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									                                                                     Geovariances Newsletter n° 20 August 2003 / Oil & Gas

                                                                   RML - ISATIS link at its best

                                                                                   Probability of occurence of the dominant facies
                                                                                   in a carbonate reservoir
 E d i t o r’s       N o t e s

Innovation in
Isatis 4.2 with
the Plurigaussian
                                                                                   studying. Keeping geology upfront is
       imulation is one of the                                                     definitely the key to integrate the

S      most active topics of
       research and development
in geostatistics, and simulating
                                                                                   structural, stratigraphic and well data
                                                                                   into a single robust reservoir model. In
                                                                                   addition to build-in algorithms of
the facies inside reservoirs is a
crucial and interesting concern.                                                   RML, ISATIS enlarges RML simulation
Several methods have been                                                          capabilities to an even larger set of
developed to achieve this aim                                                      geostatistical methods to populate
and the Plurigaussian                     RML-Heresim, a module of the             high resolution 3D grids.
Simulations constitute one of             Reservoir Modeling Line (RML) of the     RML and Isatis are now linked through
the latest ones.
                                          IFP Group marketed by Beicip-            the GTX-Server access toolkit (see
The Plurigaussian Simulations
have been developped by the               Franlab, was the first geomodelling      here above the RML 3D display
Centre of Geostatistics of the            tool to be linked with ISATIS many       together with the Isatis GTX access
   Ecole des Mines de Paris in            years ago. Thanks to this alliance,      window). This seamless bridge
     response to a request from           users have been exploring the            strengthens the consistency and ease-
       the Institut Français du           advantage of building RML-ISATIS         of-use of the RML-ISATIS
        Pétrole, in order to
                                          flexible workflows to better honor       combination.
          enhance some features
          of Truncated Gaussian
                                          the geological settings they are         Rémi Mouchel, Beicip
           Simulations for
         simulating facies,               ISATIS around the world
       particularly: more
        complex anisotropies of                                                    ● Nicolas Jeannée went to Brazil for
        facies or more flexibility                                                 animating training sessions and
         in handling the                                                           participating to several consulting projects.
          transitions between the                                                  ● Several oil companies and consulting
          facies.                                                                  services in Germany, Algeria and Venezuela
          They constitute the                                                      are evaluating Isatis.
          natural extension of the
          Truncated Gaussian              ● Isatis is expending its presence in
         Simulations which are            the Middle East. Indeed, the Saudi
         already implemented              Geological Survey joined the Isatis
         into Isatis.                     Users community last July. Welcome
                      Yves Touffait       to them!
                 President Geovariances
              Software Product Manager
                                                                                     T H E U N I V E R S E O F G E O S TAT I S T I C S
                                 T H E     U N I V E R S E     O F    G E O S T A T I S T I C S

New partnership                   Isatis offers                                      the variographic structures are related
for Geovariances                                                                     to separate facies, the factor maps can
                                  feature                                            be used as templates to restrict the
                                                                                     conditional simulation of petrophysical
                                  extraction                                         properties (Figure 3, a-c). Alternatively,
                                                                                     a variographic structure could be
                                  via Factorial                                      related to an artifact, like an acquisition
                                                                                     footprint in seismic data. In this case,
                                  Kriging                                            the footprint can be isolated and
                                                                                     removed very simply.
Geomodelling Services
and Geovariances
combine their                     Fig. 1                                             Fig. 2
respective Geological
Modelling Know-How
and Geostatistics

    n June this year
    Geovariances and
    Geomodelling Services
agreed to work together in
the area of geological
modelling and geostatistics
to improve the range of
services offered to clients of    Figure 1 is the base image and can be the result   Figure 2 shows the base variogram model with
                                  from Kriging or CoKriging a variable(s), or any    the 3 major structures. 2a shows the traditional
each company.
                                  produced grid (2D or 3D), like from a seismic      variogram model and 2b shows the variogram
Geomodelling Services (GMS)       attribute. The image shows multiple features       map.
has offices in Aberdeen and       which can be related to the input variogram or
The Hague but operates            from a variogram derived from the grid itself.
worldwide. GMS specialises in     The major features that can be observed in this    Fig. 3
                                  example include a drift (approximately ENE-WSW),
building sub-surface
                                  a NW - SE intermediate direction of continuity,
computer models of                and an ENE-WSW small scale continuity.
geological structure,
sedimentology and rock
properties for the oil & gas
industry and other extractive
industries using software such
as Petrel, Gocad, RMS, CPS-3
                                  F    actorial Kriging is a geostatistical
                                       approach to isolating and extracting
                                  features related to the modeled variogram.
and other similar modelling       Commonly, the advantage to modeling a
tools.                            variogram with "nested" structures is to
The agreement between             provide a more accurate depiction of the
Geovariances and GMS will         spatial components that make up the
enable advanced                   variogram (nugget, scale1, sill1, scale 2,
                                  sill2, scale x sill x), and to thereby provide     Figure 3 is composed of the four factor maps.
geostatistical work for
                                  an improved interpolation. Isatis provides         Figure 3 a shows the isolated drift term
uncertainty evaluation and                                                           achieved by removing the effect of short and
property modelling to be          an additional advantage in allowing the            intermediate scale variographic structures. 3b
built into the geological         users to "decompose" the variogram into            depicts the Kriged map without the drift term.
modelling workflow normally       its component parts (factors), and visualize       3c is the factor map showing only the
executed by GMS. Clients of       their separate contributions to a Kriged 3D        intermediate variographic structure, and 3d is
either company will be able       volume or 2D map. The practical aspect to          the isolated contribution of the short scale
to access services of             this is simply to extract and verify the
Geovariances or GMS               appropriateness of the individual factors          If you wish to try your hand at Factorial
through their normal              with regard to the conceptual model, and           Kriging, select Interpolate from the main
channels and obtain               to potentially use each structure as a             menu. Then select Estimation and
potentially advantageous          template for further analysis or model             (CO)Kriging. In the (Co) Kriging menu
rates for an extended and         building. There are numerous examples of           open Spatial Model Options. It is simple
enhanced service.                 what can be done with the extracted                to use and very powerful. Good luck!
                                  features, or factor maps. For instance, if         Jeffrey Yarus, QGSI Houston
Peter Raymant
GMS President
                                          Introducing Isatis 4.2
                                          Isatis 4.2 will be available first quarter of 2004

