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					                                                 Vol. 2, No. 6 November/December 2009

                                         The Best of Times, the Worst of Times…
                                         by State Librarian Ann Joslin
                                          The phrase may sound trite, but these             now accessible through WorldCat.
                                          are interesting times for libraries.          •   20 public libraries celebrated TBS
                                          While public revenues are falling and             Awareness Day, making Idaho the first
                                          budgets are being cut, many libraries             state we know of to highlight Talking
                                          are experiencing unprecedented use                Book services in this way.
                                          and opportunities for partnerships to         •   Collaboration with the Department
                                          expand their services. The recession              of Labor resulted in training for Idaho
State Librarian Ann Joslin                is undoubtedly responsible for some               public library staff on the Career
                                          increased use. And, I believe that                Information System and IdahoWorks,
                                          outreach efforts, offering 21st century           and free access for the public through
                                          services, and advocacy at local, state, and       August 2010.
  Inside this issue:
                                          national levels over the past five years      •   Collaborative grant projects with
    Stellar results for Read to Me   2    have laid the foundation for the higher           other state library agencies, funded
                                          visibility libraries are now enjoying.            by the National Endowment for the
    Summer Reading skyrockets        3
                                                                                            Humanities, NASA, and the Institute
    LiLI Databases FY2009 report     3    In Idaho, our successes are many and              of Museum and Library Services, will
    Free courses and resources       3    opportunities for more are coming our             bring professional development to
    on WebJunction Idaho                  way:                                              Idaho library staff and programming
    Teen Read Week update            4    • The final report on the FY2009 Read to          to Idaho libraries that would not be
    School library “Partnerships     4      Me program documents its high degree            possible for the Idaho Commission for
    and Conversations”                                                                      Libraries (ICFL) to provide on its own.
                                            of success and cost-effectiveness in
    2010 trustee election date       5                                                  •   Likewise, several broadband projects
                                            addressing early literacy development
    What’s your e-Rate discount?     5      in Idaho.                                       have been submitted by national
                                          • Statewide, the number of children               organizations for Stimulus funding to
    2009 ILA awards                  6
                                            registering for Summer Reading                  develop training and web resources to
    News from around the state       7      Programs in 2009 was up 38%.                    help all libraries improve their planning
    Trustee Corner                   8    • Stacks, the digital repository for state        for and management of broadband
                                            publications, is well established with          services.
                                            over 10,000 state agency publications                                 continued on page 2
The Nexus                   Vol. 2, No. 6 November/December 2009                                                Page 2

