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									Catering To You

Conference, Function and Event
Catering from Bangor University
Introduction                                                    3

Breakfast                                                       4
Light Lunch Options                                             5-6
Sandwich & Cake Selection                                       7
Buffet Menus                                                    8-11
Reception Menus                                                 12
Open Day Packages                                               13

Executive Finger Buffets                                        14
Deluxe Buffets                                                  15

Sweets Pasteries & Fresh Fruit                                  16

Drinks                                                          17

Wine List                                                       18

Fair Trade Office Supplies                                      19

Booking / Contact Information                                   20
Deliveries, Storage & Collections                               21

Supporting Welsh Produce & Local Suppliers                      22

Bangor University          
                      Welcome to Catering To You

We provide delivered catering solutions from Bangor University’s catering services
direct to your office, department, meeting room or social function. We deliver to all
sections of the University as well as organising special dinners and conferences in our
very own historic PJ Hall and Powis Hall. We also deliver catering to special events
within a 15 mile radius of Bangor.

We endeavour to offer exceptional quality and value for money throughout our
menu ranges, and we offer a wide selection of items from light refreshments to a
more formal two or three course buffet.

Healthy eating is a growing concern for many of our customers and we offer an
extensive range of food and drink that incorporates this lifestyle choice. In addition
we have new special dietary menus for gluten free and vegan diets.

          We are delighted to be able to specify that all tea and coffee served by
          Catering to You bears the Fairtrade trademark as well as contracts for
          the supply of fresh Welsh meat,Welsh milk, cakes and dairy products and
          Welsh mineral water. Wherever possible we use suppliers within a 40 mile        3
          radius of Bangor.

So whatever your requirement, whether it be a working lunch, a drinks reception, or
a funeral tea; or perhaps a meeting with a light breakfast, a workshop with lunch, a
seminar with homemade cakes and refreshments or a lavish cocktail party, we can
work with you to make your event a culinary success!

We pride ourselves in catering to our customer’s needs, so if you are unable to find
anything suitable for your event from the menus listed, please contact our
reservations team to discuss your requirements further.

We look forward to hearing from you…

Avril Howel
Catering Service Manager
                         Morning Breakfast, Served Hot & Fresh
                         from the kitchen

    (Available from 8am until 10am - Minimum order of 6 persons, served hot & fresh
    from the kitchen)
    Bread Selections;

    a)     Soft Wholemeal Bap
    b)     Soft White Bap
    c)     Multigrain Deli Bagel
    Filling Selection;
    1.     Grilled Lean Bacon                                                 M
           Served with Tomato Ketchup/Brown Sauce
    2.     Welsh Pork Sausage                                                 M
           Served with Tomato Ketchup/Brown Sauce.
    3.     Quorn Vegetarian Sausage & Grilled Tomato                          V
4          Served with Tomato Ketchup/Brown Sauce.                                      £2.00

    Freshly Baked Mini filled Croissant Selection
    (2 variety per 1 order)                                                             £1.40
    Chocolate, Lemon, Almond
    Freshly Baked Morning Croissant with Butter
    & Welsh Preserve                                                                    £1.25

    M = Meat   H = Healthy   GF = Gluten Free   Vg = Vegan   V = Vegetarian       F = Fish
                       Light Sandwich Options
                       Served with Potato Crisps

Sandwich Selection - 11/2 rounds per order

Choose from a selection of breads

a) White & Brown Sliced Bread
b) Crusty Rustic Seeded Rolls
c) Assorted Flavoured Wraps
d) Soft Brown & White Roll
e) Soft filled Bagel
Special Diet Options;
f)   Gluten/Wheat diet; On Gluten Free Rice Cracker/Rye Bread/ Gluten Free Bread
g) Vegan Diet (Soya Spread, Egg Free Mayo)

Simply Nice Sandwich fillings                                                          £2.80
Choose up to 4 fillings for orders over 4 people –

A. Wafer Smoked Ham                                                 M GF
B. Welsh Mature Cheddar & Sweet Pickle                               V GF
C. Egg & Cress Mayonnaise (v)                                        V GF
D. Tuna & Cucumber Mayo                                              F GF
E. Roast Chicken                                                    M GF
F.   Turkey & Stuffing Mayo                                                 M
G. Houmus & Salad                                                    Vg H
H. Roast Beef                                                       M GF
I.   Spicy Cheese & Pineapple Salsa                                  V GF
J.   Vegan Cream & Chive Cheese & Chutney                           Vg GF

