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                           Subject : Datamatix Barter Deal Sponsorship Proposal

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank your organization’s contributions, towards the business,
    cultural, knowledge, management, ICT and the region’s economic development.

    Datamatix the 20 Years regional and global leading knowledge, conferences and events management
    service provider, aim’s to forge and build strong relationships among the global organizations where
    the west-east and north-south meet and revolve around the future development and to exchange the
    best global experiences and strategies that can make the future business and the leadership

    Datamatix has prepared a customized event that will address major issues and challenges that the
    Government and Business organizations will face in future especially at this crucial moment with the
    financial crises where the decision makers need more focus and customized direction to be able move
    forward successfully.

    I would like to encourage your organization to make use of the Datamatix Barter Deal
    Sponsorship to optimize your organization market presence and meeting the top Government and
    Business leaders and many other valuable business opportunities via this event.

    The event are presented through a comprehensive marketing campaigns and this is the best
    opportunity for your org. to build the total corporate brand exposure and get connected with your
    target market and with a wide media coverage, we assure you that your key message effectively
    reach your target audience.

    Please find attached the full details of “Datamatix Barter Deal Sponsorship”

    For more information, please visit, or contact Jon Mancilla, or call tel: +9714-3326688

    Thank you and best regards,

    Ali Al Kamali
    Managing Director

    Organized by:
                                                                                                Support Sponsor

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      The Event’s Media and Marketing Campaign

      In today's competitive marketplace, Datamatix believes that to deliver the key message to a
      target audience, every organization must insure a consistent approach in a way that will
      outsell the competition and experts to create the latest framework for a new model and
      winning and optimize the organization presence and benefit from the total corporate branding
      and business publicity and connect with your target market with a wider media coverage and
      visibility through a planned and creative marketing campaign which ensure that the
      objectives of the sponsors are met and this targeted marketing campaign ensures quality
      media exposure and significant turn out for the event.

      Datamatix has prepared a wide range of activities in media and marketing for the 2009
      events and conferences to make sure that your organization continues to achieve maximum
      exposure to put your brand “out front.” As a ‘IT Strategic Partner’, your organizations can
      enjoy a wide range of marketing and branding exposure benefits to meet your business

      Printed materials

      Datamatix will be reaching the top key decision makers in business and government
      organizations with a customized and well-tailored print material which will be distributed even
      to a wider variety of audience regionally and globally.

      Web Page Hits

      Datamatix prepared a tailored made websites for each event with the best practices approach
      and with an updated contents and latest’s knowledge for the participants and the delegates,
      this also can brings our sponsor the best business opportunity and links on the event website
      having your corporate logo with hyperlink that allows vast group of people view your
      products and services too.

      Direct Mail

      Datamatix will deliver extensive direct mailing success regarding the event and conference to
      selected individuals using vertical sector lists directly to both homes and businesses.

      Email Campaign

      Datamatix web team design, produce, and deliver an extensive Email campaign to a vast
      business and government senior decision makers and leaders and other industries.

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      The GCC Economy is facing many challenges, especially in view of the pressures of
      globalization and the impact of the latest world financial crises on GCC economy and its
      future. In order to achieve stable economic environments, regional economies need to
      streamline and optimize their existing business and economic relationships. It is true that the
      rising price of oil has made these countries financially stronger, but it might not always be the
      case, the price of oil may fall and it added another magnitude to the economic and business
      challenges they face.

      The 6th GCC Economic Forum addresses these challenges and the need to share ideas on the
      impact of the latest world financial crises on GCC economy, successful economic practices,
      better trade policies, and financial and banking systems that create a sound platform for
      robust business and economic relations among the region's economies. This forum is an ideal
      business and economic knowledge-sharing and networking platform for government and
      business decision-makers and professionals from the GCC, as well as those from other parts
      of the world who are interested in doing business with the GCC.

      What will be discussed?

      The forum through many live regional case studies will focus on the impact of the latest world
      financial crises on GCC economy and its future, economic practices, better trade policies, and
      financial and banking systems that create a sound platform for robust business in the region.
      The event is an opportunity for delegates to explore the possibility of developing a stable
      business environment within the region where they can develop mutually beneficial business

      Through a look at innovative ideas and success stories from other developed countries, this
      forum will shed light on all the factors that can possibly contribute to the development of the
      regional economy. It will also discuss moving beyond an oil based economy and entering an
      era of manufacturing and industrialization.
      Who Will Attend?

      Senior executives and experts with an interest in the progress of the GCC economy will
      attend the conference, including:

      •    High-ranking Government Officials and Representatives
      •    CEOs, Presidents, Chairmen, Managing Directors
      •    Bankers, Economists, Financial Analysts
      •    Leaders of Business Councils, Chambers of Commerce and Industries
      •    Business Organizations
      •    Academic, Researchers and Media

    Organized by:
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Tel: +9714-3326688 | Fax: +9714-3328223 | SMS: +97150-4525094 | email: |
      Datamatix Barter Deal Sponsorship Package:

           •   Your Organization will be presented as an “IT Strategic Partner”
           •   Your Organization name and logo will be printed on all event printed materials
           •   (1) One complimentary exhibit table at the venue in each event.
           •   (2) Two VIP invitations
           •   Company LOGO on all pre & post press releases
           •   Prominent and branding opportunities at the events venue
           •   (2) Two roll-up banner display at the event venue (1m width x 2m height)
           •   A platform for networking with the right target audience
           •   Opportunity to distribute company brochures during the events
           •   Company web hyperlink on the event website

      In return, your organization will provide the event with the following:
               (4 ) Four Times Direct Mailer Service
               Category : GCC Government Organization, GCC Top IT companies

                                                   Barter Deal Agreement

      First Party: Datamatix Group

      Name:                               Jon Mancilla
      Designation:                        Marketing Manager
      Company:                            Datamatix

      Second Party: We here by confirm our annual sponsorship for the above mentioned events.

      Authorized by: _________________________ Company:                        ________________________

      P.O. Box:         _________________________ City:                        ________________________

      Country:          _________________________ Tel No:                      ________________________

      Fax no.:          _________________________ E-mail:                      ________________________

      Signature         _____________________                Date:             ________________________

    Organized by:
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