    Idaho Commission                The Best of Times, the Worst of Times                        continued from page 1
       for Libraries
      325 W. State St.              • Idaho’s school library impact study         The General Fund Numbers
   Boise, ID 83702-6072               is winding up and promises to give
       208-334-2150                                                               FY09 Appropriation            $4,269,300
                                      us solid data for planning future
      1-800-458-3271                  initiatives.                                FY09 Adjusted Appropriation   $3,960,400
                                                                                  FY10 Appropriation            $3,426,000
          Mission:                  That said, at the Commission the budget       FY10 Holdback                 ($ 257,000)
The Idaho Commission for            figures are sobering. Our FY2010 state
Libraries assists libraries to      general fund appropriation is 19.8%           FY11 Request                  $3,550,300
build the capacity to better
   serve their clientele.           less than that approved for FY2009.
                                    We met that reduction largely through         We are about to begin a review of all of
     Commissioners:                 transferring the entire Talking Book          our services and programs to identify
   Pete Black, John Held,           Service to federal Library Services           priorities in anticipation of additional
  Bruce Noble, Sara Staub
     and Larry Weeks                and Technology Act (LSTA) funds,              cuts when the Legislature convenes in
                                    giving up four full-time staff positions,     January. Meeting the state expenditure
      State Librarian               and discontinuing the Professional            requirements for receipt of federal LSTA
         Ann Joslin                 Development Service.                          funds may be another challenge under
  Commission Contacts:                                                            these conditions.
• Anne Abrams, advocacy and         Less than 3 months into FY2010, the
  marketing consultant
• Betty Hoffman, support
                                    Governor implemented a holdback that          How are you faring? I’m often asked how
  services supervisor               amounts to another 7.5% decrease for us.      Idaho libraries are doing, and hearing your
• Danna Angevine, state             To meet this reduction, we will reduce        successes and challenges will help answer
  publications, cataloging, and
                                    expenditures for Read to Me’s Jump            those questions from funders at all levels.
  acquisitions librarian
• Erin McCusker, southwestern       Start project, not renew the license for      Please share your stories with Commission
  Idaho library consultant          the LiLI-D Art Museum Image Gallery,          staff or post them on LibIdaho.
• Frank Nelson, southeastern        reduce travel and print publications, and
  Idaho library consultant
• Gina Persichini, networking       leave the Stacks librarian position vacant.
• Jan Wall, northern Idaho
  library consultant
• Marjorie Hooper, associate
                                    Read to Me gets “Stellar” Results
  state librarian                   “More Idaho parents are reading to their      The report shows that all the programs
• Pam Bradshaw, program             children and focusing on the six early        have been highly successful to date
                                    literacy skills. And Idaho librarians who     and statistics indicate that libraries
• Peggy McClendon, reading
  programs coordinator              participate in Read to Me programs gain       are reaching more low income and
• Richard Wilson, associate state   and retain important knowledge and            underserved children than ever.
  librarian                         capacity as a result of participation.”
• Shirley Biladeau, continuing
  education consultant                                                            Mini-Grants: 30 libraries served over
• Sonja Hudson, grants/contracts    These two findings, along with several          17,000 children.
  officer                           other favorable observations, were            Every Child Ready to Read Family
• Staci Shaw, reading programs
  coordinator                       reported in a year-long evaluation of the       Workshops: 23 libraries served over
• Stephanie Bailey-White,           FY2009 Read to Me program. Dr. Roger            1,055 children in 691 families.
  reading programs coordinator      A. Stewart of Boise State University,         First Book: 25 libraries distributed 19,568
• Sue Walker, Talking Book
  Service consultant
                                    who conducted the evaluation, also              books to 2,174 children.
• Teresa Lipus, public              comments, “Parent evaluations of all          Jump Start: 61 libraries and 27 schools
  information specialist            of the programs where they have been            served 10,000 families.
                                    surveyed have been stellar.”
                   Vol. 2, No. 6 November/December 2009                                                        Page 3

Summer Reading Participation Increases by 38 Percent!
Idaho public libraries had record summer         The Hailey Public Library expanded their
reading program registrations this year,         program to include incentives for the 7th
serving 63,300 children, a 38 percent            and 8th grade students for the first time.   “Local libraries are getting
increase over 2008.                              “The middle school provided summer           a lot more support from
                                                 reading lists for students this year too.    school principals, teachers,
“Every year we hope to see the numbers of        They were required to read at least          and school librarians
children being reached by these valuable         one book from the list and this seemed       who recognize the boost
programs increase, but we were totally           to encourage more library use over           in reading achievement
                                                                                              summer reading programs
blown away by the numbers this year,”            the summer. We also decided to have          give students. Librarians
ICFL Summer Reading Coordinator Peggy            children be able to register and continue    are asked to track the
McClendon said. “We know more families           to work on earning reading incentives        number of students from
may have stuck closer to home this year,         without the necessity of attending           each school and in each
but all the work librarians are doing with       programs,” Hailey Children’s Librarian       grade and recognize those
outreach to schools, daycares, and other         Carolyn Gutches said.                        students who participated
                                                                                              once they go back to school
community partners is also really paying                                                      in the fall. These are all
off. The outreach statistics show libraries      The Commission for Libraries Read            really positive outcomes of
are reaching more low income and                 to Me program offered a variety              the Read to Me program.”
underserved children than ever.”                 of incentive programs the past five                     –Peggy McClendon
                                                 years, encouraging more libraries to
During the past five years, more library staff   increase participation through school
members have been visiting area schools          and outreach visits. This year 96 of the
to promote their summer programs. In             140 public library entities in the state
2009, 83 percent of reporting libraries          participated in the programs, which
made school visits, reaching 263 schools.        provided free books and summer reading
Libraries reported they reached 20,700           materials to public and school libraries
children through outreach programs at            who go above and beyond the standard
daycares, Head Start, school nutrition           summer reading promotion.
programs, and summer school partnerships.
                                                 “We did more school visits and the
Jerome Public Library partnered with             principal at the school we partnered with
several community groups to get their            really encouraged the kids to attend. I
numbers up and reach more Spanish-               think that helped boost our attendance,”
speaking families. “We saw a huge                Middleton Public Library Director Elaine
increase in our Spanish participants             Mathiasen said.
because we really focused on Spanish                                                          Summer Reading Resources
marketing. We also had the opportunity           Since the Bright Futures Program began
                                                                                              Get started on next year’s
to provide free snacks from the Free             in 2005, summer reading enrollment           summer reading programs
Summer Food Program with the State of            more than doubled from 27,610 children         with the resources and
Idaho. This allowed us to provide healthy        participating in 2004 to 63,300 in 2009.     suggested timeline on the
                                                                                                   ICFL website at:
snacks all summer long to the children                                              
and teens in our community,” Children’s          The 2010 Summer Reading Program                page/summer-reading-
Librarian Angie Haddock said.                    manuals were mailed to every public                   resources
                                                 and branch library in the state in early
More Idaho libraries are offering summer         October. If you have not seen your copy,
reading programs for tweens and teens.           please contact Peggy at the Commission.
The Nexus             Vol. 2, No. 6 November/December 2009                                                       Page 4

