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									DPW COMMITTEE Wednesday, January 10, 2007 Joyce Morency, Chairman William Ferebee, Vice-Chairman

Chairman Morency called this DPW Committee to order at 10:00 a.m. with the following Supervisors in attendance: Robert Ashline, Jeanne Ashworth, George Canon, Daniel Connell, Robert Dedrick, Robert Dobie, Randy Douglas, William Ferebee, Dale French, Anthony Glebus, Ronald Jackson, Michael McSweeney, Noel Merrihew, Joyce Morency, Gerald Morrow, Cathy Moses, Thomas Scozzafava and Shirley Seney. Department Heads present were: Fred Buck and Cliff Donaldson. Also present was: Judy Garrison, Deputy Clerk.

MORENCY: We will call the DPW meeting to order and we will start with a salute to the flag.

HIGHWAY DIVISION: BUCK: The mild weather over the past several weeks has allowed us to continue with road maintenance. The crews replaced a culvert on the Creek Road and repaired a wash out on the Stevenson Road. Another washout was filled in on the Ensign Pond Road and a beaver dam was removed in Chesterfield on the Port Douglas Road. New guide rails were either installed or damaged rails replaced on the Tracy Road. Rails were also repaired on the bridge in Tahawus. Trees have been cut and trimmed out in Tahawus and the Vineyard Road in Crown Point. Ditching has been completed in Mineville across from the VFW. We have also begun ditching out in Tahawus. Numerous driveway aprons have been repaired as well as a continuing effort to keep potholes filled. The weather has also allowed us to repair and clean culverts, normally we would be frozen in with snow and ice. We are currently working on putting our road project program together for this year as well as completing the annual report. The new Greenough bridge in North Hudson has been erected and launched. The wing walls have been installed and the temporary bridge will be dismantled. It will be packaged up and sent back to the manufacturer so we will no longer have to pay rent on it. The temporary bridge that was in Jay was disassembled and moved over to North Elba on the Heart Lake Road, it will be used until the town bridge is replaced. County personnel are currently assembling the structure and will be launching it shortly with the help of the North Elba highway department. When the town bridge is replaced by the new structure it will be long enough to be taken over by the county. Work on the Jersey bridge in AuSable Forks has been completed and is open to traffic. The project involved replacing the deck, floor beams and stringers. We currently have the bridge posted for 15 ton but plan to open it to all legal loads next week. We are just waiting for the final concrete breaks and the full 28-day cure for the deck.

Page 2 DPW Committee January 10, 2007 Work on the Jay bridge has been shut down for the winter and should proceed again in April. Paving needs to be completed on the old Mill Hill road, John Fountain road and Covered Bridge Lane (formerly the Glen Road). The Covered Bridge has been set down on its abutments and the approach work will be completed in the spring. All the curbing, walkways and landscaping will be finished up by the summer. Engineering is being completed for several other bridge projects including Soper road in Chesterfield and the Lower Bullrock road in Ticonderoga. A level one inspection will also be completed by spring for the Lower Bridge in Keeseville. Any questions? DOUGLAS: Fred, you are going to be getting a letter and I don’t know if you got it yesterday or not but we have had a few residents and I was going to bring this to your attention before and I forgot before I went out for surgery, my board members have brought it to my attention that residents are walking on the new bridge and the new road and motorists have complained that they can’t see the pedestrians until they get right on top of them. Are there any plans, do you know, with Joel? I sent a copy of the letter to Joel too wondering if there was any plans of lighting from the DOT on that or is that something we are going to have to look at in the future? BUCK: We are going to have to keep an eye on that, there is no walk-way. DOUGLAS: Right, there is no walk way and people are utilizing it left and right to exercise and motorists. I haven’t heard the complaints but my board members have and all of them have brought it to my attention. MORENCY: Any other questions? Okay, we do have a resolution on the Otis bridge, you have it on your desks. Does someone care to move it? RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE REPLACEMENT OF THE OTIS BRIDGE IN THE TOWN OF ELIZABETHTOWN WITH A NEW 40-TON BRIDGE AT THE SITE OF THE EXISTING BRIDGE. This was offered by Mr. Dobie, seconded by Mr. Ashline. MORENCY: Discussion? The resolution on your desks is from the Town of Elizabethtown - on a motion of Councilman Fenimore, with a unanimous second, the following resolution was adopted. Resolved that the Town of Elizabethtown Board has made a recommendation that the Otis Bridge be replaced with a new bridge at the site of the existing bridge. It would be our desire that the new bridge will accommodate a 40-ton load and/or meet the standard protocol and procedure for Essex County bridges. It is signed by the Town Clerk. MERRIHEW: Under discussion, I just wanted everyone to understand that it appeared that this board, who will make the ultimate decision on that, was looking for direction from my municipality. It was my board’s direction that we forward their feelings to this body and enter it into your records so that you know where the Town of Elizabethtown’s town board stands on this project. MORENCY: Further discussion? DOBIE: From my point of view, I agree that the bridge should be replaced with a new one and the

