3 months

Remember you are only as good as your personal golf swing. Use these golf tips to make your game

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