                             LiLI Databases (LiLI-D) FY2009 report
                             Cost of LiLI-D in FY2009                     Use of LiLI in FY2009
                             License Costs for LiLI-D: $561,815           Idaho Population
                             Cost per Idahoan: 37¢                        The average Idahoan logged onto a LiLI
                             Cost per Logon: 15¢. There were              Database 2.41 times. This uses a July 1,
                             3,677,924 sessions/logins. This is the       2008 population estimate of 1,523,8162.
                             highest number that the LiLI-D databases     LiLI Users
                             have ever recorded for a year.               100% of school districts, city and
                             Cost per Full Text Article: 66¢              district libraries, and publicly-funded
                             Idahoans downloaded, printed or              academic libraries have access to the LiLI
                             emailed the texts of magazine, journal,      Databases. Additionally, LiLI-D is freely
                             newspaper, encyclopedia and reference        available through the Internet for all
                             book articles 846,975 times.                 Idaho residents.
                             Cost per Search(1): 40¢. Idahoans            (1)Starting in fiscal year 2008, the searches metric was
                             performed 1,396,216 LiLI-D searches          added to the report.
Many resources are
available at
Material presented on        Free courses and other resources on WebJunction Idaho
the website is considered    by Shirley Biladeau
federal government           The Idaho Commission for Libraries           developmental age groups, and covers
information and is in        still has about 80 course units available    planning and preparation, presentation
the public domain,           for free through WebJunction Idaho           tips and techniques, and sample story
unless otherwise             at        time programs. There are many other
noted. This means that
the information may          These units need to be accessed before       courses available, from Word and Excel to
be freely copied and         December 31, 2009. You don’t have to         library programming and management.
distributed, acknowledging   finish the course by the end of the year, as           just check it out before then. Please sign   Remember, these course units need to be
appropriate.                 in (create an account if you don’t already   accessed by December 31, 2009—or we
                             have one) and check out the private          will lose them! We hate to waste them.
                             course catalog.                              So sign up today – you have one year to
                                                                          complete the course!
                             Here are a few self-directed, online
                             courses you might try:                       WebJunction Idaho has other great
                             • Customers, Confrontation and Conflict      resources for expanding your knowledge
                             • Identifying Your Customers'                in the areas such as customer service and
                               Expectations                               interpersonal skills. Checkout the Guide
                             • Grant Writing Basics                       to Personal/Interpersonal Resources at
                             • Reaching Teenagers               
                             • Readers' Advisory Services                 today. There is information on topics such
                                                                          as the following:
                             Another suggestion might be Planning         • Communication
                             Storytimes for Children. This course         • Customer Service
                             is intended for anyone who works or          • Ethics and Values
                             volunteers in a library and is responsible   • Learning and Personal Growth
                             for planning, developing, and delivering
                             story time programs. The course will         Any questions? Please contact me at
                             help you develop successful library story or
                             time programs for children of different      208-639-4149.
                   Vol. 2, No. 6 November/December 2009                                                           Page 5