                                                                                               visualized in the window according to
                                                                                               the convention you have set up.

● Additional simulations in Isatis :
Plurigaussian Simulations
This advanced methodology cannot
be ignored when dealing with              ● Completely redesigned
reservoir geometry and petrophysical      Variogram Map
properties modelling. Stochastic
simulations provide geologists and        Test the speed and the interactivity of
reservoir engineers with reliable         the new Variogram Map menu module.
representations of reservoir structure    while visualizing the results of the
while being aware of the uncertainties    computations concurrently in 3
                                          orthogonal planes.                                   ● New Interfaces
attached to them.
                                          "The modification the most visible"                  Two file formats of primary
                                          said Sébastien, one of the developers                importance for the Oil & Gas industry
                                          of Geovariances, "is the new fan                     can now be easily read by Isatis:
                                          representation of the variogram map.
                                          In addition among other                              ● SEG-Y Export
                                          enhancements, the application now
                                                                                               Many times requested by the Isatis
                                          enables to interactively identify and
                                                                                               users, a SEG-Y Export interface is
                                          select the direction of maximum
                                                                                               implemented in Isatis 4.2 and enables
                                          continuity, the corresponding
                                                                                               3D grid files to be exported into SEG-Y
                                          experimental variogram is then
Plurigaussian Simulations bring two                                                            format. The SEG-Y file will use
                                          automatically extracted and
new essential features in comparaison                                                          standard positions for fields and will
                                          concurrently displayed in three
with the Truncated Gaussian                                                                    also export coordinates. An additonal
                                          orthogonal planes if data is 3D".
Simulations:                                                                                   option allows in-lines/cross-lines to be
                                                                                               written to disk.In parallel, you will
● Transition between facies are no
                                                                                               notice that the SEG-Y Import interface
more frozen (border effect) and can
                                                                                               has completely been remastered and
be defined in many ways according to
                                                                                               allows the definition of the positions
a thresholding scheme and order
                                                                                               in the file of the fields to be imported
relationship between facies;
                                                                                               as well as the reading of the in-
                                                                                               lines/cross-lines (coordinates will
                                                                                               automatically be computed by Isatis).

                                                                                               ● ODBC Import
                                                                                               Specialist in resource evaluation,
                                                                                               Geovariances knows that communication
                                                                                               between Isatis and other software
● Different episodes in sedimentation
                                                                                               packages is a winning card. All our
and/or diagenesis and characterized by
                                                                                               customers have their own specialized oil
different random functions (different     ● Define your own system of
                                                                                               package to manage data information.
anisotropies and/or different             rotation.                                            Each package uses a data base to store
covariances) may be modelled.
                                          Another new thing in Isatis is the way               this information in its own way, but very
                                          you may define directions, grid rotations            often this data base is a standard one,
● Vertical Proportions Curves
                                          or anisotropies. Besides mathematician               like Oracle or Access.
They constitute the main                  and geologist conventions, you may now               In the next Isatis release, you will be
geostatistical tool (together with the    define your own convention. This allow               happy to find a generic ODBC interface
variograms) of the Plurigaussian          you to integrate into Isatis systems of              using SQL Requests to read from this
Simulations. They allow to identify the   rotation coming from other softwares.                database. You will then be able to use
main trends in the vertical and lateral   Angles are entered in degrees and the                simple or sophisticated requests to load
organization of sedimentary bodies.       rotation thus defined is immediately                 tables directly into the Isatis File System.
                                          T H E   U N I V E R S E     O F   G E O S T A T I S T I C S