M = Meat     H = Healthy   GF = Gluten Free   Vg = Vegan   V = Vegetarian       F = Fish
                            Light Sandwich Options -                        continued
                            Served with Potato Crisps

    Premium Sandwich fillings                                                                £3.10
    Choose up to 4 Sandwich fillings for orders over 4 people

    L.    Prawn Cocktail & Lettuce                                         F GF
    M.    Brie with Tomato Chutney & Baby Rocket                           V GF
    N.    Coronation Chicken & Spinach Leaves                                     M
    O.    Roast Ham & Wholegrain Mustard                               M H GF
    P.    Welsh Beef & Horseradish                                     M GF H
    Q.    BLT – Lean bacon, tomato & Crispy Lettuce                    M H GF
    R.    Poached Salmon in Lemon Mayo                                     F GF
    S.    Marinated Chicken Tikka Breast & Mango Chutney               M H GF
    T.    Mushroom Pâté & Watercress                                         VG
    U.    Chargrilled Peppers in Balsamic Vinegar & Crumbly Feta          V GF

6   * Drinks are additional – please see list

    M = Meat     H = Healthy     GF = Gluten Free   Vg = Vegan   V = Vegetarian       F = Fish
                        Sandwich & Cake Selection

Sandwich & Cake Selection
Choose up to 4 Sandwich fillings for orders over 4 people-
Simply Nice Sandwich fillings & cake selection                                      £4.00
Premium Sandwich fillings & cake selection                                          £4.20
Choose your cake-
1.    Chocolate Brownie
2.    Butter Flapjack
3.    Almond Slice
4.    Carrot Slice
5.    Bara Brith
6.    Welsh Cake
7.    Genoese Fruit Slice
8.    Caramel Shortcake
9.    Coconut Slice
10.   Chocolate Fudge                                                                       7
Sandwich & Fresh Fruit Selections
Choose 4 fillings for orders over 4 people-
Simply Nice Sandwich fillings & Fresh Fruit Platter                                 £3.90
Premium Sandwich fillings & Fresh Fruit Platter                                     £4.10

Deli Sandwich Platter
Minimum order of 4 persons
Selection of Freshly made Sandwiches, Seeded Rolls & Wraps,
Served with Thick Crunchy Crisps & a Fruity Kebab
Choose any 4 fillings from Simply Nice or Premium                                   £4.80

Packed Lunch Option
Simply Nice sandwich selection (choose 1 filling per person)
Welsh Bottled Water 500ml
Fresh Fruit Bowl
Flapjack                                                                            £5.50

M = Meat      H = Healthy   GF = Gluten Free   Vg = Vegan   V = Vegetarian   F = Fish
                         Buffet Menus

    1.   Traditional
    Fillings On White & Multigrain Bread
    Wafer Smoked Ham & Tomato                                       M H GF
    Welsh Mature Cheddar & Onion chutney                               V GF
    Turkey & Stuffing Mayo                                                    M
    Tuna & Sweetcorn Mayo                                               F GF
    Vegetable Spring Rolls & Sweet & Sour Dip                                 V
    Chicken Tikka Skewer                                            M H GF
    Welsh Cheddar & Grape Cocktail                                     V GF
    Mini Assorted Savoury Pastry Lattice;
    Spinach & Leek                                                            V
    Tomato & Herb                                                             V
    Vegetable & Sesame                                                        V

8   Potato Crisps
    Slice of Chocolate Sponge & Victoria Cream Sponge
    2. Healthy Option                                                         H
    Sesame & Plain Bagels with Reduced Fat Spread
    Tandoori Chicken Slices with Mint Raita & Cucumber                M   GF
    Wafer Smoked Ham & Tomato                                         M   GF
    Peppered Mackerel Pâté & Cucumber                                 F   GF
    Crumbly Feta & Cherry Tomato Salsa                                V   GF
    Toasted Flatbread topped with
    Hoummus & Toasted Sunflower Seeds                              V VG GF
    Smoked Salmon Roll & Lemon Low Fat Cream Cheese                    F GF
    Spicy Yoghurt Pepper Pot with Vegetable Sticks                     V GF
    Chinese Marinated Chicken Skewers                                 M GF
    Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter                                        VG

    M = Meat   H = Healthy   GF = Gluten Free   Vg = Vegan   V = Vegetarian       F = Fish
                     Buffet Menus -             continued