Teen Read Week Update: Winning program ideas
Congratulations to the winners of the            7. Garden City Library—Teen Trailers
Teen Read Week. Thirty FlipCams were                 (Bring Books 2 Life)
delivered to the lucky winners. All libraries    8. Nampa Public Library—Get Into
submitting entries received ID key-chain             The Game: Go Where No Teen Has
wallets branded with “Read Long and                  Gone Before…
Prosper” for their Teen Read Week                9. Idaho Falls High School—Are You
program participants.                                Smarter Than a High School Student?
                                                 10. Tie: Boise Public Library—Reading       Check out these and other
The top 11 vote getters are:                         Beyond…                                 program ideas at:
 1. Taylorview Junior High—Imagine               11. Tie: East Bonner County Library—        TRWProgramIdeas.pdf.
     Infinity - i squared I2 – (i squared)           Party Beyond Reality: Watch
 2. Centennial High School—What Are                  Coraline & Participate in a             View videos to see how some
     You From?                                       Pumpkin Carving                         Idaho libraries celebrated Teen
                                                                                             Read Week at:
 3. Hayden Library—Slam Beyond Reality          Thanks to all who voted and entered!
 4. Wendell High School Library—I Was                                                        TRW09.
     Caught Reading                             Idaho Teen Read Week is brought
 5. Gooding High School—Read People,            to you by ICFL and funded through
     Read Food?                                 the Library Services and Technology
 6. West Junior High School Library—            Act administered by the Institute of
     Recycle Books for Mustang Pride            Museum and Library Services.

Calling all School Library Staff
Make plans to attend one of the                 the Institute of Museum and Library         Southeastern Idaho
“Partnerships and Conversations”                Services, each librarian who attends        Wed. Nov. 18: Idaho Falls
sessions at a school library near you. And      with an administrator and parent is           Edgemont Elementary School
                                                                                            Wed. Nov. 18: Pocatello
bring along your principal and a parent         eligible to receive a FlipCam for their       Wilcox Elementary School
because you’ll have the opportunity to          library. “We are excited about bringing a
show how your school library media              21st century learning tool to the school    Southwestern Idaho
center supports student achievement.            library,” notes Biladeau. “And we can’t     Mon. Nov. 16: Nampa
                                                                                              Endeavor Elementary School
                                                wait to hear about how our creative and     Thurs. Nov. 19: Gooding
The two-hour informal sessions will             imaginative school librarians will use        Gooding Elementary School
bring stakeholders together to talk about       them to engage students.”                   Thurs. Nov. 19: Twin Falls
what school librarians do throughout                                                          Harrison Elementary School
the day. The sessions will be facilitated       Find the agenda, FAQs, tips on how to       Tues. Dec. 1: Meridian
                                                                                              Sawtooth Middle School
by Commission staff Shirley Biladeau            use FlipCams, and other information at      Thurs. Dec. 3: Caldwell
and Anne Abrams. “We know that                Sacajawea Elementary School
technology, from searching catalogs to                                                      Mon. Dec. 14: Boise
validating websites, is becoming part of        School Venues:                                Fairmont Junior High School
                                                                                            Tues. Dec. 15: Boise
the workday for school librarians and we        Northern Idaho                                White Pine Elementary School
think it’s important for other community        (48 people attended the November 5          Tues. Dec. 15: Boise
members to know that too,” explains             session in Coeur d’ Alene)                    Andrus Elementary School
Biladeau.                                       Tues. Nov. 10: Post Falls                   Wed. Dec. 16: Boise
                                                   Prairie View Elementary School             Horizon Elementary School
                                                                                            Thurs. Dec. 17: Boise
Thanks to Library Services and Technology       Thurs. Nov. 12: Lewiston                      Pepper Ridge Elementary
Act (LSTA) funding administrated by                McSorley Elementary Library                School
The Nexus                      Vol. 2, No. 6 November/December 2009                                                    Page 6

