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									October 2009

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  SENEDIA 2009 Scholarship

  ASFT’s Congressional Visit

  SENEDIA Support’s Navy League

  Senator Reed’s Visit

  Briefings with Homeland Security

  Lunch with RI Governor

  4th Annual Defense & Oceans

  2009 Golf Tournament


  The Southeastern New England
    Defense Industry Alliance
 An alliance of Defense and Homeland Security Companies work-
 ing together with the National, State and local organizations for
 prosperity in the Southeastern New England Region
                                                                     The recently re-designed SENEDIA Web Page ( provides current
                                                                     information of interest to the Southeastern New England Defense and Homeland Se-
         SENEDIA Board Members
                                                                     curity support industry. The site provides news and feature articles and links to key
                                                                     Department of Defense sites. Employees of member companies are afforded access
              Bob Mushen, President                                  to the “member only” section of the site that provides more detailed information, an
   Rich Talipsky, 1st Vice President, SEA CORP                       interactive forum on National security issues and announcements for “member only’
       Warren Blakeley, 2nd Vice President,                          events.
            McLaughlin Research Corp
          Joe Beck, Secretary, ChemArt
  Beth Nass, Treasurer, Epsilon System Solutions,
          Jim Bouthillier, BAE Systems                                                 President’s Message
   Pat Burke - Integrated Management Solutions
         Tim DelGiudice, Raytheon IDS
                                                                     SENEDIA has continued to fulfill its mission of representing member companies
       Dave Dietrich, General Dynamics, IT                           by providing authoritative information to the Navy, congressional and state of-
        Lee Freitag, Booz Allen Hamilton                             fices, and the local communities on the importance of our Defense and Homeland
           Juergen Keil, RITE Solutions                              Security support to the region.
                Wayne King, ASFT
                Joe Kranz - at Large
                                                                     Southeastern New England has been hit particularly hard in this economic down-
           Kelly Mendell, MIKEL, Inc.                                turn. Nevertheless, our local and National decision-makers have come to under-
              Ron Murdock, Progeny                                   stand that the companies in our business sector have been a positive force in the
              Hugh Murphy - Purvis                                   challenging business environment through which the region and our Nation are
               Kathy Pazera - SAIC                                   navigating.
             John Riendeau - RIEDC
        John Sirmalis - Private Consultant                           I am proud of the effort that the SENEDIA Board members have provided in sup-
            Steve Stewart - Orbis, Inc.                              port of a variety of important issues. The work they do for the betterment of the
                                                                     entire alliance, often anonymously, is inspiring.
                     P.O Box 4171                                    The future will surely provide both opportunities and challenges. Our alliance will
                  Middletown RI 02842                                continue to champion the issues that will help us leverage our strengths to capital-
                                                                     ize on the recovering economy.
                                                                                                                                   Best Rega
SENEDIA NEWS                                                                                                                      October 2009