3.   Welsh Menu (Locally sourced)
Henllan Bakery Open Brown Malted Grain & White Rolls-
Welsh Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon                                 F GF
Old Shire Mature Cheddar with Nant Conwy Dark
Vegetable Chutney                                                  V VG
Local Conwy Sugar Baked Ham & Fresh Pineapple                      MH
Patchwork Mushroom & Garlic Pâté                                      V
Edwards of Conwy Pork & Apple Sausage Cocktail
with Cherry Tomato                                                        M
Anglesey Chicken Kebab marinated with Curry
Spices & Pepper                                                M H GF
Mini Tartlets filled with ‘Cosyn Coch’ Cheese , Bacon
& Spring Onion                                                       MV
Real Handcooked Crisps                                             V VG
Slice of Popty’r Bryn Buttered Welsh Bara Brith

4. Vegetarian
                                                                                     £6.70   9
Assorted filled Wraps
Chargrilled Peppers & Green Pesto                                      H
Cream Cheese & Green Salad                                            GF
Welsh Cheddar & Tomato                                                GF
Nut Roast & Cranberry Relish                                           H
Mini Tartlets filled with Spicy Hoummus & Topped with
Toasted nuts
Onion Bahjis & Vegetable Pakoras
Quorn balls, Cherry Tomato & Mozzarella Cocktail
& BBQ Dip                                                         GF H
Platter of Vegetable Sticks & Cheese Nachos &
Tomato Salsa                                                              H
Pineapple Wedges                                                          H

M = Meat   H = Healthy   GF = Gluten Free   Vg = Vegan   V = Vegetarian       F = Fish
                             Buffet Menus -            continued

     5.   Afternoon Tea
     Sandwich Selection
     Local Roast Ham Salad                                               M GF
     Flaked Poached Salmon in Mayonnaise & Cucumber                       F GF
     Welsh Mature Cheddar Cheese & Fruit Chutney                          V GF
     Egg Mayonnaise with Cress                                            V GF
     Vol au Vent filled with Prawns in Marie Sauce                               F
     Cheese & Leek                                                               V

     Thick Cut Potato Crisps                                                 GF
     Bara Brith
     Strawberry Cream Scone

10   Enhance Your Choice
     May be added to any order
     1. 1 Mini BBQ Chicken Kebab                                      M GF H                £1.00
     2. 2 Cranberry & Brie Parcel                                                V          £1.00
     3. 2 Vegetable Spring Rolls                                          V VG              £0.80
     4. 2 Cheddar & Fresh Pineapple Cocktails                             V GF              £0.60
     5. 2 Triple Cheese Pizza Wedges                                             V          £0.90
     6. 2 Mini Onion Bahjis                                                      V          £0.90
     7. 2 Cheese & Garlic Straws & Tomato Dip                                    V          £0.60
     8. 2 Honey Pork Cocktail Sausages                                           M          £0.50
     9. 2 Brie & Redcurrant Croistini                                            V          £0.80
     10. 2 Pastry Tartlets filled with Caramelized Onions & Goat Cheese V                   £0.80
     11. 2 Savoury Lattice                                                       V          £1.00
     12. Tampura King Prawn                                                      F          £1.00

     M = Meat     H = Healthy   GF = Gluten Free   Vg = Vegan   V = Vegetarian       F = Fish
                     Buffet Menus -             continued

6. Ploughman’s Lunch
Selection of Welsh Cheeses
Y Fenni with Mustard & Ale; Caws Hen Sir,
Gorau Glas Blue Cheese                                             V GF
Local Baked Ham & Honey Caramelized Pineapple                     M GF
Fruit Chutney & Pickles                                           Vg GF
Fruity Chunky Coleslaw                                            Vg GF
Salad Platter of Tomatoes & Red Onion                             Vg GF

Freshly Baked Chunky Crusty Bread & Welsh Butter                   V VG
Crunchy Potato Crisps


M = Meat   H = Healthy   GF = Gluten Free   Vg = Vegan   V = Vegetarian   F = Fish
                            Reception Menus

     Reception 1

     Mixed Nuts                                                       Vg GF H
     Bowls of Savoury Nibbles (mini cheddars, crinkle crisps)
     Crispy Vegetable Sticks & Dips                                    V GF H
     Cheddar & Grape Cocktail                                             V GF
     Reception 2

