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					Chapter 2: I agree that children are being targeted by advertisements for phone companies, oil companies, automobile companies, as well as clothing stores and restaurant chains. I agree with this because when the companies advertise to the kids they nag their parents to take them to certain places and their parents bring in more money. It also makes the children develop brand loyalty so when they grow up they will also buy from those companies Chapter 7: I don’t agree with the fact the two Monfort feedlots outside Greeley, Colorado produce more excrement than the cities of Denver, Boston, Atlanta, and St. Louis combined. I disagree with this fact because those 4 cities have a population of over 2 million. That would mean that the two plants would have to have a little less than 2 million heads of cattle at any given time. And I do not think that is possible. Chapter 8: I agree with the fact that an IBP beef plant in Dakota City, Nebraska held two different injury logs one for OSHA and the other for recording all the injuries. I agree with this because all IBP wants is more profit and not reporting all the injuries, keeping them from getting fined and sued, increases their profit margins. Chapter 9: I disagree with the fact that the government cannot order a meatpacking company to remove contaminated, potentially lethal ground beef from fast food kitchens and supermarket shelves. I disagree with this because I’m sure the FDA has the power to make a company recall a product if the product is contaminated with a certain pathogen or another deadly bacteria.