       SENEDIA Announces 2009 Science And Technology
                    Scholarship Awards
                                                                               Who is eligible and what are the requirements? Any student,
                                                                               a permanent resident of the Southeastern New England area
                                                                               (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts), who is currently
                                                                               matriculating at either University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
                                                                               (UMASSD), University of Rhode Island (URI), or University
                                                                               of Connecticut (UCONN Avery Point) in a STEM related field
                                                                               and expects to enter the 5th semester or later equivalent for the
                                                                               Spring/Fall 2009/2010 term is eligible for an award.
                                                                               The scholarship award criteria are based on the student’s dem-
                                                                               onstrated interest in STEM education and a subsequent career in
                                                                               science, technology or education. STEM includes any science
                                                                               or technology subject (e.g. physics, chemistry, psychology, biol-
                                                                               ogy), any engineering related field or specialty (e.g. electrical,
                                                                               chemical, civil, mechanical, computer science) and any field
                                                                               related to mathematics (e.g. operations research, statistics). If
                                                                               you have a question about whether or not your major study area
                                                                               qualifies, please contact one of the individual listed below and a
                                                                               determination will be provided to you.
                                                                               Applications for the 2010 selection will be available in
                                                                               January 2010 on the SENEDIA web site.
                                                                               Who do I contact if I have any questions about the applica-
                                                                               tion? Questions can be directed to one of the following:
SENEDIA President, Bob Mushen, presents a STEM scholarship check to
Ruthann Catharine Sampson
                                                                               Mr. John Riendeau: 401-278-9162 or
The Southern New England Defense-Industry Alliance                             Richard Talipsky: 401-847-2260 or
(SENEDIA) has announced three winners of their schol-
arship program. Each year, this program awards scholar-                        Dr. Joseph J. Kranz: 401-619-4024 or
ships to college students finishing their sophomore year                       Ms. Kathy Pazera: 401-341-2734 or
who are majoring in fields primarily related to science,
technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Sup-                          Mr. Patrick Burke: 401-619-4023 or
port for STEM education is growing nationwide with
support by National Science Foundation and the U.S. Depart-
ment of Education. SENEDIA recognizes the critical role that                                SENEDIA’S 2009 $500
STEM education plays in U.S. competitiveness and America’s                                  Scholarship Winners;
future economic prosperity. The most recent employment pro-
                                                                                           • Ruthann Catharine Sampson of
jections by the U.S. Department of Labor show that of the 20
                                                                                             Pawcatuck, CT,
fastest growing occupations projected for 2014, 15 of them re-
quire significant science or mathematics preparation. America’s                            • Wendy Catherine Finn of Green, RI, and
global competitiveness will increasingly depend on its ability to                          • Heather Lynn Durfee of West
better educate young people in the sciences.                                                 Greenwich, RI
                                                                                             (all University of Rhode Island students)
                                                                                           Due to the number of exceptional applica-
Although the scholarship selection is completed for 2009,                                  tions received, an anonynous donor offered
SENEDIA will continue this effort next year. The application                               to award honorable mentions to several
process will be similar to this year and will be announced in the                          other applicants. The following applicants
Fall.                                                                                      (all from URI) were awarded $100 as hon-
                                                                                           orable mentions.
Information about SENEDIA Scholarship Application:                                         • Kasy Jeness of Rehoboth, MA
Who is offering this scholarship? The Southeastern New                                     • Naomi Andrews of Richmond, RI
England Defense Industry Alliance is offering multiple $500                                • Lauren Creamer of Narragansett, RI
scholarships for the 2009/2010 term to matriculating Science,
                                                                                           • Wayne Martini of Hope, RI
Technology, Engineering and Mathematics students for the
Spring/ Fall (2009/2010) term.
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SENEDIA NEWS                                                                                                               October 2009

    ASFT’s Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Facility Gets
                  Congressional Visit
On July 11th 2009 Speaker of the House
of Representative Nancy Pelosi, along
with Congressman Patrick Kennedy and
Congressman Jim Langevin made a
special visit to the Aquidneck Corporate
Park, home to Advanced Solutions for
Tomorrow (ASFT) Newport office, to
see a State-of-The-Art Manufacturing,
Integration, and test facility for Autonomous
Underwater Vehicles (AUV’S). The facility
can build and test up to eight (8) units
simultaneously. Mr. Wayne King, Executive
Vice President and COO, Stated that
“ASFT is making a significant investment
in this facility that will ultimately result
in new jobs in the State of Rhode Island.
One of our goals is to expand our current
government service work to include product
development, which we will commercialize
to new markets such as the oil and gas
The Mid-Sized Autonmous Reconfigurable
Vehicle (MARV) is a state-of-the-art UUV
providing the cost and manageability benefits associated with the mid-size class of vehicles. Features include the latest processing
technology, a highly accurate navigation system, built-in portable tracking, and acoustic, and RF communications, all in a reconfigurable
Working jointly with the NAVY, ASFT will manufacture the first proof of production unit called “MARV III” which will roll out the door
for in-water evaluation in January. Mr. Phil Higgins, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for ASFT see’s MARV III as “a cost-effective
alternative for the NAVY to provide interim capability for the protection of the fleet”. Mr. Higgins also stated that “We need to keep our
eyes open to inserting new technologies, increase the performance envelope and to find ways to reduce manufacturing time and cost of
these systems”.
Mr. Anjan Dutta-Gupta, President and CEO, is leading ASFT’s initiative to also explore the commercial potential for AUV’s. “I strongly
support our ongoing efforts. The potential for these types of vehicles with a modular design is extremely beneficial. It will allow us to
rapidly integrate new sensors and new technologies as they are developed. We will be able to customize a unique mission package for
any customers’ needs. The commercial potentials for AUVs in Archeological, Environmental, Scientific Research and Exploration are
creating a very exciting future for us”.
ASFT is planning on producing 8 more AUVs over the next two years.