                                         2010 Trustee Election Dates for District Libraries
                                         District library directors and trustees will   county clerk about your trustee election,
                                         still be responsible for a trustee election    which will be held on May 25, 2010.
                                         in 2010, and any other elections held next
                                         year! The election reform bill will not take   Other possible dates for elections:
                                         effect until January 2011. You need to get     - Permanent levy override [I.C. 63-802(1)g]
                                         dates to your county clerk no later than          May 25 or November 2
                                         November 30, 2009 for any elections            - Temporary levy override [I.C. 63-802(3)]
                                         that you are planning to hold in 2010.            any of the 4 consolidated dates
      The Idaho Commission                                                                 (Feb. 2, May 25, Aug. 3, Nov. 2)
        for Libraries will NOT
                                         Idaho Code 34-1405 requires that county        - Bond election (I.C. 33-2728)
      be mailing any election
          calendars this year.           clerks list on a county election calendar         May 25 or November 2
         The trustee election            all elections to be held in a county.          - Plant facilities (I.C. 33-2729)
         calendar is available           This includes trustee elections, bond             any of the above 4 consolidated dates
               online ONLY, at           elections, plant facilities levy actions,      - District establishment, annexation,            levy override elections, or elections to          consolidation (I.C 33-2702 - 33-2713)
                                         add territory to your district (such as           any of the above 4 consolidated dates
                                         annexation elections or elections to add a
                                         city library to your district.)                If you fail to list your election dates with
                                                                                        the county clerk, you will face extra costs
                                         At a minimum, you need to tell the             for legal advertisements for the election.

                                         What would your library’s e-Rate discount be?
                                         View the 2008-2009 NSLP spreadsheet            Discount/reimbursement rates are
Disclaimer: your percentage              on the ICFL website to see what your           determined by applying a“discount
  may vary from that listed,
       especially if you have            discount for telecommunications and/or         matrix” to the percentage of free and
   multiple branches within              Internet might be under the e-Rate program.    reduced lunches in your school district.
 your library jurisdiction. In           Go to         The resulting percentage also depends on
   that case, it’s basically an          determine-your-discount-or-reimbursement       whether your library is urban or rural.
average of the percentages,
             unless you have             and click on YOUR School District's E-Rate
           different vendors.            Discount Rate. Look for your school            For more about the e-Rate program see
                                         district, then go to the far right-hand or contact
                                         column of the spreadsheet to see what          Public Library e-Rate Coordinator Jan
                                         your rate would be.                            Wall at

                                         2009 ILA Awards
                                         Congratulations to the following people,       Trustee of the Year:
                                         who were recognized at the 2009 Idaho             Don Johnson–Kuna Library District
                                         Library Association Annual Conference          Special Services to Libraries Award:
                                         Awards Banquet for their dedication and           Tina Cherry–formerly from Jerome
                                         contributions to Idaho’s libraries.               Public Library
                                         Idaho School Library Media Program of          Legislator of the Year:
                                         the Year:                                         Dell Raybould–Rexburg
                                            Kit Parker–Les Bois Junior High             Librarian of the Year:
Kit Parker with Glynda Pflieger, Melba   Friend of the Year:                               Susannah Price–retired from Boise
Teacher Librarian who presented the
     Library Media Program award            Kim Hirning–Marshall Public Library            Public Library
                  Vol. 2, No. 6 November/December 2009                                                                Page 7

