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					                     feed the body, nourish the soul
Westin has partnered with SuperFoods Partners LLC, owners of the SuperFoodsRx brand to become the first hotel
brand to create a SuperFoods-focused menu for our guests. SuperFoods are rich in antioxidants and phytonutri-
ents. The key to the SFRx philosophy is “food synergy”. Emerging science shows that certain foods play off each
other. Food synergy refers to foods that, when paired together, are even more nutritious than when they are
eaten separately.
 In our menu: tomatoes • soy • avocado • salmon• broccoli • spinach • onion • olive oil • nuts• garlic

                                                 begin $6
french onion soup - traditional french onion soup, crouton and swiss cheese
kansas city steak soup - a westin tradition
soup du jour - chef’s creation
field of greens - beet, candied walnuts, goat cheese, apples, champagne vinaigrette
classic caesar - parmesan cheese, grilled baguette and anchovy
bruschetta - garlic, tomato, provolone, aged balsamic, basil
edamame - steamed edamame (soy bean) pods, light sea salt sprinkle
hummus dip - house made, roasted peppers, whole wheat pita, cucumber
tiger shrimp - peanut sauce, half avocado
calamari - crisp firecracker calamari, smoked tomato dip

                               favorites and brick oven pizzas $8
               all pizzas are 9 inch and made from scratch in house with fresh ingredients
                              sandwiches served with choice of fries or greens
*angus burger - 1/2 pound, the usual toppings
cuban - pulled pork, ham, whole grain mustard, and havarti, on baguette
turkey sandwich - all natural sustainable product** roasted in house, lemon mustard aioli on whole grain toast
tuna maltese - crisp butter lettuce, egg, red onions, tomato, radish, picholine olives, served on baguette
margherita pizza - ripe tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella
chicken pesto pizza - peppers, onions, roasted tomatoes, arugula and mozzarella cheese
butcher block pizza - pepperoni, chicken, capicolla and mozzarella cheese
west coast pizza - succulent tiger shrimp, pesto, sun dried tomato, feta cheese
gourmet pizza- wild mushroom, pear, prosciutto, and gorgonzola cheese

                                               greens $10
crab - crab cake pan-flashed, tofu, spicy orange chili sauce, spinach
asian spicy chicken - avocado, firm tofu, cashews, corn and water chestnuts, peanut lime vinaigrette mixed
      lettuces and crispy taro root
westin cobb - tossed with romaine, spring greens, cajun chicken, bacon, avocado tomato, blue cheese, egg,
      creamy herb vinaigrette
*steak & spinach - red onion, peppers, carrot, enoki mushroom, cabernet sauvignon vinaigrette

                                              features $10
                                    served with choice of fries or greens
*buffalo burger - locally raised all natural sustainable product**, sweet & spicy bbq sauce and mushrooms
*cheddar & bacon burger - 1/2 pound, the usual toppings
*southwestern burger - 1/2 pound angus burger, grilled onion, avocado
new york steak sandwich - horseradish aioli, grilled onions
chef’s bison bratwurst - on alsatian sauerkraut, onion sauce
cajun chicken sandwich - pineapple and mozzarella on ciabatta bread
quesadilla - roasted chicken, mild chilies, blended cheeses, chipotle mayo with salsa and guacamole
portobello - red pepper, artichoke aioli, aged white cheddar and spinach on baked ciabatta
salmon pasta - campanelle pasta, mushrooms, caper and white wine clam sauce
lamb shank - slow cooked lamb shank in its own juices, french green beans
mussels - chablis steamed mussels with onion, garlic and finished with butter

*consuming raw or undercooked meats, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.
** no growth hormones, no genetically modified organisms, not factory farmed
                                                   kids $1
                            kids 10 and under eat for $1 with each adult meal,
                                      additional kids meals as priced
                               single scoop of ice cream available for $2.00
pb&j - creamy peanut butter and grape jelly on hearth baked bread, choice of veggie sticks or fries $5.00
turkey sandwich - crustless mini sandwiches of oven roasted turkey, cheddar, lettuce, roma tomato, choice of
      veggie sticks or fries $6.00
soup & sandwich - mug of today’s soup, mini sandwich either turkey or cheese $7.00
hamburger on toast*- all the trimmings and cheese, choice of veggie sticks or fries $7.00
just a bowl of pasta - twisted noodles, marinara sauce, grated cheese $5.00
chicken crisps - all white meat chicken nuggets, potato fries and dipping sauce (bbq or sweet & sour) $7.00

                                              save room $6
apple tart - flakey crust apple tart, caramel sauce and vanilla Haagen Daz
white chocolate raspberry cake - with pistachio brittle
vanilla cheesecake - with bing cherry compote and graham cracker crust
crème brulee - spiced green tea (chai) crème brulee, chocolate wafer and berries
root beer float cake - cocoa nib crunch, anglaise sauce
black forest cake - kirsch scented anglaise sauce
Haagen Daz - 3 scoops, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate - add toppings for $2.00
too full for dessert? - how about coffee and cookie to go $4.00

soda - pepsi, diet pepsi, sierra mist, mountain dew, ginger ale, lemonade $2.00
iced tea - unsweetened lipton, arnold palmer (lemonade and iced tea) $2.00
juice - orange, apple, cranberry, grapefruit $3.50
red bull - can $4.00
kc twister - kid’s love it! $2.50
milk - whole, 2%, skim, and chocolate $2.50
bottled water -
       16oz ice mountain $2.00
       10z Perrier $2.25
       16oz Aqua Panna $3.75
       1 Liter Aqua Panna $4.95
       16oz San Pellegrino $3.75
       1 Liter San Pellegrino $4.95
hot drinks -
       starbucks coffee: regular and decaf $2.75
       starbucks hot teas $2.20
       starbucks lattes, cappuccinos, mochas $2.65-$4.00
       gourmet hot chocolate venti $3.00
virgin drinks - frozen margarita, pina colada, strawberry dacqouri $3.25
from the bar - ask about our beer pairings and other suggestions to make your meal even more enjoyable.

                                            more good stuff
♦   We sincerely thank you for dining with us! Get your Brasserie Cuisine Card today. For every 10 entrees
    purchased, we’ll give you a free one ($15.00 value). Bring a guest and receive credit for their meal too!
    We’ll even keep your card for you so you don’t have to remember to bring it. Just ask your server for more
♦   Feel free to call in your order and we’ll have it ready for you to eat in or take it with you. 816-391-4404
♦   Join us for Unwind, a Westin tradition. Mondays - Fridays from 5:30pm - 7:30pm, Brasserie Bar
♦   If you are a health club member, you can call in your order and pick it up on your way out the door. More
    information available in the health club on the 5th floor.
♦   Feel free to take this menu with you.

                                           Brasserie Classic Bar & Cafe
                                      Lobby Level Westin Crown Center Hotel
                                                  1 E Pershing Rd
                                             Kansas City, MO 64108