         SENEDIA Firms Support the Navy League Military
                      Appreciation Event
The Military Appreciation Night is an event held annually by the Newport Chapter of the Newport Navy League. The 2009 event had
Vice Admiral Kevin McCoy, the Commander of the Naval Sea Systems Command as the featured speaker. ADM McCoy provided
an inspiring set of videos that showed missions the sea services are performing around the world. SENEDIA sponsored a table at the
event. Table sponsors have uniformed military guests at their tables. SENEDIA companies sponsoring their own tables included SEA
CORP, McLaughlin Research, Rite-Solutions, SAIC, Purvis Systems, Raytheon, L3 Communications, and BAE.

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SENEDIA NEWS                                                                                                               October 2009

       Senator Reed's Military Legislative Assistant Visits
                      SENEDIA Companies
Carolyn Chuhta, Senator Reed’s                                                                    The demonstration included an over-
Military Legislative Assistant, vis-                                                              view of the development and tests of
ited SENEDIA member companies in                                                                  the UPSIDE system in Phases 1 and
Middletown, RI on August 21st, 2009.                                                              2 and the planned completion of the
Ms. Chuhta Toured facilities and labs                                                             system development in Phase 3 of the
and received briefings on corporate                                                               program. UPSIDE provides an open
structures and technical projects. She                                                            architecture test bed environment
was engaging and asked solid techni-                                                              and modeling and simulation tool for
cal questions. She was very interested                                                            surface and underwater sensors and
in recruiting and was impressed at the                                                            situational awareness displays as well
retention of people and new hires in                                                              as for first responder incident man-
this difficult economy.                                                                           agement and control systems used for
                                                                                                  port security against potential terrorist
At Progeny she learned about their in-                                                            threats.
ternship successes, job fairs, and “rent-
to-own” temp agencies. Following a                                                                  At SEA CORP Carolyn met with
tour of Progeny’s facilities and labs,                                                              President Larry Willner, Senior Vice
Progeny provided Carolyn with a corporate overview briefing               President Dave Lussier and VP for Corporate Development
and a separate briefing focused on the local Rhode Island of-             Rich Talipsky who provided a corporate overview and a tour
fice in terms of how it relates to the overall company and the            of SEA CORP’s Middletown facilities. She saw the techni-
important contributions made by the RI office to DoD objec-               cal production facilities and the various applications of SEA
tives. Progeny then discussed SENEDIA as a valuable venue                 CORP’s automotive air bag inflator technology that is a Navy
for networking and how important it was in a small state and a            SBIR success story supported by Senator Reed’s office. The
smaller island to maintain healthy working relationships with             help that Senator Reed has provided has helped a small com-
our neighboring companies and that we often seek each other               pany like SEA CORP to leverage a small independent research
out as strategic partners in new solicitations.                           and development investment into significant technology appli-
                                                                          cations. The technology has blossomed from a Phase I SBIR
PURVIS systems and Rite Solutions, along with John Rien-                  project over 10 years ago to a multi-faceted program where air
deau of the Rhode Island Economic Development Corpora-
                                                                          bag inflators are used in a variety of military and commercial
tion provided her a demonstration and simulation of the Un-
dersea Perimeter Security Integrated Defense Environment
(UPSIDE) System at the Rite Solutions facility in Middletown.