Page 3 DPW Committee January 10, 2007 county should move forward. CONNELL: Is 40-ton the standard? BUCK: Yes. MORENCY: I think I am sort of missing something here, did we pass a resolution of this board to replace this bridge yet or we haven’t done that? BUCK: It is done as far as the bond money. MORENCY: It is going through the bond act. Has it been passed through this board yet Fred? BUCK: I believe that it has. MORENCY: Okay, so this is after the fact? MERRIHEW: It was after the fact because of discussion that took place afterwards and the input of some of the public in Elizabethtown and other towns concerning the situation there that this body was in agreement that they were looking for direction from the town that is situated here with that bridge and that is why it was felt to be necessary for us to unequivocally put forward where my town board stands on this issue and with that being entered into the record then we believe it can follow that at Ways and Means and at full board all board members here understand where the Town of Elizabethtown is on this issue. CANON: This is going to come up for another vote at Ways and Means and full board on this bridge because another hat that I have on, I understand the Adirondack Architectural Heritage group, which I am a board member, is opposing this. I will either vote no or abstain when it comes to full board. MORENCY: Any other questions or comments? CONNELL: Well, I have never had as many people contact me on an issue as I have had on this bridge. I don’t know, we are simply going to replace it? That is what this resolution is going to do and we have to replace it with a 40-ton bridge? MERRIHEW: For clarity, the resolution that I have requested to be entered into the record is the Town of Elizabethtown’s recommendation of what position we have taken there as an advocacy toward this board to make that decision. Understanding the recent controversial nature that there was two positions to consider here, whether to renovate the bridge that was there and undertake structural investigations and come to some other conclusion and what is the standard procedure for the County of Essex. This board appeared to be looking for direction from my municipality and that is what this states. MORENCY: This is your recommendation from your board?

Page 4 DPW Committee January 10, 2007 MERRIHEW: Yes. CANON: Well having said what I said, just for the record, I have always supported the towns position on these sort of issues and I certainly think that that is the right thing to do, it is just putting me in kind of a box but if that is what the town wants that is what this board will support. DONALDSON: Can I just ask, what is the Architectural Heritage of this bridge? What makes it so important that it should be preserved? CANON: Well I think it is the bridge and the camps, was this a girl’s camp or some kind of a recreational camp 100 years ago or something like that? I am not sure that the bridge has anything specific of a historical nature but I am not sure that it doesn’t either. I think ARCH is involved primarily because of the cabins that are back there that somehow they feel are going to be in jeopardy with the new bridge. MERRIHEW: There is historical significance to the bridge, it is a truss structure, a pony truss bridge where there are very, very few still left standing. This has been in consideration for two years or something like that and certainly we know there are some easement considerations also with this proposal. With the other proposal what the communications and contacts have been about to somehow retain the historical nature of the present bridge that is there now but being able to offer or supply the necessary access to the property’s on the other side of that bridge. Consideration for restoring the historical bridge was could we get that capacity up to a 40-ton capacity and preliminarily it does not seem to be the case so the argument was - could we restore the bridge to for instance, 15 tons? Whatever that cost would be would that be acceptable for my town board’s position and they felt, no. We needed to offer and supply access for all vehicular traffic. CONNELL: One last question if I may, do we have an estimate now on what the cost of this 40-ton bridge would be? MORENCY: Fred, can you answer that? BUCK: A couple hundred thousand dollars. CONNELL: A couple hundred thousand. Not the $400,000, $600,000, $800,000 figure that we are hearing? BUCK: Correct. MORENCY: If this passes and goes forward it will come out of the bond act money that is available? BUCK: Yes. MERRIHEW: I would add if I may, at the ad hoc committee, we met about a month ago with all interested parties there, it was decided at that time and we had this as an option, the restoration possibility and there are ongoing investigations as to a proposal to still restore that other bridge and

