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					June 24, 2009 Today we will be leaving for Detroit Michigan for our family reunion. We will be driving all night and into the early morning of tomorrow. My whole family is going including my grandmother, aunts, and uncle. Therefore, I am going to be crammed up in the back seat of a mini-van for twelve hours. Luckily, for me I have my iPod and laptop to keep me entertained on this trip. June 25, 2009 We finally arrived at the hotel around 9 o’clock this morning. Since our rooms were not ready, we decided to go and eat breakfast at Detroit’s Best Breakfast. Unfortunately for us and everyone else there, their air conditioning was not working. Other than that, it was nice. When we finally got back to the hotel, only two rooms were ready so my dad, mom, brother, and I stayed in my aunt’s room for about five hours. All everyone did was sleep due to our lack of it the previous night. After we all woke up, we heard some very depressing news on CNN, Michael Jackson had died. My mom’s day was never the same. June 26, 2009 Today my mom wanted to go shopping before we went to a barbeque. We were there for about 3 and a half hour. Afterwards, we went to our hotel to unload our bags. We then went to my cousin’s house for the barbeque. The food was amazing and we had a great time. After we got back to the hotel, we got ready to go to bed.

June 27, 2009 Today we woke up early to go on a tour of Detroit. On the tour, we went to the Detroit public library and got to tour it as well. We also went by Motown Records, General Motors, and many more places. We stopped at Pizzapapalis. They had the best pizza I have ever tasted in my life. Later tonight we are going to a banquet to honor our family. I hope it will be fun. July 16, 2009 Today was a very boring day for me. All I did was sit there and work on summer work. I did all of this while my litter brother went to band practice. In addition, during all of that I could not watch television since I was doing my work. The sad part is, this is going to continue until all of it is completed. I don’t think I’ll survive, but I willbecause I’m determined to do so. July 18, 2009 Today I went to my cousin’s fourth birthday party. She had a lot of cake and food for everyone to eat. She had all of her friends there as well. She got many presents from friends and family. She had a horse for all the kids to ride. Overall, she had a great birthday. Also my mother told me that if I didn’t have all my work finished I can’t get my permit.

July 19, 2009 Today I was at home all by myself all day. I did was work on schoolwork and watch television. I worked on cleaning my room and the entire house. The good thing about today is that my parents have told me that we are all going to Atlanta this weekend. WE are going to see some of my family that livs there. July 21, 2009 Today was a very great day. I got my permit finally. Me and my mom had to wait for five hours just to take the test and then another hour to get my permit. But after I got it I was really happy. Even though she didn’t let me drive I was still glad I got it. July 25, 2009 Today my mom let me drive again. But this time I got to drive for about two hours. Even though I did almost hit a car everything went pretty nice. But other than driving my day was pretty boring and I had nothing else to do but sleep. July 26, 2009 Today was another boring day. I drove to Wolf Chase with my mom. My brother and I sat around doing nothing special. But all of that will change tomorrow when I leave to go out of town to see my family, which is always fun. And hopefully I’ll be able to drive there. July 31, 2009 Today I got back from my grandmother’s house. I had a lot of fun while I was there. My brother and I relaxed most of the time we were there. We had some really good food as well. It was nice to see my grandmother again. She really enjoyed having us over at her house.