Proposal for Sponsoring of the History Book

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					Proposal for Sponsoring of the History Book

In 2010 PIANC will celebrate its 125 years of existence. PIANC will organize special activities on
four continents to commemorate this event. One of the activities is writing of a book on the history of
the Association. A special commission (HisCom) is assigned to prepare the book.

The objective of the book is to record and to disseminate the knowledge about PIANCs long and rich
history and, at the same time, promote PIANC as one of worlds leading technical Associations. The
book will be given free of charge to the members and paticipants of the MMX-congress and will also
be used as gift to relations and as promotion material for PIANC. Members not present at the congress
only have to refund the mailing costs.

The book should be in full-color, richly illustrated, separate editions in the English (5000 copies) and
French (1500 copies) language, appr. 150 pages. The costs are roughly estimated to amount € 60,000,
translation into French included. To cover these costs, members will be invited to sponsor. There are
several options:

•   being recorded as main sponsor including big company logo: € 4,000 (5 free copies)
•   being recorded as regular sponsor with small logo: € 2,500 (2 free copies)
•   being recorded as an individual subsciber: € 500 (1 additional free copy)

Platinum partners receive 25% rebate.

Additional copies are available at the (symbolic) price of € 125.

15 April 2009