A copy of your parents' 2008 federal income tax by ma55ive


									Financial forms must be faxed or postmarked by November 2.                                        QuestBridge

                                          University of Chicago
                                   Cover Sheet for Financial Documents
                  To be completed by applicants to the National College Match, Fall 2009

        Applicant’s Name _______________________________________________________________
                                Last                      First                    MI
        Social Security Number ________________________________

        Home Address: Street ___________________________________________________________

                         City   _______________________________ State _____ Zip ____________

        Home Telephone _____________________________             Cell _____________________________

        Email Address __________________________________________________________________

        Applicant’s Signature __________________________________________ Date ______________

        Number of pages enclosed, including cover sheet ___________

               Checklist of documents to be submitted with this cover sheet:
                  □ A copy of your parents’ 2008 federal income tax returns (signed, with all
                      schedules, attachments, W-2s, and other earnings statements). Include
                      personal and corporate/partnership tax returns.
                  □ Copies of your parents’ recent paystubs or other verification of current-
                      year income.

               If your parents are divorced, separated, or were never married, your
               noncustodial parent must also submit copies of the above documents. They may be
               faxed or mailed separately as long as they are accompanied by a copy of this cover
               sheet. In addition, your noncustodial parent must submit the online Noncustodial
               PROFILE using the login ID and password that will be emailed to you when you
               complete the CSS PROFILE.
               If you do not have any contact with your noncustodial parent, then you may
               submit a request to waive the requirement of their financial information. The
               Noncustodial Parent Waiver Petition is available online at
               http://www.questbridge.org/cmp/NCP_Waiver.pdf. You must include the
               following with your Petition:
                   □ A signed letter from your custodial parent describing in detail, why the
                       non-custodial parent should be disregarded.
                   □ A signed letter from a disinterested third party on his/her official letterhead
                       to corroborate your custodial parents’ petition and that you have no contact
                       with your non-custodial parent. The third party can be a counselor,
                       teacher, clergy member, social worker, etc. The third party should not be
                       an attorney, relative, or family friend.
        Write the applicant’s full name and “QuestBridge” on all enclosed pages.
        Mail or fax the required documents with this cover sheet to:
                  University of Chicago
                  Office of College Aid
                                                             Fax: 773-834-4300
                    1101 E. 58th St.
                   Chicago, IL 60637

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