 Business Opportunities Briefing Within the Department
                of Homeland Security
                                    Dr. Thomas A. Cellucci, Chief Commercializa-
                                    tion Officer for the S&T Directorate, Department
                                    of Homeland Security, came to address local
                                    southern New England companies on business
                                    opportunities within DHS. His visit, initiated
                                    by Tom Kowalczyk, was held at Rite Solutions on
                                    March 10. Dr. Cellucci provided an overview of
                                    commercialization initiatives at DHS, including a
                                    discussion of several new programs instituted by
                                    DHS to accelerate the deployment of science and
                                    technology to their operational components and
                                    first responders. He also offered practical advise
                                    concerning the “dos” and “don’ts of marketing the
                                    DHS, including a discussion on “common lan-
                                    guage” concerning technology maturity and ro-
                                    bustness. This highly interactive session, session
                                    was very successful, attracting over 50 members
                                   of local companies.

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SENEDIA NEWS            October 2009

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SENEDIA NEWS                                                                                                                  October 2009

                RI Governor Joins SENEDIA for April Lunch
Governor Donald Carcieri addressed SENEDIA                                               isting commands such as NUWC. The Governor
and NCMA members in April at the Naval Sta-                                              spoke about his attempts and successes in reduc-
tion Newport Officer’s Club. Governor Carcieri                                           ing the overall state workforce in these difficult
thanked SENEDIA Leaders for their efforts in the                                         economic times. He noted how he has reduced
BRAC 2005 process, both with information shar-                                           the workforce by several thousand individuals
ing and member insights on Navy programs criti-                                          and mentioned how the municipalities needed
cal in formulating the state’s strategy. The Gov-                                        to review their own labor needs as a means of
ernor talked about the successes from the BRAC                                           controlling operating costs and keeping property
process, specifically the 500+ new jobs coming                                           taxes in check for taxpayers.
with new tenant commands and expansion of ex-

 SENEDIA Participates in Rhode Island Business Leader’s
                  Day in Washington.
Annually, Senator Jack Reed is                                                                          of the SEC), Kathleen Sebelius
the honorary co-sponsor (with the                                                                       (Secretary of Health and Human
Rhode Island Food Dealers Associ-                                                                       Services), Ben Bernanke (FED
ation) to host a day on Capitol Hill                                                                    Chairman) and Jared Bernstein
for over 100 Rhode Island Business                                                                      (Chief Economist and Economic
Leaders. This year’s event was held                                                                     Policy Advisor to the Vice Presi-
on 19 September and several mem-                                                                        dent). We were also treated to two
bers of the SENEDIA board of di-                                                                        exceptional talks by two members
rectors attended.                                                                                       of the media that included Chris
                                                                                                        Matthews (Host of “Hardball with
Senator Reed’s high regard within                                                                       Chris Matthews” and “The Chris
our Federal Government resulted                                                                         Matthews Show” on MSNBC) and
in an exceptional array of speakers                                                                     Charlie Cook (Publisher, The Cook
from a wide spectrum of Govern-                                                                         Political Report, and Political Ana-
ment and media organizations that                                                                       lyst, The National Journal Group).
provided frank and open comments
about issues facing our Nation to-                                                                       This event is a prime example of
day. Speakers included Senators                                                                          how the people of Rhode Island are
John Kerry (D-MA) (Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations                      in a unique position in being able to closely associate with Na-
Committee) , Susan Collins (R-ME) (Ranking Member, Sen-                    tional leaders on a personal level. SENEDIA uses this position
ate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Af-                      to stay in the forefront in areas that directly enhance the ability
fairs), Carl Levin (D, MI) (Chairman, Senate Armed Services                of our local companies to thrive.
Committee), Lamar Alexander (R-TN) (Chairman, Senate
Republican Conference) and Rhode Island’s own Congressio-
nal Delegation of Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Congress-
man Patrick Kennedy, and Congressman Jim Langevin. We
were also fortunate to hear from Ted Kennedy, Jr., son of the
late Senator Edward Kennedy. The meeting was held in the
Russell Senate Office Building in a room that had just been re-
named the Kennedy Caucus Room in honor of his late father.
This is an historic room where Senators Jack and Robert Ken-
nedy had announced their candidacy for President of the United
States and where many famous hearings were held including
the Watergate Hearings and hearings following the sinking of
the Titanic.
Other senior Government leaders that we heard from were Ken
Salazar (Secretary of the Interior), Mary Shapiro (Chairman

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SENEDIA NEWS                                                                                                                  October 2009