Page 5 DPW Committee January 10, 2007 come up with some hard number and time line where that proposal could be presented to this board. How that has transformed up to this point I am not sure but we still anticipate that there will be those numbers available to this body prior to that. MORENCY: Similar to the Jay bridge situation. MERRIHEW: Yes but given that being said, we wanted it to be clear to this body that the Town of Elizabethtown town board, no matter what the number or time line is on that other one, we would still support the replacement of that bridge with a new bridge. ASHWORTH: I was going to say, it is troubling because we have gotten so many emails and people feel very strongly about what happens to this bridge. I just feel as if, even though I am not on this committee, but feel as if we need to take into consideration the interest of the people that have sent all those emails. I know that Noel just said that we are going to get a time frame on perhaps restoring the bridge to a standard that would be adequate so it does sound like affording time includes restoration is somewhat impossible. I would like to offer the opportunity for somebody to come and talk to us about other options before we go ahead and just say we support a 40-ton bridge. MORENCY: We are talking our a towns recommendation for a 40-ton bridge, there is a possibility that the old bridge will be preserved similar to what we did with the Jay Covered bridge? MERRIHEW: That option would be explored by me personally after the fact and for the last two years that has been one of the options, once that bridge has been removed then it still has historical significance. We have offered two different options, leave it there on site on the other side of the bridge where it could be viewed or utilized or possibly brought to the Westport fairground at the DEC area to span a wet area and then it would still have that historical significance once a year when people go to the fair. MORENCY: Adirondack Architectural people should be happy with that. MORROW: I am glad we have a while before Ways and Means because I am between a rock and a hard place here. I do want to do and support the Town of Elizabethtown board but on the other hand I have and I have said it before, I have three bridges closed in the Town of Chesterfield and people are nagging me every day to get these bridges, at least one or two of them, open. One was a 3-ton for just passenger cars and that was closed too. This bridge is still open and when I asked the question at the meeting when we had all the people - how long has this bridge been opened just for passenger cars and the answer was, as long as we can remember and there has never been a problem. Now I don’t know if there has been something come on since, this has been opened all this time for cars - so I am between a rock and a hard place. I have three bridges closed and I can’t get one of them open, Fred is working on them and I am glad about that and I thank Fred for that, but here we have a bridge that the other two over here said we get emails all the time, people don’t want this bridge open. I don’t know what I am going to do when it comes to Ways and Means. JACKSON: We have the group come in and they had a proposal that they were going to work with

