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To read and learn more about Planning and how it may help you and your community, staff have written the following award-winning handbooks (1996 Pomery Award for Land Use from the New York Planning Federation). They are available at a nominal cost. Prices are subject to change. Feel free to contact the Planning Department at (607) 547-4225 to obtain updated price information. Otsego County Planning and Zoning Handbook--$7 Otsego County Subdivision Handbook--$7 Otsego County Site Plan Handbook--$7 Otsego County State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) Handbook $9 Otsego County Zoning Enforcement Officer (ZEO) Handbook--$5 Comprehensive Planning Handbook--$7 Model Zoning Ordinance –old version $7 Model Zoning Ordinance –new version $7 Model Zoning Ordinance – simple $7 Model Subdivision Regulations $9 Otsego County Data Book 1990 $7 Otsego County Housing Study $9 Housing Market Study $7 Model Zoning Administration Forms $7 Otsego County Building Study (most current issue) $7 Municipal Officials List $7 Importance Series whole package $1.25 Importance of Geographic Informational Systems (GIS): its impacts on planning (pamphlet) Importance of Site Plan Review: What it is and what you should know about it (pamphlet) Importance of Subdivision Regulations: The common misconceptions (pamphlet) Importance of Zoning: How it may affect you and your community (pamphlet) Maps Otsego County Highway Map $1 Otsego County Trails Map $1 Otsego County Cemetery Map $1 Order Information To have any of the handbooks or maps mailed to you, send us a check for the amount listed above and a self addressed 9x13 manila envelope with $2.50 postage affixed to the envelope for handbooks and $1.50 postage for maps. GIS Maps The Planning Department has the capability of creating maps at your request. All GIS maps are produced using ESRI software and data from Otsego County GIS and Real Property Tax. Gives us a call to discuss your options at (607) 547-4225. Color Maps 8.5x11-$5 24x36-$10 36x48-$15