          4th Annual Rhode Island Defense & Oceans Day
                                                                          has achieved with UAVs; Dr. Robert Ballard, URI Graduate
                                                                          School of Oceanography and the Center for Ocean Exploration
                                                                          who talked about the new Center for Ocean Exploration (also
                                                                          known as the InnerSpace Center) at URI and its connections
                                                                          with the new Okeanos Explorer, the first and only NOAA spon-
                                                                          sored and dedicated research vessel for ocean research. The
                                                                          Okeanos Explorer will be homeported at the Port of Davisville
                                                                          in North Kingstown and travel the oceans while streaming
                                                                          video back to URI for National STEM education programs for
                                                                          elementary and secondary education; Professor Jeffrey Nor-
                                                                          witz, National Security Studies, Naval War College who spoke
                                                                          about the closing of the Guantanamo Detention Center under a
                                                                          presentation entitled “What Next”?
                                                                          The last speaker was Paul Rich, Chief Development Officer of
                                                                          Deepwater Wind, who provided an overview of the proposed
The 4th Annual Rhode Island Defense & Oceans Day was                      offshore wind project sponsored by the State of Rhode Island.
held at the CCRI Newport County Campus on May 22, 2009.
SENEDIA was a main sponsor of the RI Economic Develop-                    The event was well attended with a major article reported in the
ment Corporation’s forum held in Newport for the first time.              June edition of the Marine Technology Reporter.
Senator Jack Reed opened the event with a pre-recorded
video message thanking everyone for attending and partici-
pating in the forum. Senator Reed acknowledged the value
of Narragansett Bay as a great physical lab for testing of en-
vironmental and defense systems. Other speakers included:
J. Michael Saul, Interim Executive Director, RIEDC who pro-
vided welcome remarks and Economic Statistics on the RI De-
fense Industry; ADM Phil Wisecup, President of the Naval
War College, who presented an overview of the NWC, 2009
being the 125th Anniversary of the NWC; Donald McCor-
mack, Technical Director, NUWC who discussed the need for
standards in UUV development to achieve what the Air Force                        ADM Wisecup with audience members.. B Ballard, MG
                                                                                  Robert Bray and R.Talipsky on the far right.

                         The threat of rain held off                                Physics, Inquest Technologies, Mayer Hoffman
                         and, considering the weather                               McCann P.C., Progeny, Raytheon and SEA CORP.
                         circumstances, the 7th An-
                         nual SENEDIA Golf Tour-                                    Gift Donations were provided by ASFT, ChemArt,
                         nament went off without a                                  Progeny, Rite Solutions, McLaughlin Research
                          hitch and everyone really                                 Corporation and SAIC, with a special lunch provid-
                          had a good time. The annual                               ed by Fatulli’s Gourmet Bakery and Deli.
                          tournament with proceeds                                  The event could not have been possible without
                          going to the SENEDIA Sci-                                 the hard work of the Golf Committee directed by
                           ence, Technology, Engi-                                  Conn Kelly with members: Mary O’Rourke, Dom
                           neering and Mathematics                                  Gargano, Harry Watson, Joe Beck, and Kathy
                           Scholarship Fund was held                                Pazera and other volunteers Ally Hague and Lynn
at                       the Fenner Hill Golf Course.                               Gargano.
With an early shotgun start, over 30 teams took to the
course. In the end, the MIKEL team                                                       All things considered,
took top honors with SEA CORP a                                                          it was a wildly suc-
close second followed by General Dy-                                                     cessful tournament
namics IT and RDSI. Smashing the                                                         for a great cause to
longest drives were Mary O’Rourke                                                        help our aspiring en-
and Joe Beck.                                                                            gineers, scientists
                                                                                         and mathematicians
Gold tournament sponsors in-                                                             through their under-
cluded ASFT, CBIZ Tofias, Che-                                                           graduate studies.
mArt, General Dynamic IT, General
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SENEDIA NEWS                                                                                                 October 2009

                     SENEDIA Member Appreciation BBQ

                                         Be A Senedia Member
  SENEDIA Corporate Membership affords all company employees individual membership privileges include discounts to
  SENEDIA events and invitation to “members only’ events and web site access. To find out how your company can become a
  member, visit our web site:

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