Page 6 DPW Committee January 10, 2007 other owners and a different route for the new bridge, we gave them the opportunity and they couldn’t get it to fruition. We tried to work with them in that area and we have other proposals so the bridge itself can be preserved even if not in its present use and present location. It is expensive, there are other bridges that need work, but on the other hand you can’t get a fire truck or an ambulance across there and I think there is a certain amount of liability there; there is no other option around. I know you have problems Jerry but at least this is a viable option to get it done in a reasonable time, there is none for this place and it kind of puts an added incentive because of that liability to move forward on it. CANON: Well I have never been one to beat around the bush too much - how much of this is about a historic bridge and how much of this is about an objection to the possible logging operation in back of it? Is that what is driving the train here? Let’s put it out there on the floor. That is what is driving the train. MERRIHEW: I just want to go back to what Jerry said and I think that that is part of my board’s consideration is we have allocated money now that is specific for the replacement of that bridge, be it a restoration or be it a replacement of a standard Essex County bridge. The concern that we have is if this is put off and put off and put off and intermingled with a lot of different issues, that time line is going to go away and that money will be allocated for one of Jerry’s bridges or a bridge that is going to fail in Dan’s town or something like that. We have a concern that our window of opportunity is going to close and we are hoping that this will move this forward. SCOZZAFAVA: I am not on this committee but I certainly support the replacement of that bridge. I have received every one of those emails and to expound on Mr. Canon, there are a lot of selfserving interests involved in this and that is just being truthful, if you read between the lines here. I don’t know why it is an issue, it is a county-owned bridge. The bridge needs to be replaced. The reason that there are very few of these bridges left standing is because they don’t fulfill today’s needs. It is a town highway and quite frankly for this body not to back what the Town of Elizabethtown is requesting us to do, in my opinion, is wrong. This is their community, let them deal with the political outfall. Our concern should be the fact that it is a county-owned bridge and it needs to be replaced. DOUGLAS: Just a quick comment here about when the Jay bridge, the similarity between now and then, with the Jay bridge controversy, it was a split decision with the town board. There was a 3-2 with my Dad out sick at that time and that is why it came to this board. With the recommendation of the Town Board of Elizabethtown being unanimous, I have no choice but I will support their decision. I think we are creating a bigger can of worms by not supporting the wishes of the Town of Elizabethtown. DONALDSON: Don’t mistake, I am at all in opposition of your proposal, what I am trying to think through my head is how we preserve this bridge. Is this the only bridge of its kind currently in the county Fred or are there others? BUCK: I think we have one or two others. DONALDSON: But as we remove them they become basically extinct because they are not being

Page 7 DPW Committee January 10, 2007 built like this anymore. MORENCY: Is there anything more or we will vote on this resolution. All in favor of the resolution as per the recommendation of the town? Opposed? Carried. Thank you.

BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS: BUCK: Some of the work completed by the Building and Grounds crew this past month included: replaced the carpet for the front entrance to the Treasurer’s Office; two bookcases were built and installed for the offices at Real Property; new desks were installed and offices moved around at the Public Health facility; the fire alarms had to be rewired for our current jail facility and fuel lines to the boiler replaced due to leaks; sink faucets and drains had to be rebuilt and repaired at the nutrition site; the interview room at the Dept. Of Social Services was repainted; a faulty back flow preventor had to be replaced at the court house and the main complex a faulty water pressure regulator needed replacement; and the cleaners decorated the complex for the holidays and are also making a special effort to keep the salt and sand out of the buildings. MORENCY: Any questions on Buildings and Grounds? DONALDSON: I just thought of this yesterday and just want to put the seed in your mind as we move closer to the completion of the Pubic Safety building. We have to think of the future planning of what we are going to do with the existing old jail that is over there and if there is a desire by the board and I am only putting this in your mind for thought, I am not asking for any action, that we turn that facility over to Joe Provoncha as a records management facility, then I think we are probably going to have to get an architect/engineering firm in to tell us exactly how we are going to do that so it meets the standards of a records management facility and how much that will cost us. I just think as we move closer to the Public Safety building opening, we need to keep that in mind and begin that process within the near future. MORENCY: Noel, weren’t you planning on doing a space committee? MERRIHEW: I am glad you brought that up, early next week I will have a space committee appointed but I think that would have to be forefront of part of their consideration. I have received communication from certain department heads certainly expressing their concern and desire over their present space or the future possibility of other space so I do believe we need to deal with this sooner or later so by Monday I will have that committee. MORENCY: Of course we do have the very new and exciting news that the toilets are going to Washington County. MERRIHEW: They are historical toilets. MORENCY: Any other questions for Fred? DONALDSON: Just one more and I am going to bring this back up Noel, we need to continue to