     Cucumber Wedges with Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon & Dill                     F
     Warm Savoury Mini Vol au Vent                                          MV
     Mini Tartlets filled with Crème Fraiche, Red Pepper & Prosciutto            M
     Assorted Mini Pinwheel Wraps                                           MV

12   Reception 3

     Assorted Mini Pinwheel Wraps                                        MV F
     Tempura King Prawn & Sweet & Sour Dip                                       F
     Hot Chilli Cheese Mini Tartlets                                             V
     Nachos & Guacamole Dip                                                  Vg
     Honey & Coarse Grain Mustard Cocktail Sausage                               M

     Mini Fruit Kebabs                                                       Vg
     Sweet Petit Fours                                                           V

     M = Meat     H = Healthy   GF = Gluten Free   Vg = Vegan   V = Vegetarian       F = Fish
                      Open Day Packages

Available only for Open Day & Internal Departments Open Day – Minimum
40 people (Disposable plates, Cups & napkins, paper banqueting roll for buffet table)
Option 1
11/2 Round of Sandwiches on Brown & White Bread & Potato Crisps
Tuna Mayo & Cucumber                                    F
Wafer Ham                                            MH
Cheese & Tomato                                         V
Egg & Cress                                             V
Chicken & Bacon Mayo & Cucumber                        M
Option 2
Freshly Filled Soft Seeded brown & white Deli Sub Rolls & Potato Crisps ( 9”long)
Roast Chicken Salad                                           MH
Tuna & Sweetcorn                                                 F
Welsh Cheddar & Coleslaw                                         V
Egg Mayo & Crispy Bacon Rashers                                  M

Option 3
                                                                                  £2.60   13
1 Round Sandwiches on Brown & White Bread
Tuna & Cucumber
Wafer Ham
Cheese & Tomato
Egg & Cress
Chicken & Bacon Mayo & Cucumber
Mini Chinese Chicken breast Skewer (1)                          M H GF
Cocktail Vegetable Samosa with Mango Dip (2)                         V
Mini Assorted Filled Savoury Vol au Vents (2)                     F MV
Potato Crisps                                                                     £5.60

Cake Platter Selection (2 pieces)                                                 £1.10
Add EXTRA ITEMS - Special Price.

Fresh Fruit Kebab (1)                                                             £0.50
Orange or Apple Juice 1 lit                                                       £2.00
Snowdon Water (750ml pet bottle)                                                  £1.20
Tea & Coffee                                                                      £0.70
Tea/Coffee & Biscuits                                                             £0.85

M = Meat    H = Healthy   GF = Gluten Free   Vg = Vegan   V = Vegetarian   F = Fish
                          Executive Finger Buffets

     Buffet A
     Assorted Mini Tomato Wraps and Luxury Sandwich Platter:-
     Bacon & Stilton Mayo with Rocket                        M
     Crab & Prawn Cocktail with Cucumber & Watercress     F GF
     Feta, Spring Onion & Tomato                        V GF H
     Sugar Baked Ham & Welsh Cheddar with Sweet Chutney   V GF
     Spicy Chorizo & Pepper Mozzarella Tartlet               M

                                                        F GF H
     Mini Salmon Kebab marinated in Ginger, Chilli
     & Soya Sauce
     Crispy Arctic Bread Squares Topped with Pâtés –
     Chicken Liver white Wine & Pepper M; Red Lentil &
     Sun dried Tomato                                   M V VG
     Toasted Brie & Grape & Redcurrant Bruschetta             V
     Hoi Sin Duck flutes with Plum Sauce Dip                 M

     Lemon;Triple Chocolate; Berry Crumble
     Mini Sponge Loaf Cakes-

                                                                 H GF V VG
14   Seasonal Mini Fruit Kebabs
     Buffet B
     Crusty Sundried Tomato Bread Slices and Open Mini
     Bagels filled with -
     Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese with Watercress                      F GF
     Coronation Chicken & Cos Lettuce                                     M
     Crispy Vegetable Tikka & Fresh Pineapple                             V
     Brie, Redcurrant & Crispy Smoked Bacon                            M GF
     Breaded King Prawn & Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce                           F
     Mini Tartlets filled with Caramelized Onions &
     Goat Cheese                                                               V
     Toasted Ciabatta Slices with Roasted Vegetables
     & Mozzarella                                                              V
     Italian Bread Sticks wrapped in Parma Ham                                 M
     Mini Cocktail Chinese Chicken                                             M
     Mini Cream Macaroons
     Seasonal Mini Fruit Kebab                                                 H

