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					Putnam County Archives
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Town Books of Frederickstown and Fredrick (now Kent) 1841-1886
#1 Volume 1788-1840 as 7/11 removed for microfilming #2 Volume 1841-1886 as of 6/01 available on microfilm, transcription in progress. Chronological


Description: The town books are early accounts of the Town Clerk’s recording of the Supervisors activities, the Town Auditors, lists of the Town Officers, Judges, and financial allocations for highways and the Poor. The Town Clerk recorded lists of the Road Masters and Path Masters often showing notations that a man would be allocated “a days’ wages” to be attributed to his tax obligation. The Town Clerk noted the granting of licenses for alch0l to hotel owners, affidavits involving personal property, and the declaration of the unfit status of a man to serve in the army.