CONGRESS:                                                                                Training Agenda
                                                                                          Courses description, bookings on
                                                                                          For more info, please mail to
                                                                                          ● Assessing Volumetric Uncertainties:
                                                                                          The Geostatistical Approach October,
                                                                                          20-22, 2003 Keywords: Conditional
    Come and meet our sales and                                                           Simulations, Spill Point
    technical representatives in the                                                      ● Time to depth Conversion: The
    next conferences. They will be                                                        Geostatistical Approach November, 5-
                                            Question to Jacques Deraisme,                 7, 2003 Keywords: Collocated
    pleased to present the latest           from the Consulting Team:                     Cokriging, External Drift, Velocity Cube
    releases 4.2 of Isatis and Isatoil.                                                   Calibration
                                                                                          ● Geostatistical Simulations for          S
    ● Technofest (HGS) in                   “Which methods of Isatis do you               Reservoir Characterization            NEW
    Houston (Texas), August 6,              think are little-known to the Isatis          March 8-10, 2004 Keywords:
                                                                                          Facies simulations, Proportion
    2003 (booth TBA).                       users?”                                       Curves, Reference Surface, Indicator
    ● AAPG International                                                                  Simulations, Truncated /
    Conference in Barcelona
                                           “The one which comes to my mind                Plurigaussian Simulations
                                           first is what is called Grid Operator          ● Available upon request:
    (Spain), September 21-24,
                                           in Isatis, which in fact groups                ● Introduction to Geostatistics for Oil
    2003 (booth 90).                                                                      & Gas (5 days) Keywords: Variograms,
                                           morphological and mathematical
    ● EAGE Conference in Tunis             operations”.                                   Kriging, Multivariate Geostatistics,
                                                                                          Simulations, Faults
    (Tunisia), October 6-9, 2003
                                           And yet, this tool has many interesting        ● Oil & Gas, Isatis Essentials (3 days)
    (booth 105).                                                                          Keywords: Getting started with Isatis:
                                           applications. For instance, running
                                                                                          Data Loading, Exploratory Data
    ● AAPG Mid-Continent Section           gradient operators on MNT grids may            Analysis, Kriging and Simulations
    2003 Meeting, Tulsa (USA),             highlight geological structural elements,      ● Geostatistical Gridding for the Oil &
    October 12-14, 2003                    like faults or channels. I remember cases      Gas Industry (3 days), 2003 Keywords:
                                           where some of these elements were not          Variography, Kriging, Wells and Seismic
    (booth TBA).
                                           visible without that.                          Integration
    ● SEG Conference in Dallas
                                           Or, Ive been asked once to delineate the
    (USA), October 27- 30, 2003
    (booth 538).
                                           reservoir, that is to identify the grid               Message from America
                                           nodes on the reservoir outline, i.e.
    ● AMGE in Cancun (Mexico),
    November 9-12, 2003
                                           beyond which the thickness of the
                                           reservoir is null. Instead of manually       D     uring the last CSPG meeting in Calgary in June, we
                                                                                              had the opportunity to visit the offices of a number
                                                                                        of clients where we had the chance to see some of the
    (booth 37).                            picking the contour cell by cell, this can   work they are doing and how Isatis is being implemented.
                                           be successfully (and faster!) achieved by    One common theme we saw was the use of Isatis to
                                                                                        compliment various earth modelling software packages
                                           running the erosion operator. The            like Petrel (Technoguide), Gocad (Earth Decisions
                                           principle of this operator is to replace a   Sciences), RMS (Roxar), and RML (Beicip). In particular, we
                                           grain by a pore if there is at least one     would like to recognize Dave Garner
                                                                                        (ConocoPhillips), who designed perhaps the
                                           pore in its neighborhood. For that, you      most powerful and efficient workflow
                                           have to create beforehand a selection        integrating numerous technologies to achieve
                                           variable where all the cells with a null     superb models. Additionally, Ned Etris
                                                                                        (Corelabs) implemented a creative use of
   France - Avon :                         thickness are set to 0 (pore), the other     Factorial Kriging to identify critical
   Phone : +33 1 60 74 90 90               cells being set to 1 (grain).                geological fabric previously undetected due
   Fax : +33 1 64 22 87 28                                                              to overwhelming structural dip. From my
   info@geovariances.com                   The erosion operator sets the cells with     point of view, both of these examples are
   USA, Houston :                          non null thickness which are adjacent to     very encouraging and demonstrate the high
   Phone : +1 713 789 9331                                                              level of practical functionality Isatis offers
                                           a cell with null thickness to 0 (a pore),
   Fax : +1 713 789 9318                                                                that is just not available elsewhere.
   info@geovariances-americas.com          all the other cells remaining unchanged.     Sincerely,
   Visit us at :                           By difference with the original grid you     Jeffrey M.Yarus, Ph.D.
   www.geovariances.com                    get the nodes on the reservoir outline.      President, Geovariances,America

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