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                                                        Super Bright LED Flashlight
                                                                   By Paul Picher

    Super bright LED flashlights, more commonly known as torches are by far brighter than the regular
incandescent flashlight bulb. Super bright LED flashlights may come in many variations with different
numbers of LED bulbs installed. But LED flashlights also vary in brightness depending on a user’s
need for the flashlight. The brightness of an LED flashlight is measured by Lumens. The LED
flashlights commercially available in the marketplace today give out between ten to a hundred lumens
of brightness. So that one has a clear picture of lumens, imagine your whole kitchen with all its’ lighting
fixtures, that is equivalent to 12,000 lumens. Also with LED bulbs, you can use it for many years
without having to replace the LED bulb in the flashlight.

 There are super bright LED flashlights commercially available today. The most recent super bright
LED flashlight available in the market today is the one that gives out 742 lumens, the kind of light that
LCD overhead projectors use. Other super bright flashlights may have more LED bulbs installed and
one can adjust the brightness or dimness of the flashlight when they opt how many bulbs will be turned
on. But in choosing super bright LED flashlights, one has to consider the lumens output, rather than the
number of LED bulbs installed. One LED bulb can be as bright as ten LED bulbs.

 One great feature of having a super bright LED flashlight or torch is that it will give bright light using
simple AA or AAA batteries. The LED flashlight will also run longer on these batteries than the regular
incandescent bulb flashlight. The brightness of an LED flashlight depends on the power output from its
energy source. Super bright flashlights used by policemen use about three watts. The lumens or bright
light of these police flashlights are at ninety lumens. The power input and output also determines the
hours that you can use your batteries with the LED flashlights.

 It is advisable to have two flashlights when camping outdoors. The smaller flashlight can be used so
that when you are looking for something, you don’t have to wake up everybody in the tent. Another
function with LED torches in case you don’t want to bring an extra flashlight is to set it to “dim”. Most
LED flashlights have a switch to either set to dim or bright light. The dim light can be used in order to
conserve the batteries. But even dim lights in LED flashlights can be brighter than the regular
incandescent bulb flashlight. Having a super bright LED flashlight doesn’t mean that you have to carry
extra batteries. The LED flashlight can run as much as ten times longer on batteries than the regular
incandescent bulb flashlight.

The super bright LED flashlight may be a bit more expensive than the regular incandescent flashlight

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

but it can be worth it when it comes to its use. Getting a LED flashlight can save you money in the long
run because you don’t have to replace the batteries as often as you would with regular incandescent
bulb batteries and the LED bulb can last as long as ten years so you don’t have to worry about its’ bulb
burning out.

Paul Picher writes articles about best LED flashlights and Super Bright LED Flashlight. We invite you to
read our LED flashlights reviews from our website at

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                                              What Your LED Flashlight Can Do
                                                            By Ben Anton

The bright light of an LED flashlight can be an invaluable tool when on a camping or hunting trip, and a
potential life saver in a home or car emergency. The power and efficiency of these light sources has
made them incredibly popular throughout the world. How did these bright lights become so popular?
How does the LED bulb in the flashlight actually work? Science and practicality have come together to
create these innovative light sources – it may just be a good idea to know why.

What is an LED?

 To understand how an LED flashlight works it is important to understand what an LED light is. LED
stands for light-emitting diode. It is a semiconductor diode that emits light when an electric current
passes through it, like a simple circuit. This circuit produces electroluminescence, which can be
infrared, visible, or ultraviolet, and a number of different colors depending on the make up and
condition of the semiconducting material used. These lights are often very small, typically less than 1
mm. Manufacturers usually add special optics or lenses to the chip to help with reflection, creating an
incredibly powerful beam for the size of the bulb.

 LED lights are embedded in a high-impact epoxy, which makes them virtually indestructible and
therefore perfect for handheld lights. There are no loose or moving parts either. LED lights also
produce no heat, allowing them to be used for long periods of time without concern of burning out.

LED Light Advantages

 LED light technology has certain advantages that help it stand out for flashlight and lamp use –
visibility, intensity, color and efficiency.


 LED lights naturally emit a high level of light, called luminous intensity. This visibility is increased by
adding chips to the encapsulation or using secondary optics to distribute light. For most LED flashlights
or lanterns, there are a number of individual light sources in a single lens.


 The intensity of the light is another characteristic of LED lights. The light output varies depending on
the type of chip and encapsulation that is used. Although there is no industry standard for LED
brightness or intensity, many manufacturers use terminology such as "ultra-bright" or "super-bright" to
describe their lights. These lights have such a powerful beam that they can actually do damage to the
human eye.

Color and Wavelength

 Wavelength and color are other characteristics of LED lights. These lights have a pretty broad
wavelength spectrum and thus can produce a number of different colors depending on the
phosphorous or other compounds added to the encapsulation. The human eye is most responsive,

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however, to yellow, orange and red LED lights, probably why many come in those colors.


 LEDs are solid-state devices with no moving parts. This allows the average LED light to operate for
approximately 100,000 hours at relatively normal ambient temperature (25 degrees C). And unlike
other incandescent bulbs, they can be turned on and off without undergoing too much wear and tear.

Putting It All Together

 The basic construction of an LED flashlight is pretty straightforward. A simple closed circuit is used to
charge the semiconductor diode, producing a brilliant, cool light. These lights illuminate our pathway in
the dark, help us during power outages and signal for help. They are tremendous assets to a home,
car or supply boxes.

Ben Anton lives in Portland, OR and writes for Discount Lights and Knives. You are invited to visit the
DLK site and read more about the benefits of LED lights at

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