     M = Meat   H = Healthy   GF = Gluten Free   Vg = Vegan   V = Vegetarian       F = Fish
                      Deluxe Buffets             (Please allow a minimum 48 hours

Deluxe Buffet A
Conwy Baked Ham & Pineapple Salsa                                M GF H
Mushroom & Leek Tart                                                  V
Prawn & Avocado Leaf Boat                                        F H GF
Mango & Brie Parcels                                                  V

Homemade Salads
Sweet Chilli & Spring Onion Noodles                                H V Vg
Fruity Curried Rice Salad                                            V Vg
Feta Cheese,Tomato, Cucumber Olives                                H V Vg
Bowl of Crispy Mixed Salad                                         V Vg H
Parsley New Potatoes
Crusty Bread Roll & Welsh Butter

Cheesecake Selection with Fresh Cream & Red Fruit Coulis
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter
Tea & Coffee                                                                     £11.95

Deluxe Menu 2
Continental Meat Platter                                          M GFH
Honey Glazed Apple & Goat Cheese Tartlet                               V
Poached Salmon Pieces with a Lemon Dressing                            F
Mexican Rolls filled with Vegetable Salsa or Beef Chilli            M Vg

Homemade Salads
Pasta & Mushroom with Balsamic & Honey Dressing                       Vg
Slices of Beef Tomatoes with Red Onion & Chive                     Vg GF
Traditional Coleslaw                                                V GF
Spinach Leaf,Watercress,Walnuts & Orange Salad                       VGF
Roasted Rosemary Baby Potatoes                                     Vg GF
Crusty Bread Roll & Welsh Butter

Banoffee or Lemon Meringue Roulade & Fresh Cream
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter
Tea & Coffee                                                                     £11.95

M = Meat    H = Healthy   GF = Gluten Free   Vg = Vegan    V = Vegetarian   F = Fish
                            Sweets, Pastries & Fruit

     Mini Raspberry Meringue                                               £0.80
     Welsh Bara Brith (per slice)                                          £0.95
     Two Buttered Welsh Cakes                                              £0.95
     Freshly Baked Morning Croissant with Butter & Welsh Preserve          £1.25
     Strawberry Cream Scone                                                £1.30
     Mini Danish Pastry Selection (2 per 1 order)                          £1.30
     Raspberry & Vanilla, Apple Strudel, Vanilla Whirls, Cherry Pastries
     Two Exotic Fruit Kebabs                                               £1.30
     Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter                                          £1.30
     Freshly Baked Mini filled Croissant Selection- (2 per person)         £1.40
     Chocolate, Lemon, Almond
     Fairtrade Cake Platter
     Chocolate Brownie & All Butter Fruit Flapjack                         £1.40
     Local & Traditional Cake Platter
     (choose up to 2 variety of cakes per person )                         £1.40
16   11. Chocolate Brownie
     12. Butter Flapjack
     13. Almond Slice
     14. Carrot Slice
     15. Bara Brith
     16. Welsh Cake
     17. Genoese Fruit Slice
     18. Caramel Shortcake
     19. Coconut Slice
     20. Chocolate Fudge
     Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad bowl                                       £1.40
     Luxury Mini Cream Cake Selection (3 per order)                        £1.90
     Special Diets -
     Dairy Free Grenola Cake                                               £1.50
     Gluten Free Coconut Macaroon                                          £1.20
     Vegan Fruit Loaf Slice                                                £0.80

Welsh Sparkling Mineral Water                                      750ml
Welsh Still Mineral Water                                          750ml   £2.00

Welsh Still Mineral Water (PET)                                    500ml   £1.00

Fruit Juices
(Approx 6 glass per 1 litre, choice of Orange, Apple, Cranberry)           £2.50

Fairtrade Fruit Cartons                                            200ml   £0.95
(Orange, Apple or Tropical)

Fairtrade Juice                                                    500ml   £1.40
Orange OR Apple

Cocktail Fruit Kebabs (2 each) with Chilled Still Welsh Mineral Water      £1.25

Hot Drinks
Fairtrade Tea & Coffee with Luxury twin pack assorted biscuits             £1.20

Fairtrade Tea & Coffee with pre packed Biscuits                            £1.00

Tea and Coffee                                                             £0.90

Herbal Fruit Tea                                                           £1.00
                               Wine List