Page 8 DPW Committee January 10, 2007 keep in the forefront and I see Mr. Hutchins here from the town board of Elizabethtown, to continue the discussion about what we are going to do with our sewage problem and believe me we are living on borrowed time. Fred and I keep talking about this, that the facility across by Stewart’s was only suppose to give us five years and we are not on year ten. Over at Horace Nye we have to continually pump out some of those so they can use that. We are just heading toward a predicament and you know that, you and I have had these discussions and that we have to either the town moves or we move or we move in conjunction to do something about this issue because it is getting to a point where something is going to happen and then we are going to have to deal with it under an emergency situation. SCOZZAFAVA: Didn’t we do a resolution in 2006 authorizing this board to start the ball rolling on that in conjunction with the Town of Elizabethtown? I don’t remember the specifics of the resolution. MERRIHEW: I do believe so and certainly in regard to Mr. Jackson’s help and Teresa Sayward’s help we were able and just received definitive communication that we will both be funded as were some of the other towns such as Mr. Dedrick and Mr. Scozzafava, from Governor Pataki. We did receive that communication, that has been forwarded into our planning department, rural waters and my engineers, so we should have development on that here within the next month or two as far as a time line hopefully. DONALDSON: I think that is what need to talk to the board about it is a time line that we are talking about of getting this resolved, I think that should be the first major step that we do. SCOZZAFAVA: Noel, that money was for the preliminary study, I believe, or was that to move forward with the ? MERRIHEW: That can move forward and that will take care of my facility’s plan, all engineering, survey, borings. SCOZZAFAVA: The soft costs associated with it? MERRIHEW: Yes. We might need some of the Town of Moriah’s money but I know they would be more than willing. SCOZZAFAVA: Listen, we only got $200,000. Talk to the guy sitting beside you. MORENCY: Any other questions for buildings and grounds? If not, we will move on.

JAIL / PUBLIC SAFETY BUILDING: BUCK: The jail side of the project is nearing completion with the final cleaning being done in all areas. A punch list of final finish items has been compiled and work is ongoing to finish these items. The final item to complete is Black Creek’s hook ups. They need to finish their final connections

Page 9 DPW Committee January 10, 2007 and then test all door and security controls from the main control room and all cell block areas. They are scheduled to be back on site January 15th and their physical aspect of work is expected to take about a week. The testing itself will take approximately two to three weeks. A problem arose with the propane valves and regulators, it was determined that the main regulators on the building and on most of the interior equipment (water heater and kitchen equipment) were not the right size. Also some valves were improperly sized. The right equipment has been ordered and should be installed in the next week or so. Once this is completed all boilers, hot water heaters, roof top heating units, make up air units and kitchen equipment will be brought on line and tested to determine that everything can be operated at once with no problems. Twin State has started installing their equipment racks in the main data room, they will run all their cables into the rom and begin doing terminations. They think this should take three to four weeks. The top floor of the Public Safety building is basically done. There are a few punch list items to be completed as well as final cleaning. Finish work is on-going on the two bottom floors. Floor finishes have been completed on the main floor and most doors and hardware have been installed. Final painting on this floor is 90% to 95% complete. Floor finishes in the basement are about 45% to 50% complete. Painting and other wall finish work is ongoing. A date of February 19th has been projected for having all construction aspects of the Public Safety building complete. MORENCY: Questions on the jail? JACKSON: The wrong size valves and stuff, does that go back to Mr. Roblee and Crandell, is that their problem? BUCK: Clough. Jackson: Clough was the sub to Crandell? BUCK: Yes. MORENCY: Any other questions on jail? Okay, we will move on.

SOLID WASTE: BUCK: We will be setting up new roll offs at the jail site. Two 40-yard boxes will be needed. We are rebuilding several at the highway garage and will be ordering several new ones. The 1988 Ford roll-off truck will be replaced with a new one. We also need to replace at least three of the older walking floor trailers. The hopper at the Newcomb transfer station has shifted sideways and will be repositioned and fastened so it will not move again. MORENCY: Questions on solid waste? SCOZZAFAVA: I had a call a couple of days ago from someone who asked a question and I couldn’t answer it and maybe you won’t be able to but why we take only #2 plastics in the county for recycling?

