Swarovski Binoculars EL 85x42 Versus Nikon Binoculars 8x42 HG DCF by toriola1


									                                      Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Binoculars are an excellent tool to help bring the action up close and personal, whether observing birds in a
     nature preserve, football players in a stadium or your favorite rock star at a concert. Different uses require
                                              different types of binoculars
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               Swarovski Binoculars EL 8.5x42 Versus Nikon Binoculars 8x42 HG DCF
                                                  By Terry Ross

   When you get to high end binoculars they are all pretty good, they have to be to command the
prices but there is always going to one pair of binoculars that stands out from the crowd and for me
that is most definitely the Swarovski Binoculars. The EL 8.5x42’s are absolutely amazing, you pick
them up and you hardly know that you have them in your hand, the weight and balance is superb. The
8x42 HG DCF Nikon Binoculars definitely feel heavier and yet they are the lighter of the two (795g vs

 When you pick up a pair of Swarovski binoculars they just feel special even when they are among the
elite of the elite. The Nikon High Grade feel good but there is a definite difference which makes
Swarovski, for me, win hands down.

 As you expect the optical quality of both the Nikon and the Swarovski binoculars is outstanding. The
Swarovski EL’s have a slight advantage of an extra 0.5x magnification which gives them an additional
edge. Both deliver a sharp image, the contrast of the Nikon’s is perhaps slightly better but the
Swarovski binoculars, in my opinion, are the brightest and have the best resolution, although the
resolution of the 8x42 HG DCF Nikon binoculars is close.

 Some people prefer the colour retention of the Nikon HG 8x42 Binoculars but I found the Swarovski
binoculars to be exceptionally good. The EL 8.5x42’s boast the latest technology with Swarobright
prism coating which dramatically increases light transmission and ensures natural colour.

 For depth of field the Swarovski EL 8.5x42’s come in top and again with field of view which is 62.0o
compared to 52.1o with the 8x42 HG DCF Nikon binoculars.

 Both the EL 8.5x42 Swarovski binoculars and the 8x42 HG DCF Nikon binoculars enable close
focusing, 2.5 mtrs and 3.0 mtrs respectively, not much to choose between them, both with excellent
image quality.

 Spectacle wearers can use either, the Swarovski binoculars come with twist-in eyecups (eye relief
18mm) and the Nikon have turn and slide rubber cups (eye relief 20mm), both are comfortable to use
but I definitely preferred the Swarovski which just has the edge despite a slightly smaller exit pupil of
4.9mm (compared to 5.3mm with the Nikon).

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

 The 8x42 HG DCF Nikon binoculars are waterproof to 2mtrs, nitrogen filled and sealed and perform
well in extreme conditions. The Swarovski binoculars are waterproof to 4mtrs, also nitrogen filled and
sealed. Both are rubber armoured and highly durable, little to choose between them.

 I think you can take it as read that my preferred binoculars are the Swarovski EL 8.5 x42’s,
exceptional all round wildlife / bird watching binoculars, beautiful to hold, excellent image quality and
perform well in low light conditions. For anyone who is in the market for a high end binocular then the
EL Swarovski binoculars have most definitely got to be strong contender. Use them once and you’ll
never want to be without them so if you don’t have £1,000+ to spend on a pair of binoculars I highly
recommend that you don’t try them!

Terry Ross is the creator of http://pro-binoculars.com. For a massive selection and detailed product
information on all top branded binoculars visit http://www.pro-binoculars.com.

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                         Fall in Love With Pentax Binoculars 8x43 DCF SP
                                             By Terry Ross

The DCF SP 8x43 Pentax binoculars are smooth, well balanced, ergonomically designed and beautiful
to handle, an excellent match for far more expensive top quality binoculars. If you don’t have £1,000+
to spend and you want high performance superior optics encased in a beautiful lightweight but rugged
body then take a serious look at the Pentax DCF SP 8x43’s.

 The image quality is amazing, I picked up the DCF SP 8x43 Pentax binoculars expecting a good
quality viewing but was pleasantly surprised with the brightness and clarity of the image. The roof
prisms are top quality high-refraction Bak-4 and phase coated and like all top quality binoculars the
Pentax DCF SP’s come with fully multi coated lenses. Pentax use their own specially formulated lens
coating which has been proven to deliver exceptionally bright, high contrast images (according to the
brochure) and, in my opinion these binoculars stood up to the hype. I was particularly impressed at
how well they performed against my all time favourites, the Swarovski 8.5x42 EL’s which are
considerably more expensive.

 I was impressed with the speed of focus which for me is an important feature that always influences
my buying decision and being able to focus as close as 2mtrs was an added bonus. The eye relief is
exceptionally good at 22mm (for the DCF SP 8x43 Pentax binoculars), the ‘twist up’ eye cups are
comfortable and easy to use and the exit pupil is 5.4mm, all features that make these Pentax
binoculars ideal for spectacle wearers. I did think the attached objective lens covers would prove to be
irritating but I was wrong, they hang discretely below the binoculars and don’t get in the way.

 The body of the DCF SP Pentax binoculars is fairly compact and exceptionally lightweight (695g) for
full size binoculars due to its magnesium-alloy body. They are covered in dark green rubber armouring,
which not only makes them exceptionally robust but also comfortable to hold.

 As you would expect of a top quality binocular the Pentax DCF SP’s are waterproof (JIS class 6),
nitrogen filled and sealed ensuring that they can be used in all weather conditions, and are fully
protected against fogging and potentially damaging dust particles.

 All in all the 8x43 DCF SP Pentax binoculars get my seal of approval, they are exceptional value for
money with many features that make their performance comparable to that of far more expensive
binoculars. The high performance optics, lens coatings and prisms are of exceptional quality and the
sophisticated inner-focus optical design has helped ensure that the Pentax DCF SP’s are lightweight
and compact for 8x43 binoculars. I haven’t tried them for astronomy but they stand up well in a marine
environment and they are quite impressive when used for bird watching.

As birding binoculars I still prefer the Swarovski 8.5x43 EL’s but I would still be happy with the Pentax
DCF SP’s and given the cost differential I couldn’t say the differences between the two warrant the
much higher price tag.

For more binocular reviews and a wide selection of top quality binoculars visit

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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