      House Wines
      Bin 1   Fortant Sauvignon Blanc VdP d’Oc (1) France                                      £10.95
              (Lively crisp citrus and pineapple)
      Bin 2   Fortant Merlot VdP d’Oc (B) France                                               £10.95
              (A soft fruity Merlot packed with blackcurrant and raspberry fruit)
      Bin 3   Fortant Syrah Rose VdP d’Oc (2) France                                           £10.95
              (Freshly-picked strawberries, Grenadine hints)

      Bin 4   Pinot Grigo Provinvia di Pavia (2), Italy                                        £13.00

              (Lovely buttery style enhanced by ripe pear)
      Bin 5   Muscadet de Serve et Mains (1), France                                           £14.50
              (Crisp dry light lemon)
      Bin 6   Whispering Hills Chardonnay (2), California                                      £15.00
              (Crisp, lemony and unoaked with ripe tropical fruit flavours)
      Bin 7   Chablis, Paul Deloux (1), France                                                 £23.00
              (A flowery, lively, fresh and mouth-wateringly fruity Chablis)
      Bin 8   Sancerre La Fuzelle, Adrien Marchel, (2) France                                  £23.50
              (Crisp ripe gooseberry)
      Bin 9   Leasingham Bin 7 Riesling (2), Claire Valley Australia                           £23.50
18            (Crisp and dry, citrus spice, fresh lime and jasmine flower characters)
      Bin 10 Pinot Grigio Rosato del Veneto, (2) Collezione Marchesini                         £11.95
              (Dry and subtly raspberry)
      Bin 11 White Zinfandel, Fetzer Valley Oaks, (4) California                               £13.95
              (Strawberry, raspberry and grape fruit-salad)
      Bin 12 Fair-trade Dos Hermandos Merlot Curico Valley (C), Chile                          £15.50
              (Juicy dark berries)
      Bin 14 Marques Morano Rioja Tinto (C), Spain                                             £15.95
              (Lighter style with juicy ripe berries)
      Bin 15 Etchard Privado Malbec,Valle de Cafayate (C), Argentina                           £15.95
              (Deep coloured with an aroma reminiscent of raisins, plum and black pepper)
      Bin 16 Cotes du Rhone Gentilhomme, A Ogier et Fils (C), France                           £14.50
              (Spicy red berries)
      Bin 17 Fleurie Chateau de Fleurie, E Loron et Fils (B), France                           £21.50
              (Freshly floral delicate ripe strawberry)
      Sparkling and Champagnes
      Bin 18 Louis Dornier et Fils, (1) Brut, France                                           £25.00
              (Stylish, pronounced, biscuity, elegant)
      Bin 19 Piper- Heidsieck, (1) Brut, France                                                £32.50
              (Young, lively fruit flavours)
      Bin 20 Codorniu Clasico, Cava Brut (2)                                                   £12.50
              (Classic, dry and sparkling)

     Key   Red:     A = Light        B = Medium Light     C = Medium       D = Full-bodied   E = Heavy
           White:   1 = Very Dry     2 = Dry              3 = Off Dry      4 = Medium Dry
                      Fair Trade Office Supplies

Vista Ground Coffee x 80 (for Pour & Serve Machine)                   £65.00

Instant Coffee Granules 500g                                          £11.40

Envelope Tea Bags x 300                                               £17.10

Tea Bags x 1100                                                       £20.00

White Sugar Sachets x 1000                                            £11.00
Brown Sugar Sachets x 1000                                            £11.00

Cookie – Stem Ginger x 24                                              £9.00
Cookie – Choc Chip x 24                                                £9.00
Cookie – Brazil Nut x 24                                               £9.00

Wafer Bar x 36                                                         £9.00

Orange Juice 500ml                                                     £1.40
Apple Juice 500ml                                                      £1.40   19
Orange Juice 200ml                                                     £0.95
Apple Juice 200ml                                                      £0.95

Vista Cup x 1000                                                      £40.00

Non Fairtrade

Milk Jiggers x 100                                                     £4.50
Polly Cup 7oz                                                         £15.00

We will require a Cost Code when you book any through Reservations.