Page 10 DPW Committee January 10, 2007 BUCK: That is all we are allowed to take. SCOZZAFAVA: I know, why? That was my answer but they are asking - why? I am guessing the market, there is no market for it? BUCK: I think the rest of it is trash.

SCOZZAFAVA: Who would be the best person that I should call on that, Geoff? BUCK: Yes. SCOZZAFAVA: Okay, thanks. MORENCY: Other questions on solid waste? JACKSON: We asked that question previously because some places recycle #1 and it is a question of economics. It could be done but you end up and unless things have changed it was more expensive than what you could get out of it. MORENCY: If you can’t mix them it would be. JACKSON: It would have to be another whole bin because you can’t mix them, that is what he told me a couple of years ago when I asked that question. MOSES: I asked about a year ago and go the same answer. MORENCY: We will move on. FAIRGROUNDS: BUCK: Scott is working on the shed roof on the lower horse barn. He has also painted the interior of the new maintenance building. The area down by the pulling ring has been expanded and graded off. All of the storage areas have been rented for the winter. MORENCY: Questions on fairgrounds? CONNELL: We had a fair board meeting Monday night, we have an individual who would like to put drainage in around the horse show ring and in exchange for that, put a banner up at fair advertising his business? So it would be a trade off instead of paying, it would involve excavation tile put in and then there would be a banner naming the ring, which many fair grounds name their buildings or their ring, for that one particular fair naming the ring for that business that did the volunteer work. MORENCY: What would the cost be of the work that he is going to volunteer? The other part of my question is does this advertising banner be up every year?

Page 11 DPW Committee January 10, 2007 CONNELL: My understanding is it is a one year thing. I don’t know, I would have to get together with Fred I guess to figure that out, it is a fairly extensive amount of work but I don’t know. BUCK: All the way around the whole ring? CONNELL: I am not positive Fred exactly what it is. I will get more information, I just got the information on Monday night and I thought I would bring it here in case there were red flags. One privately owned fair grounds this is done extensively, people take a building or a particular piece of property and they maintain it and then they get their name put on it. Instead of coming and trying to take the money out of the county portion toward the fair grounds to do the work, this was one opportunity to do that and like you say, the grand stand during the fair is named the Egglefield grand stand because they support the demolition derby, it sort of goes along with what has been happening but we are in a different situation with the county owning the fair grounds. I can bring it to the fair committee and we can come back with a recommendation but I thought I would get it out on the floor today so everybody knows it is at least being discussed. MORENCY: I don’t know if it is legal or not but it could be a source of income for the county to have advertising there. Look at the rodeo’s, I watch the rodeo’s on TV and they have things all around; that might be something we have to do a little research on. We can check into it with the County Attorney and find out and see where to go. HEALTH AND SAFETY: BUCK: Several safety meetings were attended at Horace Nye, Public Health and Social Services. Accident investigations were conducted as well as accident reporting throughout the county. The 2006 PESH training was completed and 2007 training schedules are already in the works. A fire drill was conducted at the court house as well as a walk through of the court house. MORENCY: Any questions? We have a resolution that I would like to offer, a Resolution of Congratulations to Frederick H. Buck, DPW Superintendent, on his appointment as President of the NYS County Highway Superintendent’s Association. RESOLUTION OF CONGRATULATIONS TO FREDERICK H. BUCK, DPW SUPERINTENDENT, ON HIS APPOINTMENT AS PRESIDENT OF THE NEW YORK STATE COUNTY HIGHWAY SUPERINTENDENT’S ASSOCIATION. This was offered by Ms. Morency, seconded unanimously. MORENCY: Fred, congratulations. It is more work. Are there any questions or anything further to come before this committee? We are adjourned. AS THERE WAS NO FURTHER BUSINESS TO COME BEFORE THIS COMMITTEE, WE ADJOURNED AT 10:35 A.M. Respectfully submitted, Deborah Palmer, Clerk Board of Supervisors

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