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									                                          Presented by Daniel Toriola

   Spyware programs usually entwined with downloading and installing itself to the computer to monitor and relay
     back user information. The threats are real. For every new spyware discovered, an anti-spyware program or
                                                   update is created.
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                                           Spyware Removal and Protection
                                                        By John Dow

  I own a computer repair company in Houston, Texas. My most common service call for 2008 was for
spyware removal. There are several new breeds of a malicious software that can not only infect your
computer, but also make it impossible to access the Internet or do any daily computer tasks.

 This new threat is the worst I’ve seen in years. It operates under several different names, and requires
a click from the user to completely install. But once it has installed, it spreads throughout the system
and causes havoc with every thing you do with that computer.

 And it is constantly morphing into different variations, so although the tactic will be the same, the
programming can be different to defeat software designed to protect you. I know that it has bypassed
all of the popular brands by constantly changing it’s methods.

 The basic tactic is a popup when you go to certain websites that tells you that your computer is
infected with spyware. It quickly starts to scan your computer and find threats. In reality, there is no
scanning going on, this is just a show to make you click on the popup.

 Once you click, you just triggered an install of up to three different components. One will change your
background and add a popup to your startup programs. Another will hijact your browser home location
and not let you navigate to any other website. And the third program will go into your policy settings
and not let you install or update any software intended to remove spyware or malware and disable
System Restore.

 There are variations but the end result is the same. It has names like WindowsXP Anti-Virus 2008 or
similar. It looks official and has fooled thousands, if not millions, of people. It’s been around in one
shape or form for quite sometime but now has some very clever programming that makes it very
difficult to remove.

 And to add insult to injury, even if you click on it again and go to the website to purchase, it still doesn’t
work and continues to harass you. The more you click, the more it installs software to harass you. I’ve
seen computers with over 20 different variations on the same unit.

So how do you protect yourself, or remove this threat once it install? The best way to protect yourself

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

is to never click on any popup that starts to scan your computer or looks suspicious. If you do see a
popup like this, stop right there. There is a utility called that you can call up by hitting the three key
combination of the CTR, ALT, and Delete keys called Windows Taks Manager. When you pull up the
utility there will be a tab open called Applications.

 You will see a list of applications running. One or more will have the Icon for Internet Explorer (or
whatever browser you may be using). Click on that line and go to the bottom right of the panel and then
click on end process. You may have multiple Internet Explorer lines that show open windows. Click on
each one and then click on end the process for each one.

 That will get rid of the popup without actually clicking the close button or anywhere on the popup. Like
I mentioned earlier, these guys are good and may trigger the install from any click on the Popup. So
don’t take a chance, use the Task Manager to end all the Internet Explorer windows open, just in case.

 I never recommend shutting down Windows without closing all the applications and using the start
key. But this is one time I think you may be better off just going directly to the start key and shutting
down the system. If the Task Manager won’t come up, or if you still are not certain how to follow the
above instructions, just shut down the computer using the Start key.

 OK, lets say that somehow the popup got clicked and the software installed. All or some of the
symptoms I mentioned are starting to occur. We know that you are infected and need to take action to
remove the spyware. You now have two choices, well, maybe three if you live in Houston and call me
to do it or some other qualified local computer repair guy =8~). You can try and do a manual removal,
which is difficult even for us folks that do it all the time. The reason is this software uses every trick in
the book including changing file names and locations frequently. So what worked on the last version,
may not work on the next.

 Or you can use the few software programs out there known to keep up with the variants and hope you
can install it with the latest removal routine. The last few that I removed, I had to do a work around to
even get the software tool to install since they have figured out ways to prevent that.

 I’d list the software here that I know to work but it changes frequently, it’s an ongoing battle between
the spyware software and the spyware removal tool software. I have put a link to our computer utilities
below that will have the latest versions.

 The best prevention is knowing that there is a risk and not to click on any popup, let alone one that
exhibits the suspicious activity listed above. You can also install and use spyware protection software
but be aware that if you don’t keep it up to date it won’t help. And some don’t work at all with the latest

 Don’t underestimate these threats, they have unlimited time and technology at their disposal. Always
pay attention to any unusual activity on your computer. When it doubt, install reputable software and do
a scan.

John Dow owns http://www.jdwebworks.com, and a website that offers computer utilities to repair and
protect against spyware. His Power Solutions CD has helped thousands of customers fix, repair, and
remove spyware. Click here to learn more: http://www.powersolutionscd.com

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                         Spyware Removal - What You Must Know
                                                              By Ryan Paulin

For those who are not aware, a spyware is a malware which has the ability to gather some personal
information about the user of the computer it has infested. Of course, when this is done, the user is not
informed that his/her personal information are being gathered. These spyware originated because it
used to be a marketing tool which is placed within programs so that when they are installed, they can
already gather the important information about a user. But the true function of spyware is just to spend
statistical data to different ad companies. By gathering the personal information of people, they will
have an idea on who they should target and focus on. The companies said that the information should
not be that too private, but apparently, this hasn't been followed for years now. Because many
companies are still using spyware as part of their marketing strategy and there is no way a person can
know if the system is infected with one, people have considered spyware removal as one of the
hardest task they need to do to remedy their computer's problem.

 To be able to make sure that you do not have to worry about spyware removal, you just have to make
sure that your computer does not acquire one. The most convenient and obvious way for you to do to
be able to avoid being attacked by these spyware, you have to make sure that your computer has a
very efficient anti-virus and/or anti-spyware program. Most people are probably not aware that there
are two types of programs which people can use when they want to find the right program for their
computer - real time protection and scanning & removal. The previous type is the one responsible for
preventing the infiltration of spyware into your computer's system. The main objective is to block the
incoming programs that want to execute into your system and blocks everything that has spyware in it.
On the other hand, the latter inspects all the programs that are already installed in your computer's
system. Most people consider NOD32 as the best spyware removal tool.

 You should not be too worried about where you want to find the right anti-spyware program suitable
for you. Literally, there are thousands of downloadable software that you can use to really get rid of all
the spyware in your system. The only thing that you have to worry about is to choose the spyware
removal tool. You should somehow expect that when a software like this is free, there is a huge chance
that you will end up with wrong ones first. So it is really important that you know what you are really
looking for and you know what will be good for your system. When you know the important things you
want, even if you end up with the wrong software at first, it is okay because you are almost sure that
you will still find the right one that will suite your needs and personal preferences.

Tired of always having spyware removal problems? Want to know how to get rid of all your spyware
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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

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Spyware Removal
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