Catering To You will deliver to your office.
Please allow 2 days notice.
                          Booking and Contact Information

     You can contact us direct by telephone; or send us an email with your contact details
     and we’ll call you back.
     Tel:   01248 382558
     Fax:   01248 388681
     When calling you will need to supply your:
     • Contact Name, Department/Address, telephone number and e-mail.
     • In order to ensure that we can meet your requirements please make your
       booking at least 48 hours in advance of the event. Please note that we are unable
       to process bookings on weekends.
     • Catering 2U will always attempt to accommodate last minute bookings but this
       can mean reduced availability on some menus/items and logistical delays in delivery.
     • Weekend catering requires a MINIMUM OF 7 WORKING DAYS NOTICE.
     • Menu choice from the range of menus and additional items provided. Remember
       to look at the Enhance your Menu and Sweets and Drinks sections.
20   • The quantity you require for each menu and item.There is a minimum amount of
       5 persons per one menu.
     • If you have an event for which you would like to discuss a specially tailored menu
       and / or event services, please call or e-mail the Reservations Office with the
     • Delivery instructions, including the room or space and building / department
     • Date and Timing instructions, including the times for delivery and of the actual
       event. Please provide a time for the collection of used crockery.
     • Billing information such as a University cost code, purchase order, invoice
       address or credit card details.
     • Cancellations or a significant reduction in numbers, received less than 24 hours
       before delivery will incur a charge of 50% of the full cost.We regret that
       cancellations received after this deadline will be charged in full.
     • Extra Charges- Waitress Service can be provided on request. Please enquire for
       an individual quotation.
     • Finishing Touches- A full range of furniture, table linen, serviettes and theme
       concepts are also available on request.
                               Please contact Avril Howel,
                               Catering Service Manager – (01248) 382674/382665

                               • All prices subject to VAT at the current rate for
                                 External Customer Invoices

Delivery times Monday to Friday 8am-6pm, Please note there is a £10.00 minimum
spend per delivery, on all bookings for Bangor University Campus areas from the
Ocean Sciences site in Menai Bridge to Dean St Bangor.
For all other internal and external bookings outside this area, regardless of location,
this rate is £100.00 minimum spend, per delivery, ex VAT (where applicable)
Deliveries out of these times and areas will be subject to a surcharge to cover
additional costs as follows:
After 6pm on a weekday       £15.00
Saturday                     £35.00
Sunday                       £50.00
• All buffets are labelled
• All items will be supplied with the necessary crockery, glassware, table linen for the
  food and napkins as standard unless you ask for disposables.
• Please ensure that the room is booked and a suitable location with access via lift
  (when higher or lower than ground level) and that there is adequate space for the
  event, including any tables and seating requirements for the catering. All buffets and   21
  refreshments will be set out for you on delivery.We regret that our delivery staff
  are unable to provide or move tables for you.
• All food is delivered in recorded temperature-controlled vehicles.
• When your food has been delivered, store it carefully away from direct sunlight or
  heat sources, such as radiators and draughts.
• Keep food covered until it is required to ensure its freshness.
• Food deteriorates when left out at room temperature for long periods
• We advise that you consume your meal within the time allocated on delivery card.
• Leftovers: For Health & Liability reasons all leftover food is property of the
  Catering Services and will be disposed of by us.
• We will endeavour to collect all the equipment on the same day (as provided time
  for collection by you) or by 10.00am the following day.
• A charge will be made if service equipment is lost or not available for
  collection after your event.
                            Supporting Welsh Produce & Local

     The Catering Department at Bangor University is dedicated to providing our
     customers with authentic Welsh produce whenever we can.

     Wherever possible, we work with producers, growers and suppliers based in North
     Wales to both support the local economy and reduce the number of food miles that
     food and food related products travel to our kitchens.

     These are our current Welsh producers and distributors:

     G Williams & Son, Bangor        –       Fresh Meat, Cooked Meats
     Patchwork Foods, Rhuthin        –       Pâtés and Terrines
     Blas ar Fwyd, Llanrwst          –       Welsh Cheeses/Specialty Foods
     Geoffrey Holley, Bangor         –       Welsh Milk & Cream
     Henllan Bakery, Denbigh         –       Bread & Cakes
     Strawberry Farm, Llangefni      –       Selected Cakes
22   Snowdonia Water,Waunfawr        –       Mineral Water
     Celebrations, Bethesda          –       Flower Arrangements
     Popty’r Bryn, Dwyran            –       Selected Cakes & Biscuits
     Deri Môn, Dulas                 –       Specialty smoked products
     Siwgwr a Sbeis, Llanrwst        –       Speciality Cakes
     The Fish Shop, Llandudno        –       Fresh fish & Seafood
     Dimensions, Upper Bangor        –       Health Foods
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