Library News From Around the State
Post Falls Public Library                      Burley Public Library, DeMary
On November 3, Post Falls voters               Memorial Library (Rupert), and
approved the consolidation of their            Jerome Public Library went live on
library with the Kootenai-Shoshone Area        August 20, 2009 with the Libraries by a
Libraries (KSAL) District, with 73.43%         River (LIBRI) integrated library system
of the 2,254 voters voting yes. Effective      (ILS) after six years of determined and        Burley Public, DeMary Memorial, and
October 1, 2010, the KSAL District will        collaborative efforts.                         Jerome Public libraries collaborate to
                                                                                             enhance customer service with the LIBRI
serve all of Kootenai County except Coeur                                                           integrated library system
d’Alene, along with the part of Shoshone       Idaho Community Foundation
County that used to be the Pinehurst-          grant recipients:
Kingston Library District.                     Bear Lake County Library District–
                                                 $1,500 for early literacy workstations                What a Deal!!!
Grangeville Centennial Library                   for preschoolers
Linda Ruthruff, director, retired in           Bear Lake County School District 33–
October 2009, with 28 years of service,          $1,500 for library books
serving as director since 1994. The library    Preston High School– $500 for brain
welcomes Edie Lustig as the new director.        games and puzzles for the library
                                               Rigby City Library– $1,000 for
Boise Public Library                             audiobooks                                    The What a Deal fact sheet,
Boise Public Library recently developed        West Side School District 202 (Franklin             designed to help you
an Adult New Readers Collection. The             County)– $1,000 for student-selected          promote donations to your
purpose of the collection is to provide          books for the library                          library, is now available on
                                                                                                    the ICFL website at
materials for adults learning to read in the                                          
English language. Adults may be learning       Laura Moore Cunningham                            under Highlights. Click on
English as another language or may be          Foundation, Inc. grant recipients               Public Library Contribution
                                                                                                          Tax Credit.
native English speakers learning to read.      Garden City Library has been awarded
The collection includes both fiction            a $10,000 grant to replace children's            To receive a deduction
                                                                                                  in 2009, individuals or
and nonfiction items at reading levels          books published prior to 1985.                  corporations must give to
appropriate for beginning readers.             Hansen Community Library and                    the library by December 31
                                                Kimberly Public Library recently                        of this year.
Some items include audio CDs, allowing          received a grant for $3,500 to
the user to read along while listening,         complete their newspaper digitization
and several bilingual picture dictionaries      project, begun four years ago. The
are available. Many life skills topics are      grant will move them closer to their
available, including studying for a driver’s    goal of making the Kimberly Advertiser
license and becoming a U.S. citizen. The        and East End Chronicle available to all
collection has received much favorable          by converting them and putting them
feedback.                                       on CDs.

LIBRI Foundation grant recipients              Nezperce Community Library
(of new, quality hardcover                     Earlier this month, students and
children's books)                              community members moved 6,500
Garden Valley District Library, Garden         books into the new Nezperce community
                                                                                                            Moving Day
  Valley                                       center/library, forming a human line that     at Nezperce Community Library, branch
Valley of the Tetons Library, Victor           stretched from the old facility to the new.      of the Prairie-River Library District
 Idaho Commission for Libraries
                                                                              NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION
        325 W. State St.
                                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE PAID
     Boise, ID 83702-6055
                                                                                  Boise, Idaho 83702
                                                                                     Permit No. 1

                IDAHO COMMISSION
                 FOR LIBRARIES

Trustee Corner
Ten Commandments for library              5. Attend civic, educational, and        resources offering training to trustees
Trustees                                      community functions and events.      and some best practices for working in
Patricia L. Owens, library trustee        6. Become familiar with local,           these groups.
consultant and former Interim State           state, and federal existing and
Librarian at the Connecticut State            proposed library legislation.        Topics include:
Library, passed away in August 2009.      7. Establish a continuing education       • What Does a Library Trustee Do?
But she left us with words of wisdom,         budget for trustees.                  • Trustees Need to be in the Picture
saying, “Public Library Trustee           8. Adopt a Library Board Members’         • Working Together: A description of
advocacy is vital to ensuring the             Code of Ethics.                          the responsibilities of the library’s
future of public libraries.” Following    9. Develop an annual advocacy plan.          Director, Board of Trustees, and
are her 10 commandments for library       10. Believe in the value of                  Friends
trustees:                                     partnerships and collaborations.      • Discussing Technology with Library
 1. Have a working knowledge of                                                        Shareholders
     your public library’s services and   Trustee Resources on                      • Getting on Your Community’s
     programs.                            WebJunction Idaho                            Leadership Team
 2. Be familiar with your library         Trustee groups are some of the
     funding sources.                     powerhouses behind libraries. They       You can also find resources for budget
 3. Know who the key decision-            frequently advocate on behalf of         and finance (http://id.webjunction.
     makers are in your community.        libraries and spend hours volunteering   org/budget-finance), for funding
 4. Establish clear roles and             their time to help make their local      (,
     responsibilities for the Friends     library a success. In the Documents      and for rural and small libraries,
     of the Library and support their     section at    (
     work.                                friends-trustees, you will find great